War diaries needed July 1942 1st Alamein

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    Morning all and happy Easter

    On the offchance, if anyone has these, I am happy to trade. I discussed with Andrew, but as his policy (fully understandably) is to copy only full years, and as I he doesn't hold these anyway, I thought to try my luck here.

    Happy to trade or pay, rather than having to find a few days to go to Kew.

    All the best


    1 Armoured
    50 Infantry
    5 Indian

    9 Indian
    69 Infantry
    2 Armoured
    4 Light Armoured
    22 Armoured
    23 Armoured
    161 Indian
    201 Guards Bde

    12 Lancers
    1 RTR
    6 RTR
    8 RTR
    44 RTR
    50 RTR
    4 CLY
    Scots Greys
    73 Anti-Tank
    149 Anti-Tank1 Rifle Brigade
    7 Medium
    64 Medium
    57 Light AA
    2 Rifle Bde
    9 Rifle Bde
    1 KRRC
    2 KRRC
    9 KRRC
    5 East Yorkshires
    7 Green Howards
    1 RHA
    2 RHA
    3 RHA
    4 RHA
    5 RHA
    11 RHA
    11 Field Regiment
    28 Field Regiment
    32 Field Regiment

    All the best

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    Andreas Working on two books

    Afraid I don't. Can they be downloaded or only viewed online?

    All the best

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    Hi Andreas,

    I can help with a couple I think but will have to check:

    2 Rifle Bde - transcribed - probably got photos somewhere on a very old laptop in loft, shed or garage!
    7 Med Regt.

    Not sure how urgent you need is but I'm hoping to get to Kew in about a month and planning to copy 64th Med Regt for that period so you may be in luck there as well. :D

    All the best,

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    WO169/5055 – 2 Bn Rifle Brigade

    C.O: Lt. Col. The Viscount ?? Moyle, DSO

    1 July 1942
    Moved at first light to rejoin 7th Armd. Div to area GEBEL KALAKH 868259. No sign of enemy. The going was very bad – many steep escarpments, and soft sand. Arrived at the Southern end of the Alamein “Line”. L.O’s were sent to try and make contact with N.Z’s, and any other troops in the area, about whom there was no information.

    2 July 1942
    Brigade was concentrated in the area 872253, and ordered to move North up the 89 grid, the New Zealand Division attacking up the 88 grid. No contact except with friends was made by us. Leaguered area 429873.

    3 July 1942
    Moved up at first light to 425885.
    2nd Armoured Brigade North of us – April Col. West.
    Main enemy concentration of 2000 MET and 40 Tanks square 8828. The enemy was attempting to drive through to Imayid. April Col. was heavily engaged, but no targets for us. The enemy col. was halted by very heavy arty fire, and bombing. Brigadier seriously wounded while with April Col.

    4 July 1942
    Same area at first light. Heard the very sad news that Brigadier The Viscount Garmoyle D.S.O. had died of his wounds. This was a very great loss to the Battalion and the Brigade. He was a natural Commander, whose great ability, and long experience of desert warfare could ill be spared at this critical moment in the Battle for Egypt.
    The enemy was held in his attempted move East by a very heavy concentration of artillery and A/Tk guns. In the p.m. he withdrew slightly. This day was a turning point in the battle. The enemy’s attempt to break through to Alexandria was defeated, and he now lost the momentum of his advance.
    We moved in the evening to 886274, and engaged an enemy position at 872278.

    5 July 1942
    Moved at first light to 886271 and engaged the same enemy position. The enemy was established with dug in infantry, A/Tk guns and field artillery on the ridge 822276 – 884276.
    Contact with Armoured Bde on our right proved us to be superfluous in this area, and we were withdrawn to 883376 in reserve. One O.P. was left out. The 6 pdr A.Tk guns with him knocked out a Mk.III tank.

    6 July 1942
    Remained in same area in reserve.
    At 1730 hrs guns moved forward to fire a concentration of 40 rounds per gun on an enemy position.

    7 July 1942
    Same area in reserve.

    8 July 1942
    A N.Z. Bde took over positions held by March and August Cols. We moved to 877268, and engaged targets on enemy F.D.Ls during the day. Leaguered 2 miles back. Orders arrived by L.O. that the Qattara Box, area 870270, held by a N.Z. Bde, was to be evacuated the next day. This was a very strong natural position, which had been heavily fortified by the N.Zs. It was the key to the southern end of the Alamein position. Apart from heavy dive-bombing it had not been seriously attacked, and the N.Z. were as much annoyed and upset at its being abandoned as ourselves. 7 Motor Bde was to protect the evacuation by harassing up to the 85 and 86 grids. March Col. having the job of protecting the R.E. demolition party in the Box.

    9 July 1942
    Moved at first light to ‘Box” area. Engaged enemy F.D.ls on ridge North of ‘Box’. Demolition was completed in the ‘Box’ during the morning.
    In the afternoon an enemy column of 200 MET, some tanks and guns moved into the Box. They were heavily engaged by ourselves and by July, August and April Columns to our South. ‘C’ Bty carried out a night harassing shoot from same area.

    10 July 1942
    7th Motor Bde was now committed to the protection of the N.Z. southern flank. The enemy had established O.Ps South of the Box. We found it difficult to get observation in area 874265. Fairly heavy enemy shelling during morning. We moved a mile S.E. The other columns to our South had to move East owing to enemy advance along KALKH – HIMEIMAT ridge. There were no troops to posse this advance along the ridge, which was the key to the Southern end of the whole position. Lt. Col. V.B. Turner, our new Commanding Officer, visited the Column during the day. At 1800 hrs some 200 infantry advanced along low ground to our South, and turned North to attack our position. They were heavily engaged by ‘C’ Bty and ‘B’ Coy’s M.M.Gs and Mortar, and halted with heavy casualties some 2000 yds from our position.
    The N.Z. Bde whose Southern flank we were protecting withdrew during the night to area 872266. We leaguered 3 miles EAST of day position.

    11 July 1942
    Moved at first light to 886258, then to 884258.
    No contact during day.

    12 July 1942
    Same area. One Trp. moved forward 2 miles. No contact. 2 Carriers and a portee lost on mines. Portee recovered next day.

    13 July 1942
    Same area.
    At 1830 hrs 50 MET and 18 Tks moved along ridge towards HIMEIMAT.
    At 1930 hrs 35 MET came East fast along low ground to 876257. We engaged these with our troop. Light very bad, and observation poor. At last light they were halted at 877258.

    14 July 1942
    Moved S.E. 2 miles to 886254 at first light.
    Enemy parties of MET and infantry pushed EAST during day along low ground between 270 grid and HIMEIMAT ridge. We engaged these small parties throughout the day.
    The carriers had unfortunately gone back for exchange, and were badly missed.

    15 July 1942
    Same area. N.Z. Division attack to our North gained some ground. Battle Group of Guards and 3rd R.H.A. arrived in our area.
    Enemy activity in our sector considered to be only a demonstration to draw some of our armour down South – in this it was not successful.

    16 July 1942
    7th Motor Bde relieved of responsibility South of 26 grid. Two Columns were left forward (July and August) with us in reserve. ‘C’ Coy with ‘July. ‘B’ Coy with March, ‘A’ and ‘S’ Coys resting, and a certain extent re-equipping at Mena.
    March Col moved to 893264 in reserve. An enemy attack was expected against the New Zealanders in the central sector, and we were ordered to move forward and to be prepared to support July and August Cols.
    Great difficulty was experienced in finding a hole to go to among all the N.Z. transport, and we could only get as far as 891263.
    Throughout the day the enemy appeared to be withdrawing most of his force from the Himeimat area and South of the 26 grid generally as far West as the 87 grid.
    He concentrated two main columns, one at 8728 against the Pt.64 ridge, the other the Qaret el Abd “Box” area against the Pt. 93 ridge.
    Heavy shelling started 1900 hrs. Enemy cols advanced 1930 hrs headed by 44 and 20 Tks respectively. March Col not engaged. 18 enemy tanks were knocked out, and the remainder withdrew.

    17 – 21 July 1942
    Remained in same area. ‘A’ Coy relived ‘C’ Coy in July Col. ‘C’ Coy going to Rear Brigade.
    Evening of 21st. March Col moved up and relieved July Col at first light on 22nd in area 876264.

    22 – 30 July 1942
    March Col. remained in same area withdrawing 3 miles to leaguer each night.
    The enemy was holding the Qattara Box – Gebel Kalakh – Qaret el Khadim, The Taqa Plateau and patrolled the Himeimat Ridge. He had a line of infantry posts running south from the Qattara Box to Gebel Kalakh. The tasks of the column were harassing any targets presenting themselves during the day, and patrolling by night to discover the extent of suspected minefields. Responsibility of 7th Motor Brigade was between the 26 and 27 grids.
    On the 23rd, ‘S’ Coy relived ‘B’ Coy who went to rear Bde.
    On the night 23/24 ‘A’ Coy provided a patrol under Cap. I Whigham to recce area of reported minefield in area of 263 horizontal grid. No mines were found in the wired area. The patrol lost one N.C.O. killed. Patrol Report
    On the night of the 25/26th, ‘S’ Coy sent a strong fighting patrol to attack enemy posts in area 868264. The operation was led by Major T.A. Bird, M.C. O.C. ‘S’ Coy and was supported by the Coys. MMGs. A barrage was fired by ‘C’ Bty, 4 R.H.A. on the area to be attacked, and neutralising fire was put down by August Col on area to north. The attack was most successful, the enemy position being overrun. 16 P.O.Ws taken, including two officers – all Italian.
    On the 30th, REs started laying a minefield in front of our position which linked up both the N.Z. defences to the North and continued to our S.E.

    31 July 1942
    [no entry]
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    Fantastic, thank you!

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  7. Andreas

    Andreas Working on two books

    Every little bit will help! And in a month or so is still fine.

    All the best

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    They can be viewed as well as downloaded, one page at a time. I will take a look through your list and see what I have.
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    Here is 1st Royal Tank Regiment attached.

    Attached Files:

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    6th Royal Tank Regiment - July 1942
    Jul 42

    6th Royal Tank Regiment


    0200 – Orders to continue march

    0500 – Regt reached minefield and went through gap, then ordered by Bde to change course to 140° for 3 miles, where Regt halted. All RHQ tanks now crock, and going was very soft for B vehicles.

    0800 – Regt moved North and took up positions with A Sqn forward and patrol overlooking main road. Not able to do much maintenance as Regt was on 5 minutes notice to move.

    1600 – Regt moved out and took up positions about 1½ miles NW of Bde HQ, C Sqn right, B Sqn left, D Sqn reserve.

    1700 – Report of 20/30 enemy tanks in area 876284. 8th RTR moved forward to deal with them.

    1715 – A Sqn patrol reports information from O/P that enemy Infantry and A/Tk guns North of Pt. 33, on pushing forward came under fire from these and withdrew again.

    2030 – Orders for Regt to rally in 1st RHA area.

    2100 – CO returned from Bde, Regt is to move 6 miles South with RHA, helping to tow their tractors and vehicles through the bad going.

    2359 – Regt moved off with 1st RHA.


    0200 – Regt arrived in area and leaguered.

    0500 – Regt moved into position D Sqn facing West, C Sqn NW, A Sqn with a patrol forward. B Sqn in reserve.

    0815 – Regt ordered to move forward 2 miles and form up on left flank of 1st RTR facing West and SW. position taken up D Sqn right, C Sqn left, B Sqn reserve. A Sqn patrols in front.

    0830 – CO contacted CO 1st RTR.

    1130 – Report of 1st RTR being attacked by 20 tanks. B Sqn ordered to be ready to move to support them

    1200 – B Sqn went forward to support 1st RTR.

    1300 – Orders for attack on 2000 MET reported in Square 8628 where Field Marshal Rommel was believed to be. Centre line 270 ° - 12 miles, replenishing on the 87 Grid line, then North until contact is made.

    1400 – Regt moved. A Sqn protection front. D Sqn right. C Sqn left. B Sqn reserve. A Echelon and RHA Battery. Bearing changed to 245° .

    1430 – Regt came under fire from A/Tk guns and Arty from right and engaged them with MGs. Orders were to press on and disregard flanks.

    1530 – Regt halted after 8 miles and was then ordered to go back again on same bearing to support 8thRTR who were being heavily engaged by enemy tanks. Regt moved and came under fire from A/Tk guns and Arty with MET from left flank. Regt moved into a long wadi and engaged enemy with considerable success, several A/Tk guns and lorries destroyed and others withdrawing. Regt prepared to exploit but was ordered by Bde to move East to support 22nd Armd Bde, on coming out of edge of wadi, Regt ran on to the Battery of 88’s and two tanks of D Sqn were destroyed and Sqn Leader was badly wounded. Situation was very grave as it seemed that A/Tk guns covered all exits from the wadi, eventually Regt moved due West for about 1 mile and then swung due South and managed to get away, withdrew South to Pt. 103, where wounded were attended to by New Zealand Battery. At last light Regt moved due North for about a mile and had a good shoot against enemy MET, tanks and A/Tk guns with RHQ troop in the van. After dark Regt rallied and leaguered in the area.

    Losses – 5 Grants destroyed

    Claims - Many A/Tk guns damaged and enemy transport destroyed.


    Regt moved into position at first light, come under shellfire. Ordered to move nearing 320° until further instructions from Bde. Moved North and found enemy attack developing on 1st and 8th RTR. Regt took up a good hull-down position on right to 8th RTR covering two valleys and awaited any enemy advance. Regt ordered to move to left and support 8th RTR. B Sqn took over C Sqn’s positions and the latter moved off to support 8th RTR. Most of the other vehicles in the area, A/Tk guns and Crusaders withdrew slightly. Several times during the day the enemy tried to bring forward 88’s but withdrew again when heavily shelled by our 75’s.

    1400 – Enemy tanks and MT advanced NE towards B Sqn but were driven back, tried then to establish A/Tk guns on the ridge but these were also driven back. Enemy MET then started moving off SW covered by tanks, were engaged by RHA 75’s and MGs and withdrew again.

    1430 – C Sqn rejoined from left flank of 8th RTR and took up position on right of B Sqn. Some odd shooting by enemy tanks and A/Tk guns who were engaged when possible.

    1700 – Regt replenished under heavy shellfire, enemy tanks were attacking along the ridge on our left. C Sqn ordered to be ready to move to left to support 8th RTR again.

    1830 – C Sqn moved over to ridge on left of 8th RTR. Twelve Lee’s of 4th Hussars joined us on ridge and prepared to take over our positions. Enemy tanks advanced down the valley, engaged by Regt, A/Tk guns and 4th Hussars. Five enemy tanks knocked out, 2 burning, remainder withdrew. Regt was then ordered to join B Sqn and was in action immediately against enemy tanks in front. One enemy tank was destroyed. Reports of Infantry attack, on right rear ridge we had left. C Sqn sent over to deal with this threat. All the time the Regt was under heavy shellfire, and C Sqn suffered some casualties from Battery 88’s on right flank. Regt advanced and enemy withdrew. Had a very successful shoot against MET and tanks and pushed forward onto ridge in front, which gave good observation after dark. Regt rallied and leaguered about 500 yards behind this position, as it was intended to re-occupy in the morning. In the evening attack Lt Gain’s tank was hit and he and his driver were killed. Capt Fidler also received a hit, which went down the barrel of 75mm, one man killed and remainder of crew wounded. Some very fine shooting during the day by Chestnut Battery RHA in support of the Regt. Regt re-organised into two Sqns – one Stuart and one Grant, under Major EJA Pettman and Major FR Caley. Major DJ Coulson and D Sqn officers went back to A2 Echelon area to try and get more tanks.

    Losses -4 Grants, 1 Stuart damaged.

    Claims -6 tanks destroyed, 2 A/Tk guns, several MET.


    0515 – Regt advanced onto ridge in front and caught enemy in leaguer, had a first class shoot with HE and AP at about 2000/3000 yards range and many MET were set on fire. Little fire in return and most of the MET dispersed or withdrew West. Regt sat in this position most of the day, there were odd exchanges of fire, until the haze became too bad. Regt replenished tank by tank. About 1700 hrs there was movement amongst the MET and tanks. Our Arty fired a heavy concentration and the Regt advanced:- A Sqn left, B Sqn and RHQ right, 8th RTR and light tanks of 1st RTR on right. Very successful push, enemy withdrew to West and left behind many derelict tanks and vehicles ( 7 or 8 Mark IIIs and IVs). Some successful shoots against 88 Battery by tanks and RHA. Regt rallied in this forward position on a ridge facing West. Replenished again. Brigadier visited Regt. Reports of enemy tank attack coming in down the valley, which did not materialise, some guns and 88’s could be seen being towed into position but were engaged by the RHA and withdrew. Reserve went forward and blew up enemy derelict tanks. At last light, Infantry and A/Tk guns came up to take over positions. Regt moved back 500 yards and rallied. Strength now about 10 Stuarts and 8 Grants.

    Losses -Nil.

    Claims -2 88’s put out of action. Several A/Tk guns destroyed.


    0500 – moved out into position. Mist reduced visibility to about 50 yards. When this cleared Regt moved forward to same ridge, which we occupied yesterday evening. A Sqn out on ridge in front. Little to be seen of enemy except derelicts. MET and guns in wadi in front engaged by RHA. Regt was shelled, mainly overs intended for RHA. Major DJ Coulson came up and took over command of Sqn from Major FR Caley. Regt remained in position. RHA shelled enemy MET and OPs and any other movement was engaged by 75’s. Lt Col HM Liardet relinquished Command and Lt Col EC Mitford MC took command of combined 1/6th RTR. Complete re-organisation to take place during night in leaguer. Heavy shelling of RHQ in evening. Regt leaguered in same area. Report that 3/5th RTR were taking over tomorrow and Regt was moving back a few miles to re-organise.


    0830 – Regt moved back into position on the ridge. Some of the worst crocks went back to the A2 Echelon area where the RTA – Capt Ramseyer – had set up his own workshop.

    1330 – Regt was relieved on the position by 3/5th RTR and moved back to leaguer area with the rest of A1 and A2 Echelon. The remainder of the day was spent on reorganisation and maintenance. Orders were now received that 1st RTR and 6th RTR were not to be amalgamated. 6th RTR were to take over enough B vehicles to bring Regt up to strength and also some light tanks for RHQ. Regt was to be reorganised on a two Sqn basis – A & C Sqns under Major EJA Pettman and Major DG Coulson. 1stRTR going back to Delta to reorganise. Regt was to be ready to take up position on ridge again tomorrow. Strength 10 Grants, 14 Stuarts. All tanks in rather a poor condition, several with over 300 engine hours and tracks worn down to the metal. None could be guaranteed for more than 30 miles.


    Regt moved 2 miles West and leaguered again in Bde area. Brigadier visited Regt and talked to all ranks. Regt remained in leaguer all day. Four new Lee’s arrived for C Sqn from 4th Hussars. Crews were reorganised so that where possible all tanks were manned by 6th RTR crews, other crews to be returned to units.

    RHQ -4 Stuarts

    A Sqn -13 Stuarts

    C Sqn -13 Grants

    Regt moved into close leaguer at last light.


    Regt moved into air dispersion. No orders for move, so crews continued maintenance. Regt now under command 2nd Armd Bde. Brigadier Biggs visited the Regt.

    1700 – Sqn of 10th Hussars (14 Crusaders) came under command of Regt. Warning orders received from Bde. Possible move on codewords. BRANDY – 255°, KUMMEL – 180° 6th RTR on right of Bde, CLY leading, 3/5th RTR left. Orders for Column tomorrow under Major JAC Richardson with A Sqn Tp, RHA Tp, A/Tk guns to operate under 9th Australian Div.


    0900 – Major JAC Richardson’s force left. Orders to be ready to move at 1500 hrs. recce of way out of present area of soft going carried out by Infantry and RHA Tp. RHA did shoot in the evening. Regt remained in area for rest of the day. Orders from Bde to move 0900 hrs 10th July.

    Strength RHQ -5 Stuarts

    A Sqn -13 Stuarts

    B Sqn (10th H) -15 Crusaders

    C Sqn -10 Grants


    0830 – Reports from 3/5th RTR of 28 tanks, 6 guns, 15 MET, 1 88mm in area 883273 being engaged by RHA.

    0900 – Battery RHA rejoined its Regt to join in A/M shoot. CO went to Bde. CO returned from Bde, 8 enemy tanks and MET at 873263, 4 tanks and MET at 873253. Regt Group to be ready to move on Codeword HAM to attack the Northern party. Regt opened rear-link to 7th Armd Div under whose command Regt comes, if we move. Reports from Australian Field Amb that Major JAC Richardson had been wounded and was on D1 list. CO went to Bde. Orders ready to move first light 11th July to area DEIR EL HIMA where 35 enemy tanks had been reported. Regt to be reserve, 3/5th RTR right, CLY left. Course bearing 237° - 4 miles.


    Capt JA Rycroft went off to 9th Australian Div to join A Sqn.

    0545 – Regt moved off, order of march – B Sqn, RHQ, C Sqn, A Echelon.

    0630 – Regt reached area DEIR EL HIMA and halted. 3/5th RTR reported in action with tanks and A/Tk guns. Tp of B Sqn sent forward to make contact with CLY. Reports that 12 enemy tanks were attacking CLY. Regt ordered to help. C Sqn sent to left flank of CLY and to support them. Rest of Regt moved forward to new position about 1000 yards to left rear of 3/5th RTR. Slight shelling of RHQ & B Sqn. Remainder of day spent here. Major General Lumsden DSO MC, visited Regt on way to Bde.

    New Zealand Infantry Div come up and took position on ridge in front, under heavy shellfire. CO went to Bde. New Zealand Infantry attack at dawn tomorrow. 2nd Armd Bde to support and stop any counter attack by tanks. During the day the CO and Adjt were filmed. Regt leaguered in this area. Some shelling near leaguer during the night.


    Report received that Major JAC Richardson had died of wounds. Regt moved to SW and took up position facing NW on left flank of New Zealand Div. Regt moved back to leaguer area.


    0900 – Regt ordered to move South about 1 mile to new position on a ridge.

    2Lt H Cosgrave rejoined from hospital. 2Lts J Reid and EJ Draper joined from RAC BASE Depot. Orders for Regt to move West to area 886272. Enemy tank threat to EL ALAMEIN Box, Bde to be ready to counter attack NW.

    1700 – Regt ordered to take up position on left flank of 3/5th RTR. In the event of an advance, 3/5thRTR right, 6th RTR left, 9th Lancers reserve. Regt leaguered in this area.


    0500 – Regt moved into open order, formed up on left of 3/5th RTR as yesterday. Orders received for Regt to be ready on Codeword RADICAL to move SW to 270 Grid line to meet threat from enemy tanks reported to the SW. written orders received for operations tomorrow in conjunction with New Zealand Div.


    Regt moved into open position facing on bearing 315°. Reports New Zealand Div successful on left flank and held up on right. Reports of tanks attacking New Zealand Bde and New Zealand Brigadier asked for assistance. Regt advanced on centre line until enemy minefield held it up, B Sqn tried to find gaps. 200 Italian POWs surrendered from box in this area and were handed over to Infantry. Guns also in area were captured.

    One Crusader blown up on mine. Regt moved off trying to find gap to the left. Enemy tanks reported by B Sqn guarding left edge of minefield. C Sqn moved up and engaged MET and Infantry, unable to get within range of tanks owing to minefield which appeared to run South. Regt position 878273. B Sqn lost one Crusader. B Sqn tried to edge round to the South. Two enemy tanks reported in area 872271. Tp C Sqn went down to support B Sqn and destroyed one M13 tank.

    Some MET to the South of this area engaged by RHA. C Sqn moved North and took up position on left of 9th Lancers and then advanced with them but had trouble on minefield, 3 tanks blown up and Sqn unable to advance further. The 3 tanks were later towed out and repaired. C Sqn Tp captured two Italian lorries. 20 enemy tanks being engaged in the NW by 9th Lancers. C Sqn moved SW through the minefield and went to help 9th Lancers. A Echelon caught in heavt Stuka and Ju88 raid on Gunners

    Regt ordered to leaguer in present position. C Sqn to withdraw from present position after last light and leaguer with rest of Regt. Regt formed leaguer.

    Claims -1 M13 destroyed, 2 lorries captured

    Losses -1 Cruiser destroyed, 1 Cruiser and several Grants damaged on mines.


    Regt moved out of leaguer and took up same position as yesterday. Reports of various parties of tanks and MET to C Sqn’s front which were engaged when possible. One enemy tank and 3 lorries destroyed. B Sqn also had small parties of tanks and MET to their front, including two captured Grants. A/Tk guns of KRRC coy were brought up and attached to B Sqn.

    Stuka raid on New Zealand position; bombs fell near A Echelon and RHQ. Tp of C Sqn which ran on minefield yesterday came up again and was now attached to B Sqn. Contact was made with CLY who were on left flank.

    In the evening we were informed that an attack was expected to the North. B Sqn and RHQ moved North and joined C Sqn and remainder of Bde on the West side of the minefield. The attack developed as expected with Infantry and tanks at last light. It was beaten off with heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy. The Regt was mainly in reserve watching the left flank but got in a good shoot at dusk against Infantry and MET and caused considerable damage. After dark Regt withdrew through minefield and leaguered with A Echelon.

    Losses -1 Crusader damaged

    Claims -1 tank destroyed, 3 lorries destroyed. Probably many more lorries were destroyed and considerable casualties inflicted on enemy Infantry.


    0500 – Regt moved out of leaguer and took up same position as yesterday and had a good shoot at various targets – tanks MET and Infantry. Enemy tanks mostly withdrew West out of range. Roberts guns came up and co-operated where possible. Brigadier past on message of congratulation from Corps Commander to Bde for last night’s action.

    Regt pushed forward patrols in front and shot-up odd parties of enemy Infantry and also engaged an enemy A/Tk gun. Reserve went forward and destroyed enemy tanks and vehicles in the valley. Six tanks reported at 872273 by 9th Lancers. Our tanks unable to engage owing to bad visibility. Two 88’s located to C Sqn’s front, one tank hit and slight damage done. The guns were engaged by our tanks and silenced.

    Regt moved back at last light and leaguered with A Echelon and replenishment party in area 882275. Some bombing during the night in the vicinity. Thought to be RAF, but recognition signals had no effect.


    Regt sent forward two patrols – 1 Grant, 1 Crusader on to our old position which the New Zealanders had taken over. Remainder of the Regt moved into open leaguer and proceeded to make and mend.

    1500 – Grant Sqn of 1st RTR under Major Hotham came under command of Regt. Orders for Regt to be ready to move to yesterday’s position to protect left flank of Indian Div which was making an attack at Pt. 62. Regt to be ready to move into position by 1730 hrs and to prevent any tanks counter attacking.

    1700 – Regt moved forward.

    1800 – Regt moved to yesterday’s position. Six enemy tanks reported to front engaging our Infantry and were in turn engaged by our tanks and A/Tk guns. During the day A Echelon was caught in a bombing raid and 2 vehicles were damaged. After dark Regt withdrew and leaguered back in area 882275.


    0515 – Regt moved forward onto position on ridge. B Sqn (10th Hussars) and 2 Tps C Sqn went to old area in South to observe SW, very little to report all day except that the odours arising from the valley and the flies were far from pleasant. SSM F Rycroft went forward on foot to within 300 yards of an enemy strong point in a depression just in front, made a sketch map showing gun posts. The CO passed this to Bde with a suggestion that a night Infantry attack could deal with this.

    Two Stuka raids on the right. Report of RAF destroying 38 Stukas during the day. Regt moved back after dark and leaguered in usual area.


    Regt moved into open formation. Patrols of B Sqn sent forward to old position to observe. One Tp C Sqn also sent forward in case any targets presented them selves. Major EJA Pettman and A Sqn now back at B Echelon minus tanks. Capt Rycroft, reported wounded on the 16th whilst with A Sqn.

    A Sqn now going back to HAMMAM to draw new tanks and re-form. Lt T Stainton posted to A Sqn as 2i/c and promoted Captain.


    Regt moved into open leaguer with patrols out, carried out more maintenance and reorganisation. Operation Orders received for operations commencing tonight. Heavy barrage on enemy posts commenced at last light and continued for a long period. Regt sent out 2Lt Carroll as LO to 6th New Zealand Infantry Bde whom we are mainly supporting.

    Regt ordered to move at first light to old ridge in support New Zealand Bde, who were being attacked by enemy tanks in front. C Sqn sent forward to deal with these, ran into heavy A/Tk fire from depression in front which we had presumed to have been eliminated last night. 3 Grants were knocked out. Sqn forced to withdraw back to ridge. Some shelling all along the ridge. The Div Commander was wounded while visiting the Bde forward control which was with RHQ.

    1130 – enemy tanks on out front engaged by A Sqn (1st RTR). C Sqn advanced again and engaged enemy tanks. A Sqn destroyed 3 tanks, one Mark III and two Mark IVs. C Sqn destroyed two Mark IVs.

    1215 – Patrol 10th Hussars Sqn sent to make contact with New Zealand Bde, failed but made contact with 23rd Armd Bde on right. 2Lt JA Garrard reported up at RHQ that A Sqn had arrived in A Echelon with 12 light tanks. CO ordered them to remain in that area, reorganise for the rest of the day.

    1300 – C Sqn destroyed another Mark III which burnt nicely.

    1500 – C Sqn destroyed yet another Mark III. Regt reduced rather in tanks mainly owing to trouble with 75mm guns. CO went to Bde for orders for move. Order of march – 9th Lancers, 6th RTR, A Sqn, B Sqn, C Sqn left through gap in minefield to 875 Grid then North 277 Grid then West. Object to harass EL MREIR position. Bde commenced to advance under cover of smoke screen 9th Lancers reported they were engaging enemy tanks. S Sqn went up to support. C Sqn still covering depression on right. B Sqn behind A Sqn. 9th Lancers evidently in trouble and had lost several tanks. Regt ordered to cover their withdrawal. A Sqn put down an effective smoke screen which enabled 9th Lancers to get back to the old ridge. A Sqn then withdrew to fire position in rear of Pt. 64. Regt took up approx old position, C Sqn left, A Sqn right covering the depression. Heavy bombing raid by Ju 87 and Ju 88 on the area, some casualties amongst 10th Hussars Sqn. Regt moved back and leaguered in old area and were joined by A Sqn (6th RTR) with 15 tanks.

    Claims - 7 tanks as specified, 1 88mm gun, 2 A/Tk guns and some MET and Infantry.

    Losses - 4 Grants – 1 recoverable, 1 Crusader (recoverable)

    Many tanks damaged but mostly repairable, the main causes of trouble to be the lack of protection for the mantlet of the 75’s.


    Regt moved into open leaguer. A Sqn (1st RTR) went forward on to ridge in front and were heavily shelled for some time. Patrol of A Sqn (6th RTR) also forward. Some casualties caused to A Sqn (1stRTR) by shelling. A Sqn (1st RTR) destroyed one Mark III. One of our Grants recovered by Capt Ramseyer and fitters. Regt ordered to move to area 885275 ready to move North after dark to area 884285 and then to attack West at dawn against the Italian Divs.

    Recce made of minefield on 280 Grid line showed no gaps at Pt. Where Bde was supposed to be going through. Operation cancelled. Brigadier visited the Regt. Bombing raid by Ju 88’s on our area; several near misses on the tanks and 6 or 7 casualties caused. Regt leaguered in this area.


    Regt formed open leaguer in same area. Day of rest as Bde was in Div reserve.


    Open leaguer in same area. Int. Officer on recce of northern area route in the morning. Report that 2Lt PM Carroll had been killed whilst with New Zealand Infantry Bde.

    1830 – CO went to Bde. Returned; no move until 2100 hrs – 26th RTR leaguered in same area for night.


    Regt remained in leaguer area. Written orders received for tomorrows operation. Readiness to move by 2045 hrs cancelled and now to move 2345 hrs.

    Regt Strength Stuarts 12

    Crusaders 11

    Grants 18

    Regt formed up and moved off 2345 hrs


    Bde moved North at a very slow speed and eventually reached concentration area at 0500 hrs. the gap in the minefield had apparently not been cleared so the Bde’s role was changed to support the Infantry and to launch a counter attack in the event of the former being attacked by tanks. Patrol of A Sqn (6thRTR) sent out to contact Infantry in front.

    1015 – Durham Light Infantry holding line of road between K13 – K14, EYK 14 and thence SE. enemy pocket located in square 975286. Regt ordered to attack and wipe out this place. A Sqn patrols to go forward and locate gap in minefield and with support of 10th Hussars to try and locate enemy position. Grants then to come forward to deal with them. OPs going forward with A Sqn.

    A Sqn and 10th Hussars moved forward and had some difficulty in negotiating the gap. Regt on coming through this gap was engaged from the left by A/Tk guns. C Sqn came up and engaged these guns. A Sqn and 10th Hussars pushed on to the next ridge and reported A/Tk guns firing from position in front. C Sqn moved forward onto this ridge and B Sqn took over C Sqn position. C Sqn engaged enemy tanks and guns ahead and destroyed a 50mm and 75mm.

    10th Hussars tried to push round right flank; they captured some prisoners but came under heavy A/Tk and mortar fire, one tank was damaged and they withdrew slightly. An 88mm or 76mm gun on the far right now opened fire and forced C Sqn to come down from the ridge. A Sqn was detailed to salvage or destroy all the equipment in the area over-run. B Sqn 10th hussars continued to try and push round to the right but were unable to get far forward owing to another minefield and intense A/Tk fire, they however engaged targets of MET and Infantry in that area.

    C Sqn moved up on to the ridge to fire but were continually forced to come down again owing to heavy fire from the large A/Tk guns. Two Grants were hit and casualties caused. One tank was able to withdraw to the A Echelon but the other required a transporter.

    In the evening under cover of smoke the enemy attacked with a force of tanks and a SP gun (105 or 76.2). The Regt being in a bad position in the valley was forced to withdraw ½ mile through the gap and took up a battle position behind the minefield. During this time 2 Grants of B Sqn were destroyed and the Grant damaged earlier had to be destroyed. Major Hotham, 1st RTR, was missing. 5th RTR came up behind ready to support. When the Regt got into battle line behind the minefield they were able to get a good shoot and destroyed 2 enemy tanks and silenced the SP gun.

    At last light the Regt received orders to withdraw, as tomorrow the Bde was to be in Corps reserve outside the ALAMEIN Box. Regt moved in line and picking up A Echelon on the way moved via NS track to ALAMEIN station and thence East to a leaguer area 431898.

    Claims -2 Mark III destroyed, 2 Mark III probably hit, 1 75mm knocked out, 1 50mm knocked out, MET and Infantry engaged and some prisoners taken. 2 Carriers and one Russian 76mm A/Tk gun salvaged. 3 A/Tk guns destroyed.

    Losses -3 Grants destroyed, several Grants damaged, 1 Stuart damaged, 1 Crusader damaged.


    Regt remained in leaguer area. Spent the day reorganising, damaged tanks evacuated. Bathing parties organised. 10th Hussars Sqn drew 7 more Crusaders. Confirmed that Major Hotham was killed in yesterday’s action. Our 76mm gun was handed over to Bde Recovery section. Slight air activity in the evening, one Macchi 200 shot down in our area. During the night a Ju88 machine-gunned the area but did no damage.

    Regt Strength 12 Grants

    17 Crusaders

    11 Stuarts


    Regt moved at 1330 hrs to new rest area. Tanks 436881 via Pt 95, BIR GABALLA. A Echelon moved in Bde party, but owing to bad going did not arrive till later in the day.


    Remained in area. CO and RHQ staff of 1st RTR came up to organise hand over.


    Recces carried out – CO and Int. Officer of HEMEIMAT area with Bde party, - Capt Fidler and 2Lt Garrard of area NW of present position.

    Tank State 15 Grants

    17 Crusaders

    11 Stuarts

    Jul 42

    6th Royal Tank Regiment – A Squadron OC Major EJA Pettman


    Strength:- 13 Stuarts

    3 A/Cars

    1 Troop RHA

    1 Troop A/Tk guns

    0900 – Move off under Major Richardson to join ACs (Royals) and gunners at 443985.

    1630 – Move off to join 9th Australian Div at 889295 (EL DABA). Group arrives at 0255 hrs


    0545 – Counter enemy shelling in our leaguer at 889295. Casualties:-

    Major JAC Richardson wounded – died of wounds on the following day.

    Major commanding Gunners wounded,

    L/Sgt C Drake killed,

    Tpr J Saunders wounded.

    0900 – Move off under Major Pettman to EL ALAMEIN Gate at 882297. Tank force under command of 2Lt JA Garrard carry out fighting recce in area. Shoot by RHA.

    1630 – Return to base established at 891294.

    Claims -1 88mm A/Tk gun

    Losses -1 Stuart, recoverable.


    0550 – Sqn and remainder of Group prepared to engage the enemy and moved off in the area of TEL EL EISA railway station.

    0600 – No 4 Troop rounds up approx 1600 prisoners believed to be Trente Div troops.

    0800 – Sqn breaks into Tps and patrols an active front in area 874296. During this period heavy shelling was encountered and enemy air activity was on a big scale covering the whole of the sector in which the group was operating.

    1100 – Australian gunners shell the enemy and Stuarts push forward to the ridge 876295.

    1300 – enemy counter shelling on a big scale and patrol reported position of enemy guns to OP who dealt with same very quickly.

    1630 – Patrols came in from their respective areas and the group returned to base at 891294.

    Casualties Sgt A Horwood

    Claims 7 Italian 75mm field guns, Infantry

    Losses 1 Stuart damaged.


    Capt JA Rycroft rejoins the Sqn from the Regt and takes over acting Sqn Commander.

    0600 – Maintenance and gun cleaning etc. Major Pettman left for 9th Australian Div HQ for orders.

    1900 – Sqn moved off to engage enemy but a change in orders caused the Sqn to return to base.


    0530 – Normal maintenance.

    1400 – Sqn with remainder of group moved along coast track to a position behind 8th RTR at 88003001. Tps were ordered out on recce over the ridge to our front. Australian gunners giving the enemy hell during the time we were in that area, caused slight but inaccurate counter shelling. Enemy air activity during the day was on a medium scale but dive bombing was very poor.

    Stuart commanders sprayed enemy aircraft with .30 AA Browning and some good small arms fire against attacking aircraft.

    2000 – Sqn leaguer 1 mile North of 88003001 for the night.

    Claims - 1 47mm A/Tk gun.


    0600 – Return to base at 891294 and remain there resting until 2000 hrs. during this time 4½ inch guns 1 mile to our West pounded the enemy throughout the day. Air activity slight.

    2000 – Sqn move off along coast track and leaguered at 88003001 for the night. Enemy shelling was encountered during the night.


    0430 – Sqn moves off and patrols area between TEL ELEISA station and Kilo 130. Returned back to 88003001 until 1800 hrs.

    1800 – Sqn again takes up position between station and Kilo 130 as the light begins to fail. Enemy Infantry and A/Tk guns were seen coming over the ridge in front. These were engaged by the whole Sqn until the light failed.

    2000 – Sqn returns to leaguer at 88052997.

    Claims Infantry

    Losses 2 Stuarts, both recoverable

    Strength:- 9 Stuarts, 3 ACs, 1 Tp RHA, 1 Tp A/Tk guns.


    Sqn found day leaguer at 88052997 and carried out maintenance. Major Pettman attended conference at Australian Div HQ in the morning and again in the evening.


    Sqn moved out with the group at 0500 hrs together with 9th Australian Div carriers and Crusaders to protect the right flank of the Australian Infantry who during the night had captured “21 Ridge” –879294 – 876296. Sqn area 876296 to 875297. On arrival at this area about 100 prisoners were taken after a short engagement.

    Various targets were engaged during the day, mainly MG positions that were shooting at the Infantry. During the afternoon after very heavy shelling and dive bombing attacks, the Infantry were forced to withdraw from the Western end of the ridge. The Sqn covered this withdrawal during which Capt Rycroft was wounded in the foot; his tank had been hit and his 37mm and coax put out of action so he got out of his tank and engaged the enemy with his AA Browning. 2Lt Garrard was slightly wounded in the head, LCpl Jones was wounded in the head by ‘splash’. During this withdrawal three 6pdrs (whose portee truck had been destroyed), were recovered at about 1700 hrs a Sqn of the 44th RTR under Major Drury arrived and relieved us.


    Sqn withdrew from Group and returned to base at 891294. Handed tanks over to Australian Div cavalry.


    Sqn under Major Pettman moves to original B Echelon leaguer area.


    Move to 30 Corps TDR and take over 16 Stuarts and at 1300 hrs left TDR to rejoin Regt. Leaguered at 440895 for the night.


    Rejoined Regt.

    Battle Casualties July 1942

    Killed in Action

    Lt AP Gain 3/7/42 2Lt PM Carroll 22/7/42

    Died of Wounds received in Action

    Major JAC Richardson 10/7/42

    Wounded in Action

    Capt JA Rycroft 17/7/42

    Other Ranks

    Killed in Action

    Tpr Morton P 3/7/42 L/Sgt Drake C 10/7/42

    Tpr Clare D 3/7/42 L/Sgt Simon C 16/7/42

    Tpr Parker A 3/7/42 Cpl Asty J 22/7/42

    Tpr Smith F 22/7/42 Tpr Bolding W 27/7/42

    Tpr Belt G 27/7/42 Cpl Brudnell J 27/7/42

    Died of Wounds

    Tpr Rodd G 15/7/42

    L/Sgt Connor A 25/7/42

    Missing – Believed Killed

    L/Sgt Robinson J 2/7/42


    Tpr Jones E* 22/7/42 Tpr Cobbold F* 22/7/42

    Tpr Kearton R* 22/7/42 Tpr Sawdon J* 22/7/42


    Cpl Russell R 2/7/42 Tpr Bowman J 3/7/42

    Tpr Boocock J 3/7/42 Tpr Beevers T 4/7/42

    Tpr Saunders J 10/7/42 Tpr Henley H 15/7/42

    LCpl Thomas W 18/7/42 Tpr Claughton T 18/7/42

    Tpr Butler J 22/7/42 Tpr Wilding N 22/7/42

    Tpr Barlow G 22/7/42 Tpr Watts G 22/7/42

    Tpr Roos E 22/7/42 Tpr Smith J 23/7/42

    Tpr Wright J 23/7/42 Tpr Bolan J 23/7/42

    Tpr Croston 23/7/42 Tpr Stedman B 23/7/42

    Tpr Bird A 22/7/42 Ssgt Bell F 27/2/42

    Tpr Gleeson A 27/7/42 Cpl Wood S 27/7/42

    Tpr Sawle W 27/7/42 Tpr Corfield S 24/7/42

    Tpr Billings C 17/7/42 LCpl Jones G 17/7/42

    Tpr Curtiss C 27/7/42

    [Transcriber’s Note – using the Commonwealth War Graves Web site]

    Personnel in RED and marked * were killed on the 22 and are named on the Alamein Memorial – extract below. All others have been checked and are not listed on the Memorial.

    The Alamein Memorial Land Forces panels commemorate the soldiers of the British Commonwealth and Empire who fell in the campaigns in Egypt and Libya, and in the operations of the Eighth Army in Tunisia up to 19th February 1943 - the date when it came under the command of General Eisenhower - and who have no known grave.
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    4th County of London Yeomanry attached.

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    As promised, this is the July 1942 narrative from WO169/4649 - 7th Medium Regt.

    July 1942 7th Medium Regiment RA 30 Corps

    C.O.: Lt. Col. H.C. Elton, R.A.

    1 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    LOCATIONS: R.H.Q. 88882939. 27/28 Bty 886295. D Tp 68 Med Regt (under Comd) 89042935.
    0720 D. OP engaging tgt of 130 MET with guns area 878293 moving WEST. E. OP reporting on this coln observed fd bty probably 25 pdrs coming into action.
    1 SA DIV O.O. No. 37 att’d as Appx. “A”. Appx “A”
    12 enemy MT which appeared the wire along the main rd were engaged and withdrew.
    0850 Lt. FRA SMITH RA reported from his mobile OP outside the wire to the SW that 100 enemy MET were dispersed around 8930 2880. AN attack by enemy infantry at first light had been broken up by D. Tp 234 Bty.
    1000 An Armd Car of 3 SA Bde ranged D. Tp onto an enemy coln of MT, MGs, one 88 mm gun and nine 75 mm’s. From co-ordinates deduced 27/28 Bty and two Tps of Fd arty bombarded this tgt.
    1100 Capt. GE DOE MC RA reported on return from OP that enemy formations were scattered over area Pt.23 and Pt.25 South of Rly (879299) and further South on high ground Pt.34, Pt.32 and Pt. 37 (865292, 866296, 863294). During the morning there had been spasmodic shelling. Some enemy vehicles had approached down the main Rd, but enemy was very dispersed. RAF bombing and straffing raids in area of Pt’s 32 and 34 had been effective and started fires.
    During the middle of the day there were many reports of enemy colns moving East, particularly about the 287 Northing Grid. Visibility was too bad for the OPs to conduct shoots, and for the same reason a tgt of 28 Mk. III Tks moving South area 87962867 had to be abandoned.
    1640 1 SA Fd Regt reported that 1,500 yds South of the box 30 enemy MT had crossed Station Rd. At the same time D Tp were engaging a large concentration of MT South of the box.
    1700 D Tp 234 Bty engaging MT area 87902967 while D Tp OP reported many vehicles stationary 882284.
    1900 D OP reported 30 MET with A/Tk guns stationary 881285. 70 MET moving EAST 876287.
    1920 D Tp 234 Bty fired by an OP of 1 SA Fd Regt silenced a Tp of 25 pdrs.
    2000 Capt GC GILLESPIE RA engaging colns moving South 87452907 observed two 4.5” guns in the coln.

    2 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    First reports from OPs indicated that enemy infantry were still across Springbok Rd South of the Box. All enemy MT in sight was very well dispersed.
    0820 D Tp engaged four enemy 25 pdrs which halted area 880287.
    During the morning there were many reports of enemy Fd guns active. These were engaged when possible and bombards were carried out under orders of the CBO.
    At mid-day two enemy colns of about 50 MT with guns were reported moving East 879287 and 879288.
    Following shelling of our FDLs an enemy attack was expected about 1630 hrs. At the same time 30 Corps is ordered to hold its present line in view of an attack to be made in the South by 13 Corps, 1 Armd Div being directed on MREIR, and Westwards to 8428. 50 Div is now in support of 1 SA Div.
    The CBO reports that enemy heavy btys have been located in general area 870298 with a number of 105 mm, 170 mm and 210 mm guns. The btys have provided the tgt for the many flights of Boston bombers which have passed overhead today.
    1930 3 SA Bde reported that an attack had duly developed on 1 SA Bde’s area from the West and South. 120 enemy MT and 17 Tks were reported at 882282 and 40 enemy Tks at 881269 were to be engaged by 7 Mot Bde. Both 50 Div and 7 Mot Bde colns were reported strong in arty.
    No further news was forthcoming tonight.

    3 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    3 SA Bde reported they had little news of the position to the South, but 1 SA Bde had not given ground when attacked yesterday.
    Soon after first light 27/28 Bty engaged enemy MT in area 877300 and RAF bombing raids were also reported.
    234 Bty OP reported a coln of 300 MT in area 876280 882279 and 30 AFVs with 25 Pdrs area 881285 all moving NE. 21 stationary Tks at 883276.
    1000 3 SA Bde reported that during yesterdays fighting 1 SA Bde had both Brigadier and Bde. Maj. wounded. The Bde had now moved behind 2 SA Bde. The Tk battle had been indecisive but enemy losses were greater than ours.
    1100 Capt. JC WILLIS MC RA at E Tp OP reported enemy forming up at 88192919.
    1200 D Tp engaged MT and 8 guns at 878288 causing fires.
    Reports from various sources during the afternoon confirmed that 2 NZ Div had a very successful engagement with ARIETE Div yesterday capturing 380 men, 100 MT and 28 guns. The ground lost by 1 SA Bde had been retaken. Our general battle line is the 885 Easting Grid Line. There are also reports of tk battles in the South still in progress, and 19 enemy Tks were claimed knocked out.
    1 and 2 SA Bdes success today is attributed to intercepted warning of enemy attack. They were able to engage the enemy in his assembly area and forestall this.
    2015 Following a Stuka raid South of us at least 5 of these planes were seen to crash.
    The RAF have again been very active and many light bomber raids have been observed.
    Increased enemy arty activity today was countered by many bombards under orders of the CBO.
    Capt. GE DOE MC RA promoted Major w.e.f. 12/6/42.
    One OR evacuated sick.

    4 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    RAF bombed enemy FDLs and a few bombs fell in our minefield. E OP reports fewer vehicles to be seen this morning.
    AFW 3008 & 3009a att’d as Appx ‘B’ and ‘C’. Appx B & C
    1 SA Fd Regt report that guns captured by 2 NZ Div now amount to 12 x 105 mm, 11 x 88 mm, 16 x 75 mm, 5 x 26 pdrs.
    30 Corps report that in his unsuccessful attack yesterday the enemy lost one third of his Tk runners. Another attack may be expected but 30 Corps intend to advance to 875281, then North, while 13 Corps hold left flank.
    1000 3 SA Bde report that 9 out of 9 Stukas were destroyed during last night’s raid. E OP reports slight movement of vehicles West. D OP reports last RAF bombing was in our own lines just behind the OP, one vehicle being set on fire.
    1025 E OP reports another RAF bombing raid in enemy lines. One fire was started.
    RAF bombing continued throughout the morning at frequent intervals.
    There was little activity on the coastal sector during the afternoon.
    Reports from 3 SA Bde indicated however that in the South there was much activity including successful engagements with enemy armour. 22 Armd Bde claimed 500 P of W, and there were reports of a general enemy movement West in the area 880280.
    Colns from 2 NZ Div and 5 Ind Div had reached 866272 and 884268 and were pushing North.
    At 1800 hrs one captured 4.5” gun shelled the rear areas of the box.
    Orders were received from 30 Corps that D Tp, 234 Bty was to be put on mobile footing from the available resources within the Regiment, this Tp is now directly under the comd of the CCRA. Appx D
    Instructions in the event of an enemy withdrawal were received. Appx E

    5 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A quiet morning. One ME 110 was shot down by a Hurricane at 0950 hrs.
    1200 27/28 Bty started large fires area 874295. 234 Bty OP was visited by General AUCHINLECK.
    1235 27/28 Bty engaged coln of MT and destroyed one vehicle. RAF Boston bombers spotted our fire and joined in causing a big fire.
    The NZ Div and Ind Div Colns are still pushing North, and the enemy is apparently forming a line about the 881 Easting Grid. The RAF have been active again today, and with news of reinforcements on the way the situation is a lot more encouraging.
    Enemy arty activity was very slight until the evening, when we carried out several bombards on active H.Bs.
    One O.R. evacuated sick.

    6 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Enemy guns active today appeared to be occupying new positions. We participated in several bombards on these. Otherwise less activity today. An enemy attack about 1630 hrs was not pressed home and his colns withdrew under cover of arty fire. Particular watch is being kept for signs of a withdrawal by 90 Lt Div.

    7 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Another quiet day. Enemy arty activity was slight but 27/28 Bty engaged four 105 mm guns and caused a large explosion area 877298.
    Several RAF bombing raids were reported.
    The NZ and Ind colns have made further progress although forces have been sent to intercept them.
    The enemy’s general attitude is defensive with no sign of withdrawal. He is likely to remain on the defensive until his Tk strength improves.

    8 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A quiet day.
    Enemy arty activity again very slight. Appears to be lying low in new positions.
    During the afternoon the Regt participated in five bombards against H.Bs located to the S.S.W. of the box. In four bombards all arty in 8th Army which was in range fired on the selected H.Bs. Reports on this fire were satisfactory.
    At 1400 hrs 27/28 Bty gun area was attacked by enemy fighter bombers. No damage or casualties were sustained, but one Sgt. was killed during subsequent machine gunning.
    24 Aust Bde carried out a very successful raid last night area 884276.
    One O.R. evacuated sick.

    9 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A quiet day.
    Preparations made to support the attack tomorrow morning.
    1 SA Div O.O. No.39 and R.A.A. 9 Aust Div O.O. No. 1 were received. Appx ‘F’ & ‘G’
    1 O.R. evacuated sick.

    10 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    At 0500 hrs our fire programme commenced in support of the attack on TEL-EL-EISA by 9 Aust Div. Our role being the neutralization of H.Bs.
    0530 E OP reported hostile reaction to our fire NIL.
    0623 E OP reported own MET moving West 879299.
    0745 27/28 Bty OP observed success signals for attacks on Pt 26 and Pt 23.
    About 400 POW were taken, and 1 SA Div were believed on their objective.
    Reports of success and increasing numbers of prisoners continued to come in, and fighting was reported in the area of TEL-EL-EISA Station and rly cutting.
    Between 0900 and 1000 hrs the enemy made several fighter bomber attacks with ME 109s both in the ground newly won and inside the box.
    There was also some heavy shelling of the rear of the box by enemy mediums, and a number of casualties were treated in our RAP. RHQ area was subject to some periods of intense shelling.
    The raiding force of AFVs was seen to leave about 1100 hrs but met with opposition from 88 mm guns before it got very far.
    1300 E OP reported a Tk battle was in progress SE of TEL-EL-EISA, about 30 Tks being involved in all.
    Following upon orders from the CCRA 27/28 Bty recced and prepared a fwd posn in the area 883296 for their three remaining 155 mm hows.
    About 1530 hrs D Tp 234 Bty engaged 11 Tks in area 876297 which were moving NE. Fd Arty also engaged this tgt and in all 4 Tks were knocked out before the remainder withdrew.
    Further tgts of MET and small gps of tks South of the rly were engaged during the evening.
    At 2000 hrs 27/28 Bty had occupied new posn at 88382961, but had only two 155 mm hows in action.
    The total POWs taken today were 1150 together with 8 guns captured and 13 tks knocked out.
    Two O.Rs wounded and evacuated. Two O.Rs evacuated sick.

    11 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    CCRA gave us the following report: Lorried infantry last night attacked the Australians after dark. They were repulsed at Pt 26 and successfully counter-attacked at Pt 26 after some initial success. This morning a further attack by the Australians on the Pt. 24 feature and the rly cutting was partly successful. Another 300 POW were taken and the Australians now claim 18 Tks knocked out yesterday. The enemy’s first Stuka raid this morning was well inside the Italian’s lines.
    AFW 3008 & 3009a attached. Appx “H” & “I”
    During the morning there was much movement in front of our minefield. A friendly coln including tks and guns advanced South as far as 878294 taking 400 prisoners, but was then subjected to intense shelling. Enemy tks were reported at 874298 moving SE at 1043 hrs.
    Enemy air activity was also on an increased scale and 27/28 Bty forward Sec had a lucky escape from near misses when dive-bombed by CR 42s at 1200 hrs.
    During the afternoon Capt. WILLIS was attached as FOO to a coln from 1 SA Div which started an attack from 1500 yds SOUTH of ALAMEIN Sta directed on 877293 and Trig 33 (876288). Another coln pushed South down the QATTARA Track from the rly. When subjected to intense shellfire these colns were forced to withdraw into the box.
    We have at present only two 155 mm hows and two 4.5” guns (D Tp 234 Bty) in action. Some new 4.5” guns are arriving today for 27/28 Bty.
    Lt. FRA SMITH RA promoted Capt. w.e.f. 1/7/42.

    12 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    During the morning some gps of MT and infantry were engaged.
    1230 12 enemy tks were engaged area 87403009, and subsequently bombed successfully by the RAF.
    9 Aust Div has been consolidating its posns on the coast and a number of new minefields have been laid.
    During the afternoon there was greatly increased enemy shelling of the forward coastal areas, and by late evening a strong counter-attack had developed on TEL-EL-EISA ridge. This enemy attack was repulsed and we supported a subsequent local counter-attack. The enemy finally withdrew about 2130 hrs and his casualties are estimated at 600.
    Three O.Rs posted to the Regiment. One O.R. evacuated sick.

    13 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    About 1000 hrs this morning the enemy renewed his attacks on TEL-EL-EISA ridge from both the West and the South. A few enemy tks supported his infantry on these occasions. At 1200 hrs a third attack developed from the West following bombing by 20 JU 88s.
    1300 Following a Stuka raid on the EL ALAMEIN perimeter at 885292 heavy enemy bombardments were directed at the Fd Arty posns in this area. To counter this we took part in many C.B. bombardments ourselves. Soon after this the enemy attacked the perimeter head by Engineers who were covered by a smoke screen. These were followed up by to 20 tks but met with little success and were heavily shelled.
    Further attacks during the afternoon were also repulsed and OPs reported that at 1730 hrs the attacking force was driven off by a coln including tks which counter-attacked from the East.
    At 2015 hrs we were called upon to fire SOS tasks following on a final attack. Last light found only a few enemy tks shelling our FDLs from a respectable distance.
    During the night OPs reported that Fd Arty put down DF fire.

    14 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    The morning was marked by increased RAF bomber activity, but little ground activity. At 1300 hrs an enemy attack on the Western posns of 9 Aust Div was not pressed home.
    During the afternoon however there was considerable enemy shelling of TEL-EL-EISA Sta area.
    At 1900 hrs enemy MT was reported advancing from the South, and at 1930 hrs Stukas attacked our forward troops. A strong enemy attack then developed from the South supported by tks: these advanced towards TEL-EL-EISA and were engaged by us.
    At 2020 hrs E OP reported that tks had succeeded in crossing the rly East of the cutting. These tks were subjected to concentrated shelling, and Capt. WILLIS reported that his rds were falling right amongst them (area 87802977). He saw two enemy tks blow up and another one hit at 2040 hrs.
    Several bombards were then fired at the request of the C.B.O.
    Final reports indicated that the enemy tks attacking TEL-EL-EISA Sta area had been driven off. Apart from the three tks reported by Capt. WILLIS, of which he claimed one definitely destroyed by our fire, four more were knocked out between the rd and the rly. 11 tks were still operating near the rd and two coys of Australians appeared to be cut off on Pt 24. We subsequently heard that these succeeded in crossing the rly and taking up new posns.
    We are proud to have received congratulations from the C. in C. in connection with yesterday’s battle. Appx “J”

    15 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Early this morning a further enemy attack was made on TEL-EL-EISA supported by some tks, but this was also repulsed.
    0700 24 JU 88s carried out a bombing raid on our Fd arty near Pt 26.
    0820 OPs reported German tks near Pt 33, and apparently yet another attack was made here which cost the enemy heavy infantry losses.
    0926 27/28 Bty OP reported that these tks had withdrawn to the West. By 1008 hrs E OP reported that the remaining enemy armour which had crossed the rly was disengaging and going South. The situation was then quiet.
    1130 Major DOE reported that there were still enemy infantry in the rly cutting supported by one 88 mm gun. 3 enemy tks were further South near the telegraph poles.
    The afternoon was quieter with 27/28 Bty engaged primarily on C.B. tasks.
    At last light 3 colns left ALAMEIN box in a SW direction from Pt. 24 (881289) and Pt. 28 (880287).
    One of these inflicted considerable casualties on TRENTO Div and took prisoners. The other colns were turned back by heavy shell fire.
    Our forces further South put in an attack this morning which carried them to Pt 64 (876279) and Pt 64 (880279). Over 1,000 POW (Italian) were taken. There were many clashes between the armoured forces.

    16 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    From 0550 hrs to 0615 hrs the Regt fired concentrations and C.B. tasks to support an attempt to retake TEL-EL-EISA ridge West of the rly.
    The Australians reached their objective by 0730 hrs but at 0840 hrs called for support by observed fire as a counter-attack was coming in.
    During the morning there was considerable shelling of TEL-EL-EISA and a raid by 23 Stukas at 1115 hrs. About this time the Australians withdrew from Pt. 24 to posns North of the rly in view of the casualties they were sustaining from shelling.
    After a few hours the enemy was in turn driven off the Pt 24 ridge by our own heavy shelling.
    15 to 20 enemy tks were reported about 2 miles West of Pt. 33 during the morning, but these took no part in the engagement.
    RAF activity was on a very heavy scale and many light bomber raids were reported by our OPs.
    Our gun state is still very low and at one time today 27/28 Bty had only two in action (4.5s) and 234 Bty only one.
    Further South our line appears to have stabilized from Pt 64 (880279) to 877273 in spite of heavy attacks by enemy forces including tanks. South of this the enemy holds the general line GEBEL KALAKH – BAB EL QATTARA.

    17 July 1944 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Early this morning 24 Aust Inf Bde attacked SW down the QATTARA track. The first objective was taken in a silent attack and the Regt was engaged in support of the attack on the second objective SANYET EL MITEIRIYA (876289). This was in fact reached by 0730 hrs but at this time D Tp OP reported that our troops on the ridge were being very heavily shelled.
    There were many reports from O.Ps of POW being passed back, but it was difficult to get an accurate picture of the situation.
    0820 D OP reported 2 colns of about 30 vehicles in all advancing N.E.
    0945 9 Aust Div reported that they were withdrawing to the first objective in the face of an enemy counter-attack with tks.
    We were continuously engaged in support of these troops who regained some ground about mid-day. H.Bs and observed tgts were engaged and several concentrations fired at the request of 9 Aust Div during the afternoon.
    1715 27/28 Bty OP on Pt. 26 reported that the enemy had broken through at about Kilo 7 on the QATTARA track. Following on this our infantry withdrew as far North as the line of telegraph poles South of the rly. It appears that due to casualties among arty FOOs and very heavy enemy arty fire our troops did not get sufficient direct arty support. Their A/Tk guns were effectively neutralised by arty fire, and as a result the enemy attack with tks in the evening met with success and caused very heavy casualties.
    RAA 9 Aust Div OO No.2 attd. Appx “K”
    Major DOE had a successful shoot on 8 x 88 mm guns this evening, causing them to withdraw hurriedly.
    At 1820 hrs the Australians reported that the situation had improved and everyone was standing firm.
    26 Aust Bde is to attack the rly cutting tonight.
    One O.R. evacuated sick.

    18 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    RAA 9 Aust Div reported that one of their battalions is astride the QATTARA rd about 900 yds in front of the telegraph poles.
    AFW 3008 & 3009a attd. Appx “L” & “M”
    The morning generally was quiet until 1100 hrs when the OP on Pt 26 reported infantry debussing area 871296 apparently intending to head for Pt. 23 (87372963). These were engaged and dispersed, and withdrew in lorries about 1150 hrs.
    We now understand that during the night the Australians advanced their line as far down the QATTARA track as 878294 but failed to retake TEL-EL-EISA Sta.
    It is reported that an attack was made on our posns at Pt 64 (880279) this morning but was driven off.
    One O.R. evacuated sick.

    19 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A less eventful day.
    During the afternoon a small party occupied Pt. 22 (87682950) but withdrew soon after when 200 enemy infantry advanced towards the ridge. The FOO with this party remained directing DF fire and was killed.
    The CCRA told us today that 426 Bty (SNH) is expected to arrive tomorrow. They area equipped with 5.5” guns and are coming under command.
    The number of enemy guns destroyed by R.E. during recent operations now amounts to 36 Fd and Medium and 65 A/Tk and H.M.Gs.
    The RAF report a very successful attack on DABA L.G. today, a total of 5 aircraft having been destroyed in the air and 44 on the ground.
    The total POW taken since 10 July is 4,917.

    20 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Another quiet day.
    South of the ALAMEIN posn our general line has been advanced to the 883 Eastings grid.
    Our general policy as ordered by CCRA is to avoid sniping tgts and only to engage tgts of tactical importance.
    The bty of 95 A/Tk Regt RA is leaving us today and is returning to the Delta to reform. We are taking over some of their vehicles in order to relieve the acute shortage of tpt from which we are at present suffering.
    426 Bty (SNH) RHA came under comd today. O.C. 426 Bty is Major A.L. JONES, R.A. They occupied 234 Bty’s forward area and the latter returned to their original area. Co-ords 426 Bty P.Gs:- A Tp. 883917 296165. B Tp. 884370 295710.

    21 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    There were no abnormal events reported on our front today. Arty activity was only slight.
    The CCRA has ordered that 27/28 Bty be put on a completely mobile footing and be self-contained for a week in the event of their being detached.
    Offensive operations are being conducted tomorrow by both 13 Corps and 30 Corps. We understand that the RAF will be able to provide ample air cover and that they have available 100 Wellington bombers and 100 light bombers.
    RAA 9 Aust Div O.O. No. 3 received. Appx “N”
    274 Lt. A.A. Bty have been attached for our protection.
    Two O.Rs evacuated sick.

    22 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    HQ RA 30 Corps reported that 13 Corps was proceeding satisfactorily. 5 Ind Div had reached Pt 63 and DEIR EL SHEIN.
    In the event of the enemy withdrawing 27/28 Bty are prepared to move with a force under Comd Brigadier RICHARDS of 1 Army Tk Bde after 1200 hrs today.
    0400 30 Corps reported 5 Ind Div held up at 877279 but would renew the attack at first light. 2 NZ Div had reached 874279, 875279.
    0845 E Tp OP reported that the Australian attack on Pt. 22 had encountered stiff opposition, though the left coy had reached the objective. The ring contour at 873302 had been taken but lost again. 27/28 Bty OP on Pt. 33 reported own troops 1000 yds West of this point.
    1030 27/28 Bty OP confirmed that the Australians had reached their first objective but at 1130 hrs this OP reported that they had been driven off Pt 22 by a hostile Tk attack.
    The Regt engaged many tgts of MT, infantry and guns during the morning but very little information was obtained as to the course of the battle.
    1200 426 Bty OP reported that as the 32 Aust Inf Bn had been held up in the centre the 28 Aust Inf Bn had been unable to get forward to their objective.
    1350 426 Bty OP reported that our own tks were moving forward.
    1400 30 Corps sitrep gave the following picture: 7 Armd Div had reached the TAQ plateau but were being attacked from the South. 22 Armd Bde were held up by a minefield. 23 Armd Bde had suffered a reverse and were engaging 20 Tks at 873277. An infantry battle had developed 877280 and 2 NZ Div had given a little ground in the face of counter-attacks. The Australians had taken the whole of TEL-EL-EISA feature by 0730 hrs and had made good progress towards 875296 and 875294. Enemy counter-attacks had met with some success and the posn was obscure.
    1430 9 Aust Div reported TEL-EL-EISA was in our hands but not Pt. 24 (873302). Shortly afterwards the posn was given as follows: 1 Coy in the rly cutting, the remnants of 1 Coy on Eastern Pt 24, one Coy on Western Pt 24. Out Tks had gone forward either to extricate these troops or to help them consolidate. We had also regained a footing on Pt 22 ridge.
    During the afternoon orders were received from HQ RAA for support of further operations to take place not before 1730 hrs, when 2/28 Aust Inf Bn was to attack down QATTARA rd to occupy ridge from the ruin 875289 and 1500 yds N.W. The 4.5” guns were allotted to C.B. tasks while the 5.5s took part in the supporting concentrations, being available for C.B. tasks thereafter. Capt. WILLIS was to follow the attacking infantry as FOO.
    1900 Capt. WILLIS reported that he had made contact with the detachment of 1 Army Tk Bde supporting the attack.
    1940 Capt. WILLIS engaging enemy guns area 876296 reported a decrease in enemy shelling. He reported that a greater proportion of airburst were being used, but he had already had two shoots on guns.
    2000 Capt. WILLIS was nearing the foot of MITEIRIYA ridge and re-engaging his last tgt. He had seen 30 POW.
    2010 As the 5.5” were firing at their extreme range the 4.5” guns were placed at Capt. WILLIS’s disposal.
    2023 27/28 Bty OP reported that the attack had made progress and the infantry had passed over the ridge. Groups of men were not seen returning but they might be POW.
    2045 27/28 Bty reported that contact with Capt. WILLIS had been lost suddenly in the middle of a shoot. He was expected to return if his wireless had failed but did not do so.

    23 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Reports this morning indicate that after reaching their objective at 2055 hrs in the face of fierce opposition 2/28 Bn were forced to withdraw to a line NW from 877292.
    We have still no news of Capt. WILLIS but Major DOE is out trying to locate him.
    OPs reported the situation very quiet during the morning.
    1230 Major DOE reported that he had found out that Capt. WILLIS and his driver had been evacuated wounded, but there was no sign of the wireless operator who was posted missing. It was no longer possible to get forward to the area in which he had last reported himself.
    Visibility was very poor during the afternoon.
    RAA 9 Aust Div report that we have withdrawn from the Western Pt 24 but still hold Eastern Pt 24. It is also believed that in the central sector the enemy has retaken Pt 63 (874279).
    During the late afternoon there was increased enemy arty activity in the North and we replied with bombards and observed shoots. Several smoke screens were reported to have been put down by our Fd Arty areas 872297, and 87452950.

    24 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    After a quiet night OPs had nothing to report this morning.
    0945 426 Bty conducted two shoots on enemy strong points and infantry on the coast.
    RAA 9 Aust Div O.O. No. 5 of 23 Jul received this morning for a possible further attack on MITEIRIYA ridge. Appx “O”
    Brigadier RICHARDS has expressed his appreciation of Capt. WILLIS’s work as FOO during the attack on the evening of 22 Jul.
    Nothing other than normal arty activity was reported during the afternoon.
    Lt. F.M. GILBERT RA of 25/26 Bty posted to 27/28 Bty.

    25 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A quiet day except for normal arty activity.
    During the afternoon OPs reported increased movement down the tracks heading South from SIDI ABD EL RAHMMAN.
    AFW 3008 & 3009a attd. Appx “Q” & “R”
    Special Order of the Day received from General AUCHINLECK. Appx “P”
    Lt. F.M. GILBERT promoted Captain.

    26 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    Another very quiet day.
    426 Bty recced a Bty posn in area 883289 and prepared for night occupation.
    30 Corps Arty O.O. No. 14 and RAA 9 Aust Div O.O. No. 6 received today. Appx “S” & “T”

    27 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    At midnight July 26/27 we commenced firing on the C.B. and concentration tasks allotted us in support of 9 Aust Div. 2/28 Bn is attacking MITEIRIYA Ridge whilst 69 Inf Bde is to form a bridgehead further South to enable 1 Armd Div to pass through the minefields and exploit West. Our Zero hour for the programme in support of 69 Bde was finally fixed at 0245 hrs.
    0200 27/28 Bty OP reported that enemy counter activity in his area consisted of one gun shelling TEL EL EISA Sta area.
    0320 HQRA 30 Corps reported that the first Australian attack had gained its objective, that 1 SA Div had succeeded in clearing a minefield gap and 69 Bde had passed through it.
    0620 Major DOE and Capt. FRA SMITH reported that they had reached area 881287 and were with 2 Armd Bde as arranged. At this time Zero hour for phase 4 of the operation was fixed for 0730 hrs but was shortly postponed to 0815 hrs.
    0730 Major DOE was engaging tgts in area 874288. At the same time 426 Bty OP reported that the Australians were consolidating on their objective but that 69 Bde were short of some of their A/Tk guns. He reported a concentration of friendly Tks at 881287.
    0845 426 OP reported that our troops on MITEIRIYA ridge appeared to be withdrawing in face of a Tk attack.
    0900 These hostile tks now reported to be withdrawing leaving 6 tks out of action.
    1000 30 Corps were most anxious for information concerning the area MITEIRIYA RUINS. 426 OP had difficulty in identifying the troops there but thought we held the ruins.
    Meanwhile, Major DOE (who had been given a Stuart tk for his operation) had been engaging many tgts including enemy infantry and gun posns on top of MITEIRIYA ridge in close support of our armour.
    1005 9 Aust Div complained that our concentration was too close to their forward troops and should be moved 300 yds further away from the left flank.
    1020 426 OP then at 8772 2922 reported enemy tks on the ridge on bearing of 213 degrees from him. Friendly tks were going into action West of the OP.
    Contact was now lost with 426 OP and Major JONES went out to contact him.
    1100 Major DOE reported that he had been having some good shooting and had been to area 874288 supported by our tks. There was heavy shelling in this area and there had been one Stuka raid.
    1110 30 Corps reported that 1 Armd Div was being held up by enemy guns and wanted Major DOE to neutralise, in particular, an 88 mm at 8767 2888, two 50 mm at 8755 2865, and heavy Bredas 8768 2879 and 8760 2851.
    1120 Informed of these tgts Major DOE reported that he had already engaged the Bredas, but had been ordered not to engage the remainder as they formed a small tgt and our tks were engaging them. He had been allotted the protection of the West flank and was occupied on this task.
    A Tp 426 Bty were at this time engaging an enemy bty at 87212918.
    234 Bty had already engaged many tgts of enemy MT in the North, and were now engaging enemy btys including some 88 mm guns at 8700 3053. They had been heavily shelled by enemy 155 mm’s and one round had landed between the trails of No.1 gun but fortunately had failed to explode. They were now engaging a bty which was shelling Pt. 22.
    1145 27/28 Bty OP reported friendly tks moving South at 878293. Major DOE had stopped shooting with the guns laid on the last tgt. He reported a temporary lull in the battle.
    Having arrived forward Major NOES reported that since daybreak it had been impossible to reach MITEIRIYA ridge which was only partly in our hands.
    Reporting his posn as 880295 Major DOE conducted another shoot which he described as very successful.
    In view of the threat of a German counter-attack the Regt was ordered to be prepared to engage a defensive fire task in area 87332860 to 87532849. We were ready to do this by 1305 hrs. This was then amended to 87402880 to 87302860.
    About this time several enemy bombing attacks were reported by OPs.
    The lull in the fighting continued until 1500 hrs when 426 OP reported a tk battle in progress on a bg of 150 degrees from his posn at 874294.
    1630 Major DOE in a general report on his activities reported that he had started the day by engaging active btys in the area 874287, 875287, 874286 and 875286. This took some time. He was then ordered to concentrate on tgts in the area Eastings 870 to 873 Northings 289 to 295. This he had done with success. His posn was then 876285, and the situation was now very quiet.
    Capt. FRA SMITH reported heavy shelling of Pt 21, area 873290 and area 877288.
    1705 Major DOE reported that he had been engaging MT in area 874286 moving South.
    From information from HQ RA 30 Corps it appears that enemy counter-attacks with tks on the Australians on MITEIRIYA ridge about 1000 hrs had met with some success in spite of losses inflicted on the enemy. Our tks had counter-attacked but from midday onwards the enemy had held Pt. 31.
    South of this an enemy strong point at 877287 had continued to hold out vigorously and the posn near the minefield gaps was obscure. Our tks had moved through the minefield gaps at 1200 hrs but did not make much progress, meeting particularly strong opposition from area 875286.
    1800 The Regt was allotted D.F. tasks by 30 Corps to support the withdrawal of our forces from the area of the minefield gaps. The area was 8745 2879 to 8746 2860. This fire was called for at 2000 hrs and succeeded in halting the enemy armour following up our withdrawal East of the minefield. After last light our forces completed their withdrawal to original posns.
    30 Corps report that owing to losses in A/Tk guns the forward Bns of 69 Bde had been unable to consolidate their bridgehead and were over-run by the counter-attack this morning.

    28 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    The Regt fired concentrations on hostile btys in general area 8700 2900. The object of the programme was both destruction and the simulation of an attack on MITEIRIYA ridge.
    27/28 Bty this morning sustained the following casualties:-
    Three O.Rs Killed in Action. Three O.Rs Wounded in Action.
    The front was quiet today and no unusual tgts were engaged.
    Major J.V. GEDGE, R.A. joined us as 2nd in Comd.
    Two O.Rs joined.
    Two O.Rs evacuated sick. One O.R. evacuated wounded. These casualties occurred yesterday.

    29 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A quiet day. Nothing unusual reported from OPs. A few small tgts engaged.
    Orders were received today for 234 Bty to move to AMIRIYA to receive further order from 8th Army.

    30 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A few small tgts only were engaged today.
    2/Lt. WEK HUMPHRYS RA and 2/Lt. LJ JACOBSEN RA posted to Regt and posted to 27/28 Bty.

    31 July 1942 EL ALAMEIN 88882939
    A few small tgts only were engaged today.
    One O.R. evacuated wounded. Two O.Rs evacuated sick.
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    Not got much time at the moment, but I found these references to bombing attacks in the war diary of the 64th Medium Regiment for July 1942:

    WO 169/4651 – 64th Medium Regiment, R.A.

    July 1942

    Gun positions dive-bombed during morning. Two 155’s knocked out, 2 O.Rs. killed and 6 wounded.
    Regiment moved 5 miles east at dusk in accordance with orders received from 30 Corps.

    15 July 1942
    Regimental Area attacked by Ju 87 Dive Bombers.
    1930 Regimental Area attack by Ju 88s with high level bombing. Two Officers and eleven O.Rs. evacuated beyond R.A.P. Three vehicles destroyed and eight rendered “Dis”.

    22 July 1942
    212 Bty position attacked by Dive Bombers. Two guns put out of action and one A.E.C. and one 3-ton lorry destroyed, but no casualties to personnel.

    I hope that helps.


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