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    I'm researching a VAD nurse who was with detachment number 96 at West Lancashire. I'm familiar with the area, but is there any way of finding out which particular hospital she would have nursed at?
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    Hi Paul

    This is an interesting search you have set for yourself, and I dont really know how or where to start. I would assume they would have some sort of 'service' record but who holds them and if they are still available i have no idea.

    When researching some details about my great uncles WW1 injuries all I had was a post card (from a hospital) that he sent to my grand father, so on the off chance I contacted the local authority where the hospital was and they had an archives department which held his record. So it might be worth if you havent already contacting the local health authority and seeing they have an archives department to try and find any details about your nurse or the history of the VAD numbers in your area

    Sorry cant be more help

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