War artist Anthony Gross and HMS Highland Monarch

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    While stumbling around the Internet I've come across these amazing drawings of daily life on a troop ship. I wondered if you'd seen them?

    In November 1941 Gross began an eight week voyage on HMS Highland Monarch from Avonmouth to Suez via Sierra Leone, the Cape, the Indian Ocean and Aden reaching Cairo in early 1942.

    While on board Gross produced his "Convoy Series" depicting mess decks, parades, entertainment on board ship etc. Released by the IWM they are a wonderful record.


    I hope the above link works because if you haven't seen these drawings they really are well worth looking at.

    Cathy aka noreen
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  2. Bernard85

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    good day noreen.m.yesterday 04:45pm.re:war artist anthony gross and H.M.S.MONARCH.a great collection of drawing.i will look at more later.he is great on detail.thank you for posting.regards bernard85
  3. Roy Martin

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    Great series of drawings; the ship is the m.v. Highland Monarch incidentally .

  4. Noreen

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    good day to you too, Bernard. I've been googling Anthony Gross and he seems to have had a very interesting career in addition to his war artist work. http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artists/anthony-gross-1222
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    Hi Roy. Yes, I wondered if Highland Monarch was HMS when I wrote it but that's what it said on the wiki-pages where I read the background info. Should have googled it first. I can't see any way to change the title of the thread so another false bit of info goes into perpetuity. I love the way Gross has captured his subjects "off duty" and the details of daily life on board that he's recorded. All the best, Cathy

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