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    Hello, my father served in the 36 inf. brigade during ww2. part of 78th div. have been building a collection of cloth insignia for the units, the only one to elude me is the "buffs" east kents , did they have a cloth formation patch ???,
    many thanks,
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    The Buffs regimental flash is a triangle or rectangle split equally into two: half blue and half buff colour. I have seen this used by regiments on battledress e.g. 8th Buffs, converted to 9 Medium Regiment RA. In addition, I have seen the regimental flash in the form of an arm of service strip, again split into buff/blue.

    However, I have not found any photo evidence of the flash worn in Italy by 5th Battalion nor have I ever seen one for sale. Perhaps someone will help out with this? You have done well to find all the badges for 78 Div. They are tough to get and expensive. So far I have 5th Bn Northamptonshire Regiment and 2nd Inniskillings - long way to go.

    Any chance of seeing some photos on here of your collection?

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    I have to say, as a former member of the Queens Own Buffs (amalgamation of the Buffs and the Royal West Kents) - which also used that tie - that 'buff' is a very variable colour. At one time, someone had the brilliant idea of using the waistcoats of former Buffs officers' mess kit (these were buff, but the amalgamated regiment had dark blue waistcoats) as the basis of a livery for the Officers Mess staff. Unfortunately, when the coats were collected, virtually no two were the same colour (so the idea was dropped)!
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    Many thanks all for replies, Anthony, have just been trying to collect the following :

    36th Infantry Brigade
    5th(The Weald of Kent) Bn. The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment)
    6 thBn. The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment
    8 th (Argyllshire) Bn. The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise’s)

    these were the units my father used to drive for, my dad had lots of 78th battleaxe signs amongst his things, including quite a few uncut ones tucked in his paybook ! afraid the only original apart from the battleaxes are a west kent formation sign, at the moment just using a repro for the A&S highlanders although these do turn up from time to time so still looking. have noticed that 78th div combinations cost a small fortune these days !,
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    I did attach some of dads 78th div badges and original medal ribbon to an original wartime BD blouse i picked up to look like the first pic taken in Florence. dit0002b7.jpg

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