Von Arnim capture - 1/2 Gurkha Rifles war diary

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  1. Takrouna

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    Hello, I am trying to locate the 1/2 Gurkha Rifles war diary about the capture of General Arnim in Tunisia, May 1943. Can't seem to find the link at the National Archive, anybody know the reference or even have a copy? Thanks!
  2. Charley Fortnum

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    It's this one.
    Indian Infantry: 1/2 Gurkha Rifles | The National Archives

    I don't have a copy, but I would like one.

    WO 169-18850 7 Indian Infantry Brigade HQ 1944 Jan-Dec is the Brigade HQ diary, but I'm not at home to check the contents for you.

    Have you looked at the published history? I can also check that later if you haven't.
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  3. dryan67

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    Here is the passage on Von Arnim's capture from Stevens' regimental history.

    1_2ndGRA.jpg 1_2ndGRB.jpg 1_2ndGRC.jpg
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    That's brilliant Dryan. Excellent stuff. What the book does not say is the Map grid reference of Arnim's HQ and I also get the impression from their narrative that Royal Sussex regiment got there first - maybe their War Diary gives a grid reference? The Nat Archive reference says the file WO169/15008 is 'closed for 29 years' not sure if I understood that correctly. What do you think?

    I'm going to Tunisia, hopefully, later this year and want to find the exact spot. I have attached a couple of photos taken on a previous visit - I was told by a local that this building and the olive grove in the village were Arnim's HQ in 1943. 20130120_Tunisia_125.jpg 20130120_Tunisia_126.jpg
  5. Charley Fortnum

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    Well done dryan67, you beat me to it.

    It's a mere footnote, but I do have a slight curiosity about the purported reluctance of the Germans to surrender to the French here.

    Was it that they expected 'better' treatment from the British or perhaps indicative of a lack of respect for French military prowess?
  6. davidbfpo

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    Both factors could have been present. Plus the fact that the British were the 'commanding' element encountered. I too would be interested in members views.
    Note in another place, Bali, the Japanese refused to surrender to the Dutch and insisted on surrendering to the British-led SEAC. On some, smaller islands the Japs were happy to surrender to the Australians.
  7. Charley Fortnum

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    Brigade diary says almost nothing except to attribute the capture to 1/R.Sussex.
  8. Charley Fortnum

    Charley Fortnum Dreaming of Red Eagles

    Originally closed for 29 years, now open.
  9. Charley Fortnum

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    Extracted from:
    WO 169-14735 4 Indian Division General Staff Jan-Dec 1943

    Edit: image is being resized!

    Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 11.47.37 PM.jpg Screenshot 2021-05-02 at 11.47.50 PM.jpg
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  10. Charley Fortnum

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    Is this the location?

  11. dryan67

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    Here is what the Royal Sussex Regiment regimental history has to say about the capture:
    RSussex01.jpg RSussex02.jpg
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  12. ltdan

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    For centuries, Germans and French had been intimately bound together in mutual antipathy. Between 1870 and 1945, this degenerated into a veritable vendetta.
    Surrendering to the hereditary enemy, of all things, was tantamount to a double defeat.
  13. Takrouna

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    The reason the Germans did not want to surrender to the French is because the FR Unit included black soldiers from Senegal.
  14. minden1759

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    I wonder what happened to von Armin’s staff car once it got back to Chichester?


  15. Owen

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  16. Charley Fortnum

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    Might be worth one or more of us writing to the IWM to request this be uploaded:

    Surrender of General Von Arnim

    Every interview I've asked for that was made by the museum itself, they've uploaded for me, but all of the commercially produced ones were refused.

    This is a BBC production, so there might be a hope.
  17. Takrouna

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  18. Charley Fortnum

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    Found on eBay:

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