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    First time posting here -- My dad was stationed in England for his bombing runs. I was going through a box of his medals and service documents and I found a medal for service in Africa. Actually, to be precise, the medal says -- European African Middle Eastern Campaign. And the image on the medal is boats landing and discharging soldiers. Dad was in the air force. Just wondering if a soldier could end up with random medals/ribbons ????
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    At the time it was the US Army Airforce
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I think people could buy medals from from others but they would not be authorized to wear them on their uniforms. Also there were lots of American airmen in Africa. Maybe his group landed there or was stationed there briefly.
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    I just had a look at "Military Medals of the United States" (Foster & Borts).

    For the campaign medal you describe it states the medal was awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forced for at least 30 days' consecutive service (60 days' nonconsecutive) within the European Theater of Operations between 7 Dec 1941 and 2 Mar 1946.

    The designated Army (and Army Air Force) campaigns for the medal include Air Combat 1941-45. Note there is also an airplane flying over the landing craft on the medal.

    Therefore, it looks like your dad was entitled to the medal.
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    TY all. I knew I should have written 'army air force' one second after I posted :) TY for your help. In looking closely at the medal, what I had taken for a smudge is a plane :)
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    Not a big deal as both are perfectly acceptable. :) Your dad probably called it the Air Force.

    It was the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) until 1941 and then United States Army Air Forces (USAAF or AAF). Men in it called it the Air Force as, "I'm in the Air Force and my brother is in the Navy".

    It became the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1947
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    I don't know how many times I was told off for saying United States Air Force, when referring to the 1st Air Commando who supported Chindt 2 in 1944. :)
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    One of the good ones.

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    I would think that John was in the 9th Air Force for a period.

    "boats landing and discharging soldiers" on the medal probably refers to the start of an involvement in the Torch landings of French North Africa in November 1942.The 9th Air Force was to go on and play a major US part in the North African campaign.They were on station in Egypt from 12 November 1942 although Torch landings started on 8 November 1942 and took place in French North Africa.The 9th Air Force was the main US air force in the North African theatre of operations.

    After conducting air operations in Tunisia,the invasions of Sicily and Italy,the 9th Air Force moved to Britain on 16 October 1943 and were then worked up to be a Tactical Air Force along with the RAF 2nd TAF in preparation for the invasion of Europe operating from British airfields to attack continental targets.

    A search for any evidence of a bombing squadron or bomb group in the effects of the servicemen since John was said to be involved in the bombing role would be helpful in determining his movements.Any bombing operations carried out from 16 October 1943 would be from British bases until after D Day when the 9th Air Force as a tactical air force also established operations from overrun continental airfields and others constructed ad hoc as the Allies advanced towards Germany.

    The 9th Air Force overall service from British bases covered a wide role.... Fighter and Bomber Groups ,Tactical Recon and Photographic Groups,Troop Carrier Groups (delivered D Day No 82nd and No 101 Airborne Division paratroopers) among the main units.
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