WW2 Army dog tag format possibilities

Discussion in 'US Units' started by 40mHam, Sep 23, 2017.

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    I have noticed some WW2 identification ('dog') tags printed for American Army enlistees/draftees who entered PRIOR to July 1943, with the newer WW2 tag format that leaves off next of kin (NOK) and their home address. Is this because:

    A: The newer July '43 format (no Next of Kin data) was used for some enlistees/draftees, some time in advance (half a year or so?) of when the change was officially made (July '43)?

    B: Beginning July '43, some? Army enlistees/draftees who began service PRIOR to July '43 were REQUIRED to get replacement dog tags, in the new format (w/o NOK data) upon that time of July '43 (even if they weren't yet deployed overseas)?

    C: Army enlistees/draftees entering PRIOR to July '43 simply had the OPTION of receiving a new replacement dog tag set ON/AFTER July, following the new, 'no Next of Kin' format?

    D: Army enlistees/draftees who entered PRIOR to July '43, who perhaps misplaced/lost their tags while in training/combat service during/after July '43, could/would have their tags replaced using the new July '43 format (no NOK)?

    E: Those who entered prior to July '43 were first issued the old tag format (NOK included), but issued a new set (w/o NOK) upon their departure overseas?

    Which of these were possibile? If/when Army soldiers lost their tags while deployed for service overseas, how easy/difficult was it for them to get replacement dog tags?
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    Hi 40mHam


    Is the core of your question concerned with purely US dog tags??

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    Yes, U.S. Army dog tags, WW2.
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    Then you may be better off asking the question on our sister site which is more biased to the USA side of WW2 - WWII Forums

    We do have cross over of membership, but this site is generally more British/Commonwealth/European biased

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    Thank you.

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