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    ww2.jpg ww2.jpg
    Hello everyone,
    I got this from my grandad who has just passed away, he never talked about the war so I've no idea wath all this badges mean... could someone help me? There are 4 stars on one of the badges on his chest
    Kind regards,
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    The one on the other side looks like 63rd Infantry Division.

    The flaming grenade on his lapel screams Artillery or Engineers to us, but for US it's Ordnance branch.
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    I know virtually nothing, but to help things along...

    Ribbon bar (L-R): Army Good Conduct Medal; American Campaign Medal; possibly the European/African/Middle Eastern medal with 2 stars (2 theatres/campaigns)?.

    Edit: but, no Victory Medal? I genuinely have no idea, but for some reason I'd expect a WW2 set (if it is) of medals to include one. A bit out of my depth, alas. An expert will come along shortly, hopefully.
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    Offered with the same caveats above of having no real knowledge, but some books.


    Seems he got around a bit...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Also check WWII Forums for additional info. More Americans on that site.
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    Thank you so much everyone!
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    The "bursting bomb" collar disc is for the Army Ordnance Corps.
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    The Victory Medal was authorized in the summer of 1945 and the ribbon bar was first issued that fall. If I remember right, the actual medal wasn't issued until early 1946. Many people, my grandfather included, were discharged before the ribbon was even issued so it won't appear on their uniform or discharge papers.
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