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    Have you got these guys who flew from Malta?

    Hankins P - Sgt
    Story A W - Sgt
    Wouldes N F- Sgt RNZAF

    All killed in action on 18/01/42 :poppy:
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    Have you got these guys who flew from Malta?

    Hankins P - Sgt
    Story A W - Sgt
    Wouldes N F- Sgt RNZAF

    All killed in action on 18/01/42 :poppy:

    Thanks for the reply. I had Hankins and Story, they were on the RAF list I got from the CWGC but not Wouldes as it looks like he's a Kiwi. Thanks for the extra info. I will try and find some flight details as well.

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    F/O Francis D Bird – Ire.(pilot) Blen KIA 22/5/40 RAF 33300
    F/Sgt CJW Brinn – (obs.bird.crew) ShotD.spitf RAF 563306
    A2/Class GD Coles – (W.Op-AG:Bird crew) RAF 618330

    I found mention of Brinn. from this site:

    Charles John Westley Brinn, Sergeant (Observer), 563306, Royal Air Force. Charles served in 59 Squadron, which was attached to Fighter Command. The Squadron had moved to France during October, 1939, equipped with Blenheim’s, and undertook reconnaissance missions in conjunction with the rapidly retreating BEF during those desperate few months in 1940, when they were being pushed back by the Germans towards Dunkirk. Charles died when his plane was shot down over France on the 22nd May, 1940, and is buried at Fricourt Communal Cemetery.

    I also previously found mention that this aircraft was shot down by an RAF Spitfire. Taken from this site:

    22/05/1940: ?, F

    Type: Bristol Blenheim Mk. IV
    Serial number: L9266, TR-?
    Operation: ?
    Lost: 22/05/1940
    Flying Officer (Pilot) Francis D. Bird, RAF 33300 (Ireland), 59 Sqdn., age 23, 22/05/1940, Fricourt Communal Cemetery, F
    Sergeant (Obs.) Charles J.W. Brinn, RAF 563306, 59 Sqdn., age unknown, 22/05/1940, Fricourt Communal Cemetery, F
    Aircraftman 2nd Class (W. Op./Air Gnr.) Gordon D. Coles, RAF 618330, 59 Sqdn., age 20, 22/05/1940, Fricourt Communal Cemetery, F
    Shot down by RAF Spitfire and crashed near Fricourt, France.
    F/O Francis Bird was winner of the 440 yards and equal first in the Long Jump: Inter-Services Athletic Meeting, 1937.
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    Hi Lorenzo, thanks for posting the links. Found the following on S/L. Close.....

    ROBERTS, FG 80841 09/05/1941
    RICHARDS, GW 911097 09/05/1941
    CLOSE, GCN 37383 09/05/1941

    Blenheim IV T1874 TR-Y
    Base: Thorney Island.
    Take off time: 2200 hrs.
    Op: Boulogne.

    S/L. G C N. Close. GC +
    F/O. F G. Roberts +
    Sgt. G W. Richards +

    Took off in company to attack Boulogne harbour but failed to return. S/L. Close and his crew rest in Boulogne Eastern cemetery.


    S/L. Close had been awarded the Empire Gallantry Medal in 1937. he was duty pilot on the Miranshah aerodrome when an aircraft laden with bombs crashed and burst into flames. The then, P/O. Close, despite the explosion of a bomb and small arms ammunition, made persistent attempts to extinguish the flames and rescue the crew, until he was restrained by a superior officer.

    The EGM was superceded by the George Cross when the latter award was instituted in September 1940, and at that time living recipients of the EGM were permitted to exchange their award for a George Cross.

    C/C Losses - McNeill.
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    Thanks Peter. The research continues although I think I've nearly exhausted the online sources that I'm aware of but I will persist. Will keep you updated, thanks again.

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    Will keep you updated, thanks again.



    Yes, pleases do keep the forum updated, a most interesting project.
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    Have you got these guys who flew from Malta?

    Hankins P - Sgt
    Story A W - Sgt
    Wouldes N F- Sgt RNZAF

    All killed in action on 18/01/42 :poppy:

    There was a survivor of this crash. "[FONT=&quot]Sergeant COLVILLE, crew member of a Lockheed Hudson, 59 Squadron, on the 18th January 1942, when the aircraft crashed into high ground near Luqa. The three other crew members died but he survived" link

    [/FONT]Also I found information, I've miss placed the link, but it stated to the effect that Wouldes had only joined 59 three weeks prior to this flight, and it was unknown whether he was to stay with 59 or remain in the far east as the mission on this day was the delivery of the Aircraft to 62 squadron, who were stationed in the far east. They were flying the second leg of the journey from Malta when they crashed.
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    SUMMERS, HJ 141753 07/05/1943
    TSITSELIS, G 946761 07/05/1943
    SAINTHOUSE, B 1261203 07/05/1943
    POLKINGHORNE, PG 1315420 07/05/1943
    CAVE, WW 86706 07/05/1943

    Taken from the memoirs of F/Lt EE Allen DFC:

    mission dated 07.05.43

    "At briefing we were advised that double patrols were being laid on for escort of the Queen Mary who was westbound for American shores. The shorter range airplanes were escorting until our arrival and we were to escort her through the mid-Atlantic section. I believe they told us Churchill was aboard, but in any event it was a very high priority escort in the south Atlantic. Peter Wright's crew was to leave at 9 a.m. along with our crew and we were as usual to proceed independently. The other two 59 Squadron aircraft were to depart at 11 a.m...

    ...Thus, of the four aircraft that set out to escort the Queen Mary in the middle of the Atlantic (a completely unnecessary escort with the Queen doing twenty-four knots) we lost three aircraft and eight experienced crewmen. It wasn't a good start for the #59 Squadron VLR Liberators. Anyway, after briefing Bartlett, I joined the rest of the crew at rum and breakfast. As a crew we got together after lunch. Everyone looked and felt like death. The doctor looked us over and said, "You guys are all grounded until I say you can fly." Nobody complained."

    Three of the crew must have been non RAF personnel do you think?... also this was a second tour crew according to the memoirs. thanks


    More members of the crew:

    F/Sgt JHS Joanette R/79392 RCAF

    F/O PR Galbraith 402568 RNZAF
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    Thanks for the update Lorenzo.
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    HOVENIER, AP 41927 29/11/1940
    MAGEE, LE 581233 29/11/1940
    SCOTCHMERE, JB 552935 29/11/1940

    Blenheim IV N3614 TR-E
    Base: Thorney island.
    Op: Moon Patrol.

    Missing, failed to return. Sgt. Magee, from Eire and his crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.

    C/C Losses - McNeill.

    Hello Peter, no worries on the updates. Progress is slow as you could imagine, sometimes it takes hours trawling online to find something, as I don't have access to many books at the moment. But heres something else I found about this crew.

    Monday 22nd july 1940 – 6 Blenheims of 59 sqdn and one Hudson bombed invasion barges at Amsterdam. On return the undercarriage of Blenheim R3639 collapsed on landing at Thorney Island. The aircraft caught fire and burnt out but fortunately, the crew P/O Hovenier , Sgt Magee and Sgt Scotchmere escaped unhurt.

    Source - The Other Few - Larry Donnelly.
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    In the book "Blenheim Squadrons of WW2" (Jon Lake) He makes mention of a 59 Sqdn Blenheim being shot down on the 28-05-1940, no mention of the the plane details or crew names. However it goes on to state that the pilot survived and later managed to hitch his way back to Dunkirk. No mention of pilots name either.

    The Traces of WW2 site (link)

    it makes mention of two Sgt's being killed on the 29-05-1940, neither of them pilots... no pilot mentioned.


    Sergeant Thomas W. McDonagh, RAF 581348, 59 Sqdn., age unknown, 29/05/1940, missing
    Sergeant Joseph A.C. Finlayson, RAF 619739, 59 Sqdn., age 21, 29/05/1940, missing.

    Died during evacuation of Dunkirk?

    Perhaps this was the unfotunate crew of our mystery pilot who survived..
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    Lorenzo, the following is taken from 'The Bristol Blenheim A Complete History' - Warner.

    28 May 1940

    59 Squadron.
    Blenheim IV R3664.

    Failed to return from reconnaissance sortie, shot down by flak near Dunkirk, crew bailed out; P/O. J. Peters (Pilot) safe and returned. Sgt. T. McDonagh (Obs) and Sgt. J. Finlayson (WOp/Ag) Killed in action.

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    Thanks Peter, there's another name to add to the list, which is now about 417. Here's something else I found the other day.

    Date: 02/11/1940, TR-P, Blenheim IV T2137
    Base: Thorney Island
    Take off time: 0405 hrs.
    Op: Strike.

    Sgt Ivor Charles Greening was lost in action on his first mission, flying in a 59 Squadron Blenheim IV (T2137 TR-P) with Pilot Officer F Lewis and Sgt JS Peckham, they took off at 04.05 hours from Thorney Island. After an attack on the Cap Gris Nez guns they crashed at Halinghen.

    Thanks again, I'll add P/O Peter's to the list now.
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    Something else from the other day...

    DELLOW, J 42812 28/08/1940
    EDWARDS, KA 745956 28/08/1940
    BETTIS, LE 900253 28/08/1940

    BETTIS Leonard E.(900253) Sergeant 59 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Died 28th August 1940 Age 20 Commemorated EPPING CEMETERY

    Originally lived at Theydon Mount. His mother died when he was 4 years old. In 1935 he and his sister Mary went to live with his aunt and uncle, Mr & Mrs G Perry, in St John’s Road, Epping. He worked as a carpenter for Mr B Cable before joining the RAF in July 1939. He was killed on 28th August 1940 when his Bristol Blenheim bomber crashed in fog in England after a raid on occupied France. He had celebrated his 20th birthday the day before his death. The funeral was held at St John’s Church on Tuesday 3rd September. The service was conducted during an air-raid warning. LINK


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    Found mention of this airmen on this Davidstow-Moor site from excerpts from their ORB - F/O KRN Emmett (2nd Pilot) as being a member of 59 squadron in July 1943, I cross referenced it with the Aus Nominal Roll and found this person...

    Service Record
    Service Royal Australian Air Force
    Service Number 411761
    Date of Birth 6 Oct 1919
    Place of Birth CARLTON, NSW
    Date of Enlistment 25 May 1941
    Locality on Enlistment Unknown
    Place of Enlistment SYDNEY, NSW
    Next of Kin EMMETT, ESTHER
    Date of Death 21 May 1945
    Rank Flight Lieutenant
    Posting on Death 200 Flight
    WW2 Honours and Gallantry None for display
    Prisoner of War No
    Roll of Honour Unknown


    B-24 Liberator A72-177 of 200 Flight RAAF
    Crashed in British North Borneo on 21 May 1945, on "Agas 2" sortie
    F/SGt. J.C.W. Anderson
    F/SGt. O.W.J. Davern
    F/Lt. J.O. Graham
    WO E.T. Shorter
    F/O R.L. Taylor
    F/O R.N. Walker
    WO P.H. Cormack
    F/Lt. K.R.N. Emmett (captain)
    WO R. Proudlock
    Sgt. L.J. Starr
    F/O E.F. Theyer

    Not sure how many KRN Emmetts there were in the war... but htis may be a good lead. Was 200 Flight "top secret" during the war? Looked like they were flying covert missions into Malaya with secret service operatives...

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    No. 200 Flight was a Royal Australian Air Force special duties flight of World War II.
    No. 200 Flight was formed at Leyburn, Queensland on 15 February 1945. Equipped with six heavily modified B-24 Liberator aircraft, the Flight was controlled by the Allied Intelligence Bureau and was tasked with the insertion and supply of intelligence gathering parties behind Japanese lines. Due to the secrecy of these tasks personnel from the flight were forbidden to speak about their duties at any time.
    No. 200 Flight began flying operational missions in March 1945, with the Flight supporting AIB operations in Borneo ahead of and during the Borneo campaign (1945). Three aircraft were lost during these operations, representing a very heavy casualty rate for a unit as small as No. 200 Flight. Following the end of the war the Flight appears to have flown all AIB personnel in Borneo back to Australia. No. 200 Flight was disbanded on 15 December 1945.
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    B-24 Liberator A72-177 of 200 Flight RAAF

    Don't have much on this Liberator apart from it was ex 44-41966 and was delivered 20-2-45 to 200 Flight and failed to return Marudu Bay.
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    Here's an update of the roll so far...

    • W/C RGS Morgan-Weldon-Smith
    • W/C JAC Stratton CBE (G/C)
    • W/C CMM Grece DFC DCM
    • W/C Robert H Niven DFC
    • W/C GCC Bartlett AFC
    • W/C JG Halliday
    • W/C Gilchrist
    • C/O Sir John Curtiss KBE
    • S/Ldr John B Fyfe DFC
    • S/Ldr EL Archer OBE,DSO,AFC
    • S/Ldr GT Palmer DFC
    • S/Ldr GCN Close GC
    • S/Ldr L Aitken
    • S/Ldr PD Dear
    • S/Ldr P Garrard DFC
    • S/Ldr JSJ Thomson
    • S/Ldr Dunkerley
    • S/Ldr BA Sissons
    • S/Ldr WW Cave DFC
    • S/Ldr Phil Evans
    • F/L AJ Balsom
    • F/L EW Beech
    • F/L DA Buchan DFC
    • F/L FS Davies
    • F/L AER Fry DFC
    • F/L WG Gibson
    • F/L HR Longmuir
    • F/L A Pickering (Air/Comdre)
    • F/L Knowles
    • F/L Joseph Collins
    • F/L Wes G Loney DFC
    • F/L PA Hawks
    • F/L RP Wade
    • F/L JL Heron
    • F/L EE Allen DFC
    • F/L T Thomas DFC
    • F/L FL Jenkin
    • F/L AM Rhodes
    • F/L LJ Slack
    • F/L CE Blair DFC
    • F/L John Spiller DFC
    • F/L Stanley Corbett Cowman
    • F/L Philip P Ratel DFC
    • F/L RW Ayres DFC
    • F/L HM Collie
    • F/L VE Camacho DFC
    • F/L Meiklereid
    • F/L FG Tiller
    • F/L KRN Emmett
    • F/L WS Massina
    • F/L GB Lynch
    • F/L RV MacDonald
    • F/L MN Black
    • F/L FJ Bradley
    • F/O Neville Barson
    • F/O AR Neilson DFC
    • F/O MP Johnson
    • F/O FD Bird
    • F/O J Cruickshank
    • F/O PE Dickinson
    • F/O JA Parsons
    • F/O Weatherland
    • F/O WC Zapfe
    • F/O IE Bolton
    • F/O NR Gamble
    • F/O Harry Hunt
    • F/O Ronald H Le Grow
    • F/O DJR Gee
    • F/O JEJ Gillard
    • F/O H Haswell
    • F/O AP Hovenier
    • F/O JG Moxham
    • F/O RA Phillips
    • F/O R Richards
    • F/O FG Roberts
    • F/O JC Robertson
    • F/O H Rowe
    • F/O MG Boggon
    • F/O JGR Sturrock
    • F/O DWB Taylor
    • F/O BJ Thomas
    • F/O RA McDonald
    • F/O Robert Seigler
    • F/O PR Galbraith
    • F/O FR Short
    • F/O DH Bain
    • F/O TD Wright
    • F/O ELG Cock
    • F/O SG Duplooy DFC
    • F/O DJ Richards
    • F/O IB Jenkins
    • F/O GM Harry
    • F/O MD Hutchings
    • F/O WAS Hall
    • F/O Villis
    • F/O BA "Rocky" Livingstone
    • F/O AR "Roddy" Wecker
    • P/O WJ Thomas
    • P/O Hitch
    • P/O Dick Luckwell
    • P/O LD Sandes DFC
    • P/O Alec McCurdy
    • P/O Roy J Neilson
    • P/O Peter Wright
    • P/O George Cojocar
    • P/O WF Lewis
    • P/O H.L.N Davis
    • P/O AK Jackson
    • P/O SG Collier
    • P/O RD Morton
    • P/O M Murdoch
    • P/O RE Shaw
    • P/O JA ST. Ours
    • P/O JJ Reilly
    • P/O P D Weight-Vowden
    • P/O John Lloyd
    • P/O AC Argent
    • P/O GO Arscott
    • P/O JCE Beelearts-Von-Blokland
    • P/O KC Cook
    • P/O LE Cook
    • P/O D Custerson
    • P/O DW Date
    • P/O DH Davis A.F.M
    • P/O JI Delahanty
    • P/O J Dellow
    • P/O DA Drew
    • P/O DM Dunn
    • P/O JJ Finlay
    • P/O WFW Foster
    • P/O HJP De La Bastita
    • P/O RA Gee
    • P/O M Charlton (S/Ldr) DFC
    • P/O RFW Johnson
    • P/O GW Gerring
    • P/O HA Clark
    • P/O J Rex
    • P/O H Badland
    • P/O GO Arscott
    • P/O CJE Chamberlain
    • P/O Roy A Durie
    • P/O Clive R Wylie
    • P/O V Moss
    • P/O G McLean
    • P/O Stanley W Ashton
    • P/O KR Regan
    • P/O RD Stevenson
    • P/O Alan J McLay
    • P/O HR Aldcroft
    • P/O LB Hinman
    • P/O EE Hives
    • P/O AD Hopkin
    • P/O KW Jerwood
    • P/O TD Kerr
    • P/O MW Lishman
    • P/O AW Martin
    • P/O P McMillan
    • P/O EP Moore
    • P/O KV Palmer
    • P/O B Reynolds
    • P/O CF Rogerson
    • P/O HJ Summers
    • P/O DV Thesiger
    • P/O MR Turnbull
    • P/O JN Whitmore
    • P/O GW Gerring
    • P/O K Coates
    • P/O H Humphries
    • P/O RA Williams
    • P/O HCJ Spraggs
    • P/O Swierzynski
    • P/O RN McCartney
    • P/O K Wordsworth
    • P/O RC Perring
    • P/O N Avenel-Van-Someron
    • P/O HD Roper DFM
    • P/O RL Roberts
    • P/O J Peters
    • P/O Peart
    • P/O RJ Couchman DFM
    • P/O AF Goodman
    • W/O Sidney Back DFM
    • W/O Cls2 WJ Arnold
    • W/O NR Langton
    • W/O GF Logan
    • W/O RRJ Revell
    • W/O WC Wallace
    • W/O Cls2 CL Copping
    • W/O Cls2 F Spino
    • W/O Cls2 RG Montgomery
    • W/O RG Frankis
    • W/O SJ Gillingham
    • W/O G Smith
    • W.O Cls1 VA McLellan
    • W/O Cls2 RS Sandelin
    • W/O HG Coombe
    • W/O WN Prentice
    • W/O W Whittaker
    • F/Sgt AR Playford
    • F/Sgt CEA Dunlop DFM
    • F/Sgt GH Barford
    • F/Sgt James W Harris
    • F/Sgt CJW Brinn
    • F/Sgt J Anderson
    • F/Sgt J Haines
    • F/Sgt CL Kershaw
    • F/Sgt J Steer
    • F/Sgt SA Coombs
    • F/Sgt DC Imeson
    • F/Sgt KW Heggaton
    • F/Sgt JF Leonard
    • F/Sgt GE Knight
    • F/Sgt KJN Apitz
    • F/Sgt NA Cooper
    • F/Sgt PJ Donaghy
    • F/Sgt KW Kermode
    • F/Sgt C Scouller
    • F/Sgt JA Bolle
    • F/Sgt R Collins
    • F/Sgt R Fitzpatrick
    • F/Sgt EWK Baker
    • F/Sgt E Freeman
    • F/sgt JH Jones
    • F/Sgt DJ Pitcher
    • F/Sgt PG Polkinghorne
    • F/Sgt W Powell
    • F/Sgt ML Sharpe
    • F/Sgt GT Wood
    • F/Sgt PER Baillargeon
    • F/Sgt JHS Joanette
    • F/Sgt DC MacDonald
    • F/Sgt W McLoughlin
    • F/Sgt W Hird
    • F/Sgt D McKenzie
    • F/Sgt FA Beauchamp
    • F/Sgt VT Riley
    • F/Sgt T Smith
    • F/Sgt Greenwood
    • F/Sgt T Drabble
    • F/Sgt CP Oakden
    • F/Sgt R McCartney
    • F/Sgt JL Lees
    • Sgt Grayson
    • Sgt Tubby Gamble
    • Sgt IC Greening
    • Sgt JS Peckham
    • Sgt AD Whitson
    • Sgt Abell
    • Sgt Andrews
    • Sgt RV Kingshott
    • Sgt JA Hunter
    • Sgt BR Flury
    • Sgt SH Webb DFM
    • Sgt Leigh John
    • Sgt DD Morton
    • Sgt F Clayton
    • Sgt JS Jeffrey
    • Sgt JW Liddle
    • Sgt TJ Rowles
    • Sgt J Erskine
    • Sgt C Haddock
    • Sgt PS Barnett
    • Sgt AM Cowgill
    • Sgt LJ Hopkins
    • Sgt AJ Mason
    • Sgt FJJ Evans
    • Sgt GE Seldon
    • Sgt CA Morgan
    • Sgt Robert Burns
    • Sgt Liddiard
    • Sgt George W Taplin
    • Sgt GL Schwind
    • Sgt TW McDonagh
    • Sgt JAC Finlayson
    • Sgt WJ Wilson
    • Sgt Ronald Wilson
    • Sgt WH Wilson
    • Sgt J Cook
    • Sgt SJ Trusson
    • Sgt TH Edwards
    • Sgt GH Coulton
    • Sgt BW Beaumont
    • Sgt Don McLean
    • Sgt Lloyd G Woods
    • Sgt Al Henry
    • Sgt George LaForme
    • Sgt George Fleiger
    • Sgt Bart Barton
    • Sgt KJ Lauder
    • Sgt DR Rutherford
    • Sgt WT Jones
    • Sgt N White
    • Sgt JE Howell
    • Sgt JR Hoskins
    • Sgt HF Neary
    • Sgt ES Normore
    • Sgt E MacDonald
    • Sgt LV Schafer
    • Sgt JAE Hann
    • Sgt WJ Wilkinson
    • Sgt WGJ Wilkinson
    • Sgt EE Wright
    • Sgt J Howarth
    • Sgt GH Barford
    • Sgt EF Battle
    • Sgt LE Bettis
    • Sgt H Bolton
    • Sgt CJW Brinn
    • Sgt JH Brown
    • Sgt DN Buckley
    • Sgt WJ Butler
    • Sgt LS Carvil
    • Sgt AW Christie
    • Sgt JR Close
    • Sgt NL Conrade
    • Sgt GE Crout
    • Sgt GA Crowther
    • Sgt C Danks
    • Sgt L Davis
    • Sgt DN Dulley
    • Sgt KA Edwards
    • Sgt J Fage
    • Sgt J Falconer
    • Sgt KPT Fletcher
    • Sgt RE French
    • Sgt GS Gates
    • Sgt Harry FJ Newell
    • Sgt GA Grill
    • Sgt D Pratt
    • Sgt THM Instone
    • Sgt L Hadfield
    • Sgt L Stalker
    • Sgt L Reilly
    • Sgt Wyse DFM
    • Sgt J Moorby
    • Sgt AV Davies
    • Sgt S Goldsmith
    • Sgt P Hankins
    • Sgt W Harker
    • Sgt JW Harris
    • Sgt AHH Hazell
    • Sgt RT Henderson
    • Sgt AG Herbert
    • Sgt TS Heron
    • Sgt J Hine
    • Sgt JJ Hulme
    • Sgt WH Johnson
    • Sgt BD Jones
    • Sgt RS Jones
    • Sgt E Jones
    • Sgt FJ Leonhardt
    • Sgt HG Lewis
    • Sgt EN Lowe
    • Sgt HG Lunan
    • Sgt LE Magee
    • Sgt RB Martin
    • Sgt SW McIntyre
    • Sgt J Mingham
    • Sgt CA Morgan
    • Sgt JA Mortimer
    • Sgt JE Mylchreest
    • Sgt AL Peddie (Ayrshire)
    • Sgt P Pryde
    • Sgt GW Richards
    • Sgt GMJ Richly
    • Sgt AS Riddell
    • Sgt EK Robinson
    • Sgt GP Rowe
    • Sgt B Sainthouse
    • Sgt AC Neville
    • Sgt DG Strachan
    • Sgt FJ Newman
    • Sgt NF Wouldes
    • Sgt JB Scotchmere
    • Sgt DB Simpson
    • Sgt WA Smallbone
    • Sgt DBC Smith
    • Sgt PEN Smith
    • Sgt RF Smith
    • Sgt AW Story
    • Sgt TA Stott
    • Sgt A Stringer
    • Sgt JFJ Taylor
    • Sgt TA Thomas
    • Sgt PG Thompson
    • Sgt HF Tomkins
    • Sgt PA Truman
    • Sgt G Tsitselis
    • Sgt DCS Vane
    • Sgt DA Walden
    • Sgt D Wallace
    • Sgt DA Walters
    • Sgt BJO Watkins
    • Sgt WGF Whiting
    • Sgt JC Woodcock
    • Sgt LW Moore
    • Sgt LE Proudfoot
    • Sgt GLP Kammellard
    • Sgt A Kennedy
    • Sgt JL Parker
    • Sgt Colville
    • Sgt RG MacArthur
    • Sgt HF Tuckwood
    • Sgt JR Dyer
    • Sgt LC Marriott
    • Sgt AW Sinclair
    • Sgt EH Whitney
    • Sgt Menzies
    • Sgt HB Clarke
    • Sgt JR Pilon
    • Sgt AJ Bailey
    • Sgt KR Green
    • Cpl EH Kassie BEM
    • Cpl HW Gove
    • Cpl WY Odgers
    • Cpl Monica Regan
    • LAC H Bach MID
    • LAC CC Baker
    • LAC WR Birkett
    • AC2 CCE Cleland DFM
    • AC2 GD Coles
    • AC2 AC Brogan
    • AC2 PF Froom
    • AC1 F Harris
    • AC1 CG Shaw
    • AC Houlihan
    • AC1 AH Anns
    • AC1 AD Jacobs
    • AC JR Fox DFC
    • Reg Geary (ground crew)
    • Ron Godfrey (ground crew)
    • Joyce Reed (WAAF)
    • Margie Humphries (WAAF)
    • Cliff Wenzel (also possble 547 sqdn)
    • Goad (Last name only)
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    Thanks for the extra info peter. A question for you, is there anywhere online I can look up award/honour details for the RAF and RAAF personnel, so far i've only been able to find the RCAF listings from the London Gazette. Thanks again,

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    Also I found this in the ORB for 617 Squadron. Now I'm not sure how the ORB is set up, and what the all the info contained specifies. My question is does the following (below) mean the aircraft came from 59 Squadron, or the crew was from 59 Squadron flying with 617? My thoughts are that the plane came from 59? but the squadron (59) was not officially equipped with Lancaster's that I have found, Although in my grandfathers logbook, there are a few sortie's or maybe training flights he flew in them. Thanks in advance for any help. Lorenzo.

    DATE: 15.07.43
    AIRCRAFT TYPE & NUMBER: Lancaster III.931(c) (59 Sqdn)


    2200 0805

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