War Establishment of Veterinary units

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  1. Hi all,
    I got some WE of veterinary units that are missing in Trux WE threads

    Over the time I will post more. If anyone having any other WE of veterinary units, please share.
  2. Aixman

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    Shams, the WEs are not necessarily "missing in Trux' WE threads".
    His concern is 21 Army Group.

    Indeed, I find four units of this type on 15.05.1945 under 21 Army Group Operational Order of Battle:
    5 (temporarily under command Home Forces)
    6 (Second Army)
    9 (temporarily under command Home Forces)
    10 (temporarily under command Home Forces)

    and No. 5 Veterinary Hospital (HQ and 1 Section only, Line of Communications).

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  3. Thanks Aixman. You are right. My mistake. I am sorry for that. Please don't mind
    By the way, do have the complete order of the battle of 21 army group please?
    Specially GHQ, Army, Corps and LoC troops please.
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  4. Some Veterinary units
    WO_24_946_0019.JPG WO_24_946_0020.JPG WO_24_946_0021.JPG WO_24_946_0022.JPG WO_24_946_0023.JPG WO_24_946_0024.JPG WO_24_946_0025.JPG WO_24_946_0026.JPG WO_24_946_0027.JPG WO_24_946_0028.JPG

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