Sub Lt Thomas Derrick Steele RNVR HMS Heron 759 Sq d.24/12/1943 Chard air crash?

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    Hi, I'm a first-time poster searching for information about a relative, Thomas Derrick STEELE who died in an air crash on Christmas Eve 1943 in the Chard/Ilminster area.
    I've accessed TNA for Army & Navy Death records & he is listed for HMS Heron as having died in a "flying accident" on 24/12/1943 aged 20. (Record 2291/44.)
    He's buried with other family members in Cheshire but I am interested in finding out more about the accident, the plane & his service record.
    I checked the Aviation Safety Network database to see if there were details of a crash but nothing recorded. Any advice on how to find out more or if anyone knows about a crash/accident in December 1943 involving 759 squadron, I'd be really grateful. Thanks.
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  3. Billy B

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    That's really helpful, many thanks for the info. Being new to this, I was struggling to find much about him.
    I did wonder if he might have been involved in a training accident given his Squadron was the Naval Fighter School. I came across a photo of 759 Squadron dated circa August 1943 but sadly not in a position to identify him.

    Thanks again, much appreciated.

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