'The Bridge at Arnhem' by Alan Fearnley

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    I have decided to sell my First Edition Print of the above as it is just sitting in a protective cardboard tube!!
    It has some marks around the edges, which appear to have been caused when it was framed and in direct sunlight, but there is nothing wrong with the main part , in other words the picture itself.

    Oh and it is signed in the bottom right hand corner by Colonel Frost!!

    I have took some pictures as best I can! and they are below....

    I have a price in mind, but rather than have this shown all over the Internet I thought having a sealed bid auction might be more fun! :D

    So if you are interested please PM me with your highest bid and then we can go from there.

    Regards and thanks for looking


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    What no Leopards...they were in the movie so it must have happenned (; Sorry I couldn't help myself great piece afraid I wont be of any help though. It just looks so much like the movie cut scene except there is no leopard tank crushing the VW.

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