23rd Hussars - The Black Bull:11th Armoured Division

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    Thanks for all the help, all contacts are welcome, and who can identify this man or the unit?

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    Hi , I am a new user. My dad was Arnold Ralph Bradley (known as Jim) of the 23rd Hussars. He was in the first tank in to liberate Belsen and had the MM. Did anyone know of him? Sue
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    Hi Sue

    Drop me a PM if you want any copies of his units war diaries. I already have the one covering 1944 and you can have that for free if you order another - Perhaps the 1945 one?

    Here's a copy of your father MM Citation:


    7911751 Acting Paid Lance Corporal Arnold Bradley MM, 23 Hussars
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    Hello everyone,

    Just joined this forum as it came up in a search on my grandfather, Major TE Harte. Attached is a picture of him with his crew outside Antwerp on 4 September 1944.

    I will scan and upload his rather short memoirs of this time, as they have some details additional to the regimental history in The Story of the 23rd Hussars.

  5. Rory Harte

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    I have a copy of Major (then Capt.) T.E. Harte's recommendation for the Croix de Guerre - that one was for action on 1st August at Le Bas Perier and on the 20th of August at Argentan. No mention of Bernard Dowling I'm afraid.
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    Hi my father Charlie O Reilly was in 23rd hussars from the formation and I know its a long shot but was wondering is there anyone of the remaining 23rd hussars who might remember him. Unfortunately he passed away in 1989 and with him the experiences he had that I never asked about. I have the war diary and recently got his citation for his m.c. Most of the stories he told me were of funny incidents like a crew member tossing a large camembert my dad had got from the tank because it was smelling.
    He returned to Ireland after the war and Its only recently ( In Ireland) that men like him from the south Ireland are receiving recognition for the part they played. I know the he loved going to the re-unions and meeting old comrades and I hope that there maybe someone out there who remembers him. Miles
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    Dad 23rd hussars less defined.jpg Hi I just found this so I thought I'd just add this post. My Father was Pte John Frederick Jones in case anyone remembers his name cropping up. I have the book The History of the 23rd Hussars which my father had to pay 3/6d (which means nothing to me as I'm too young!) as there was so much interest in ordering it. I have the reciept which says they were sending free copies to next of kin of soldiers who died. Excess monies were going to be given to the Widow's and Orphan's fund. Anyway here is a photo, hopefully, of my Dad who can be seen leaning on top of his personal photo. The photo is a briefing by Colonel Whitehill for Headquartes Squadron at Coulombs before the Odon Battle.
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    Hi Sue, I'd love to know if Arnold was the brother of Charles (married to Ada?)
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    According to her profile, Sue last visited the Forum in 2014. Might be an idea to start a 'Conversation' with her and hope that she receives the notification email.
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    Arnold was an only child, son of Ralph Bradley and Lucy May (nee Bass). Born 1919 in Liverpool.

    Arnold 'Jim' Bradley, right, standing next to my Dad.
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