US Serviceman record help - KIA at Leyte Purple Heart

Discussion in 'US Units' started by The Guardroom, Mar 1, 2018.

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    I hope someone with some better knowledge on US Service Records can help me out. I have a Purple Heart to PFC Raymond Rejniak of the 127th Inf, 32nd Division who was KIA on Leyte on the 21st Nov 1944. His Service number was 36512644 from what I can find online. From Wayne, Michigan, his mother is listed as Mary from Fenelon in Detroit. Buried in Manila American Cemetery. Now with such an unusual surname I was hoping to find some more information on Raymond on the NARA sites that others have pointed to in earlier posts on this matter, but I can find nothing?
    If anyone is more of an expert in the use of the NARA online tool, could you help check this man out please. I would obviously like his full service record, but not a family relative and not sure this is permitted.
    Many thanks for any help offered.
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    Hi Alan

    I would refer you to our US sister site - they will be better suited to answering your query I believe

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    Thanks TD, Will give that a go. Thanks for link.

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