Tidworth vs Tidwell, US Army Depot, 1944

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    In my conversations to prepare to write a book about my friend, Old Hickory, he talked about his unit going a town called Tidwell to pick up their vehicles for the coming invasion at Normandy later that spring. Old Hickory served in the Recon Troop of the US 30th Infantry Division.

    As I have been working on the book (the manuscript is essentially finished and is being edited) I continued to verify locations, dates and anything else that I thought I should pursue. I ran across a reference on website that mentions that Tidworth, in Wiltshire, served as a major ordinance and vehicle park for the US Army during the war. I began to look at this more closely.

    A. At the time his unit was issued its vehicles, he was stationed at Slough, which is not a long drive from Tidworth. This is verified by other records as well has his personal recollections.

    B. I cannot find a town named Tidwell in England, Scotland or Wales. I can fiind a Tidwell Manor, which is in Devon, on the Channel coast. It appears to be way too far from Slough for him to have driven "an hour or so, maybe a little bit more" before reaching the vehicle park.

    C. One of the technical sergeants in his troop was named Tidwell.

    Conclusions and questions:

    1. I am wondering if he confused the similar name of the sergeant with the barracks or town (whichever it is) in Wiltshire and that he obtained his combat vehicles from Tidworth and not Tidwell?

    2. Do any of you know anything about Tidworth's role in the latter half of the war?

    ---Did Tidworth serve as a vehicle depot for the US Army in general and a duty station for units preparing for the coming assault?

    3. Is there, or was there a town or military establishment called Tidwell that I have not been able to locate?

    4. Does my assumption that he has confused the two similar names appear valid and that he was issued his vehicles at Tidworth and not Tidwell?

    Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.
  2. kiwigeordie

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    Jeff. Pretty sure it would have been Tidworth which was (and I believe still is) the garrison for troops training on Salisbury Plain. Sorry, don't know about it's wartime role with regard to US troops but it's a fair bet this is the place they would have used.
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    Right next door to Tidworth is a place called Ludgershall which was an armd vehicle depot during the war and still handles armd vehicles. Vehicles would come into Ludgershall from all over the country by train and be offloaded for use by troops.


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  4. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    Thank you both!. I appreciate your comments and if anyone else has anything to add, it will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Medic7922

    Medic7922 Senior Member

    I know Ludgershall fairly well, back in the 70/80s it was home to the Army Medical supplys depot.
    During WW2 as it was mentioned a large US support centre for there Armoured units, Because of its location and railway links it was well placed to transport the heavy weapons down to the channel ports like Portsmouth Weymouth and Southampton prior to D.Day, the whole area around Ludgershall was used by the US military with units like the US Airborne "Band of Brothers” camped up around the Savernake forest.
    Tidworth is a Garrison town which is had its own Military Hospital now closed due to the defence cuts, but with the closure of Garrisons in Germany more units and regiments are returning to the area, also around Tidworth are some of the Army’s Ranges which have been there since the First World War and where extensively used by the US troops on the lead up to the invasion of Europe.
  6. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    I did not mention in Post 4 that you are correct and that the place was Tidworth and not Tidwell.

    Thank you all for your comments and help.
  7. RWM-1948

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    Hi Jeff,
    30th Infantry Division at Chesham, Bucks

    The First US Army Units at Tidworth, Wiltshire as at the 31st May 1944.
    342nd Ordnance Depot Co.
    195th Ordnance Depot Co.
    2nd Armored Div.
    165th Signals Photo Co Det F.
    702nd Tank Destroyer Bn Self-propelled.
    195th AAA AW Bn SP.

    The 29th Infantry Division was at Tidworth from October 1942 to the end of May 1943.

  8. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    Thanks. I pretty much have a timeline for where the 30th was and when, he just was mixing up the name of the location where they were issued their vehicles. He was never stationed at Tidworth.

    On May 31, the 30th ID was at Slough. They had been there since March and had drove to Tidworth late in that month to get the halftracks and armored cars, returning the same day. On 5 June, 30th Recon/30th ID was alerted for a move and sequestered in the "sausages," where they stayed until they moved to Southampton on June 8.
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    If there aspects of the story that could use period maps (1947 ish) I direct your attention to this site.

    New Popular Edition Maps - npemap.org.uk

    To use these images it might require some research into UK copyright though.



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  10. Slipdigit

    Slipdigit Old Hickory Recon

    Thanks Much, Earthican.

    I've been asked to provide maps in the book by people who have read the manuscript, especially in France, Belgium and Germany.

    His unit "yearbook" has several maps in that were drawn by the US Army and I may use those, as they are in the public domain.

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