Type 25 Pillbox,Peveril Point Beach,Swanage,Dorset

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Type 25 Pillbox.Peveril Point Beach,Swanage,Dorset
    upload_2019-9-29_17-3-45.png upload_2019-9-29_17-3-59.png upload_2019-9-29_17-4-14.png upload_2019-9-29_17-4-34.png upload_2019-9-29_17-4-51.png
    upload_2019-9-29_17-3-14.png upload_2019-9-29_17-3-24.png
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    Near the lifeboat station by the looks of it - missed that one on my travels.

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