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    For yearly listing, see:

    BBC NEWS | England | Berkshire | Irish Guards awarded Iraq colours


    The Queen presents new colours to 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Windsor Castle - Telegraph
    The Queen presents new colours to 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Windsor Castle

    The Queen praised "a remarkable record of service" as she presented new colours to the 1st Battalion Irish Guards at Windsor Castle.

    The colours, presented to two young officers, displayed for the first time new battle honours recognising the battalion's service in Iraq.

    "You have the greatest cause to be proud of your achievements", aid the Queen, addressing the regiment as its Colonel-in-Chief.

    The Guards, who have lost four soldiers since the initial invasion in 2003, was the first regiment to go into Basra.

    Commending its engagement in "the most testing operations", the Queen also recognised its service in Kosovo in 1999 and later in Iraq.

    But as the Queen addressed those gathered, she recognised others currently deployed in southern Afghanistan and those who had suffered during service.

    Dressed in a blue coat and hat, the Queen said: "This has been a remarkable record of service, but not without cost.

    "In Iraq, four members of the regiment were killed, others among you have been wounded and otherwise endured great suffering.

    "We should commend your families too for the loyal support they have given amid the uncertainties of your often long and difficult absences.
    "All of this speaks well of the regiment and the safekeeping of its illustrious reputation. You have the greatest cause to be proud of your achievements."

    And while highlighting the spirit of the Guards, the Queen reminded the regiment of the importance of their colours.

    "These colours – on which is now emblazoned a new battle honour for the invasion of Iraq – are symbolic of the renewed spirit which describes the Irish Guards," the monarch said.

    "They serve as a reminder to us all of the gallantry of the past and as an inspiration for the future, whatever it may hold."

    And the monarch added: "One thing is certain: the men who rally round these colours will continue to uphold the steadfast values of comradeship and selfless sacrifice for which the regiment has stood throughout its history."

    More than 500 guardsman were present for the consecration and presentation on the Quadrangle at Windsor Castle today.

    The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, was met by Major General William Cubitt, acting Colonel of the Regiment, at the Sovereign's Entrance, ahead of the presentation.

    She was escorted in the sunshine across the grass of the Quadrangle to her seat, ahead of the ceremony.

    The Duke of Edinburgh, wearing a Guard's uniform, was led to his seat beside the monarch by Lieutenant Colonel Brian O'Gorman, Regimental Adjutant.

    Earlier, the old colours were paraded up to Windsor Castle, before they were marched before the battalion and then away, to Auld Lang Syne – symbolising their retirement from service.

    Following a Royal Salute, Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Ben Farrell, reported that the parade was ready for the Queen's inspection.
    Crowds of families and friends watched keenly as the monarch walked the length of the Quadrangle.

    The new colours were then presented to the regiment, received by ensigns Lieutenant Adam Kennard and Second Lieutenant Charlie Gair. - Latest News

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  2. Drew5233

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    Cheers for that Di quite interesting.

    Congrats IG's.

    I never saw some of those units listed in Basrah itself though. I guess the peninsula fitted the criteria.

    Does anyone know if the Royal Marines get battle honours (Surely they do?). I wonder why they are not on the list or is it a Navy thing?

  3. Gerard

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    Go on the Micks!! Thanks for this Diane.
  4. Peter Clare

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    Thanks Diane. I should have gone to the ceremony the castle is just 15 mins walk from my house, I was told about it too late

  5. Recce_Mitch

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    Thanks for the news. My first posting with the ACC was to the 1st Irish Guards in Munster for a year in 1976-77

  6. von Poop

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  7. Buteman

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    Makes you proud to be British.
  8. Peter Clare

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    Only the UK can put on a show such as that.
  9. Owen

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    Only the UK can put on a show such as that.
    Dunno Peter, Adam & I once chatted about the French do the Ceremonial thing pretty well to.
    I missed it , was busy in the garden.
  10. ADM199

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    Really is a Marvellous sight when you watch it close up.Worth the expense of travelling and stopping overnight in London.

    I was given an invitation by an ex Coldstream Gdsmn. some while ago. The only problem was it rained for 50% of the day. The Parade was still a sight to see.
  11. Mullet94

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    Watched it on TV and it was a great sight and definately puts a lump in my throat and makes me proud to be British. I was also lucky enough to go to the Massed Bands of the Royal Marines Beating the Retreat ceremony at Horseguards on Thursday, it was a wonderful evening. :D
  12. cash_13

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    When I used to live at my nan's when I was about 19 there was a small block of flats that were once used by the police, well the army took them over and I got to talking to a guy called steve who used to clean his old Z1000 Kawasaki and I used to talk to him quite a bit......One day he invited me in and there on his mantle piece was a picture of him in his uniform standing guard in his bearskin in white hall.......he brought one home one day and let me try it on and it was bloody heavy dont know how they manage to wear it for so long in the heat, Steve did tell me occasionly someone feints. and they dont half get some stick of the others
  13. dbf

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    I loved watching this - brought back memories of watching previous ones to the critical yet proud comments of my father.

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  14. Drew5233

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    I had a beer on Pivate Harry Robertshaw whilst I watched it.

    Cheers Paddy !
  15. Auditman

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    Dunno Peter, Adam & I once chatted about the French do the Ceremonial thing pretty well to. (Owen)

    Did you see the French Navy contingent on TV at the Arromanches event. They strolled like the just got introduced to each other. The whole group sauntered (I refuse to attibute "Marched" to them) along totally out of step, detached from their officer and they looked an absolute shambles; and this on a multinational televised event

  16. von Poop

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    Dunno Peter, Adam & I once chatted about the French do the Ceremonial thing pretty well to.

    Yeah, they're usually pretty good too, certainly more convincing uniforms than many states. But let's be honest - maybe #2 :D ? But I think the Russians might actually be serious competitors too.

    Some good pageantry here:
    YouTube - France Celebrates Bastille Day
    (Though maybe a little 'flashy' ;) ).

    These chaps have a certain something, stylish:
    YouTube - Historical Troops Parade. Red Square (1987)

    Pretty hard to beat though I reckon:
    YouTube - 1993 Royal Tournament - Kings Troop RHA
    And we once saw these chaps at a do at Powderham Castle. You could almost hear the knicker elastic snapping among even the most non-militaristic ladies in the crowd when the drummers stepped up:
    YouTube - The Royal Marines 'Beat Retreat'

    Missed the French Sailors while watching Arromanches, though it seems the whole thing was a bit messy from the comments of those that visited, (and not really a comparative event in terms of prepared pageantry anyway).
  17. Cpl Rootes

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    Didn't see it this year but last year, due to a friend in the RAF, got tickets to be on top of the admiralty building!

    Arrived early and got served breakfast by RN chappies then went into glourious sunshine for the parade.
  18. Drew5233

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  19. Smudger Jnr

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    Always nice to see.

    The Royal Family, standing on the Balcony looking at the Flying Display, was on the front page in todays Berlin Paper.

  20. dbf

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    Some more pics from the day's coverage.

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