Two men who sold medicines to the natives

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  1. Hi

    In Fukuko a man, Rice Flitch (or it maybe Filtch) stole medicines intended for POWs and sold them to the natives. At the end of the war he escaped with a British? MO but the Americans are believed to have caught them both and shot them.

    Apparently there is a document in the Australian Archives concerning the event but I could not find it and did not receive much help.

    Does anyone know of this event. The British POW thought Flitch was Dutch but they know nothing of him. America has no information on him either.

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    Where I come from 'filching' is stealing. Coincidence?

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    My thoughts exactly, mate.
  5. Thank you
    I'll see what I can do with that. The site you quoted von Poop was my source and it has been backed up by a Japanese person who gave me the camp name.
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    Hi Jacky - what is the source of the belief that "Apparently there is a document in the Australian Archives concerning the event"?

    If you can provide a link I will see what I can un-earth next time I am down there, I just need a starting point.


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    Could the name in the memoir (Rice Flitch / Rice Filtch) be some sort of phonetic bastardisation of the actual name??

    On one occasion I developed an abscess in my neck and half my head was swollen up like a football. The Dutch army doctor, Dr Wysfies (the English called him the butcher) used a knife with no anesthetic to operate. ( I think Dr Wysfies was a good doctor, he did the best he could under the circumstances.) Dr Wysfies had to operate so I was put on a table and four men held me down while the doctor operated. It was a horrible experience the pain was unbearable and agonizing. After a few days I developed an ear ache and also a high fever. I developed middle ear infection.
  9. Hi Dave B

    Thank you for your very kind offer. I have copied the email I sent and received from a Roger Mansell.

    Subject: Re: POW - Captain Rice Flitch - Japanese POW
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    IS there a possibility that his name was FILTCH?
    I've seen a report about a traitor in a camp with this name. "The Yanks (rescue team) grabbed him" and an assumption was made that they executed him. Apparently he bragged about going back to Java as a KING over the other whites.

    It was in an Australian affidavit somehere on the Aussie War Museum site.
    Regards & happy New Year.
    Roger Mansell
    Center For Research, Allied POWS Under The Japanese
    Allied POWS in Japan

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    > Hi
    > I am in England, researching into POWs who have been deleted by our Ministry of Defence because of their bullying behaviour towards other POWs during the war. Their names have been deleted from the returning POW books and the names I have queried I was told did not exist - an utterly stupid response as I spoke to one of the culprit's brother-in-law after he was released from jail.
    > As part of my research I have read the war memories on the BBC website.
    > BBC - WW2 People's War - Fred's Journey, Part 3: After the Atom Bomb
    > Do you have any idea which camp this Captain Rice Flitch was in? And the name of the MO (who I presume is British as his name was not mentioned) If you can supply me with details am I allowed to use the information providing I acknowledge your assistance? All my other names I have obtained from POWs and have listed their details under the information.
    > If the prisoner is correct and they were shot I realise they will be missing from the returned POW book but I have lists of dead POWs - it will be interesting to see if the British MO is on it.
    > The BBC War Memories site has many stories of Japanese POWs or are you only interested in American ex POWs?
    > Thank you
    > Jacky Kingsley

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