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    Forgive me if what I'm about to say is against your personal constitution.

    I'm searching for a very rare book - The History of The Assam Regiment by Peter Styne. And from what I read here, I gathered that you've obtained a digitised copy of this book from the Digital Library of India back in 2014 (in tiff format). I tried to do the same, but the library was closed for maintenance from 2017 in order that those books that have copyright issues can be deleted. I tried to find the book at and Open Library, but could not find it. And I am wondering if you might be willing to share your copy of the book with me.

    I'm from the NE India state of Mizoram (formerly Lushai Hills), and I'm doing an amateur research about my people, the Lushai tribe (now known as Mizo) during WW2 in my spare time. Many of my forefathers fought in the Battle of Kohima, mainly in the 1st Battalion of the Assam Regiment; but there is little or no written information about the battle to be had from those who took part in that battle; and those few who wrote are very reluctant to provide about theirs and their friends' experiences except the official version, mainly, I think, because it was considered by my grandparents' generation, impolite to talk too deeply about one's own doings in special circumstances. Whatever information I can get about my forefathers' stories from the Battle of Kohima are from books written by Englishmen, which is quite scanty. And I was hoping that "The History of The Assam Regiment by Peter Styne" might provide me with better information.

    If you have the digitised copy of the book, and willing to share it with me, or provide me information where to get it, I'll be very glad. My email is - vanlalhlua (at) [replace at for @, no spaces]
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    I have sent a link via email so that you can download the history.

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    BTW, it is not a good idea to publish your email in the forum. Share it through a private conversation in the future. You may want to edit the last post and remove it.
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    Thank you for your advice. But, this is embarrassing, I don't know how to edit my post. And thank you very much for the book.
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    Edited it slightly for you.
    If you want to change it again, find the "Edit" button below your text in the relevant post, click and change any detail before again clicking "Save Changes"
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    Thank you, dbf.... I'll be careful from now onwards.
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    Thanks dbf for your help.
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    Cheers idler,

    I've just grabbed that one.
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    Dear Simon,
    I have finally joined the Forum having discovered it. It is fantastic that so many have shown interest in the remarkable war exploits of Major Calistan and his brother Lieutenant Charles. My late mother Regina Elizabeth was their cousin and none of the detailed information was ever fully known to her although she knew that Charles had been shot by a sniper during the late stages of the war. We never really discussed the war in any detail. I do not think that she ever saw Albert again after the war and I don't think she ever knew he had gone to the U S A..
    The books I now have in my possession and the Daily Telegraph report of the "Snipe " action written by Charles is on display.. I also have a copy of the framed painting which depicts him with other members of the platoon in action knocking out at least 32 tanks.
    My gratitude to all in the forum who by their comments have enlightened me so much into the background of these two heroes.
    I am also pleased to learn that the Medal to Albert may be in your possesion and was not lost.
    Very best wishes


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