24th Lancers - Roll of Honour

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    Hello ObserverPete,
    B squadron 4th troop was my grandads troop
    It's interesting as This is another mention of the nickname Chunky for my grandad (Sgt Norton) which I have only heard about over the last couple years.
    As far as his family knew his nickname was Darkie. I have a photo of him where he has signed it Darkie and one from my nana who refers to Sjt Norton as Darkie.
    But obviously at some point it was changed to chunky. I wonder if it was because he had lost his dark tanned look he got whilst serving in India with the 17/21L.

    I wonder if the photo was taken near or after October 43 because that was when my dad was born which might be one explanation for Sgt norton absents.

    I was at one point in contact with cpl Mintoft's grandson but have not been able to contact him for quite a while now which is a shame because he may not have seen this photo.

    Thanks for sharing the photo
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    I understand that Len recently passed away. RIP Len Beddow.
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