Attention: Two Lancasters Flying in UK!

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  1. nicks

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    According to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum website more dates are to follow.
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  3. Gage

    Gage The Battle of Barking Creek

    I'll be going to East Kirkby. That will be special. Closest I'll get to seeing three Lancs together!!
  4. Mike L

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    Now that has to be worth a few quid in fuel to get to East Kirby.
    Dates for the two flying out?
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  5. Harry Ree

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    According to the BBMF,the flying programme for the Lancaster duo has yet to be released.

    The BBMF flight programme has already been released..looks a little sparse but will be subject to the Canadian Lancaster inclusions
  6. Lofty1

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    Well I won't have to travel far to see this, great news.

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  7. canuck

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    One of the co-founders of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum was Alan Ness. Alan lost his life in 1977 when the Fairey Firefly he was piloting stalled and crashed into Lake Ontario during the Canadian International Air Show. The Firefly had been the first plane in the collection and was later replaced.

    Under the category of its a small world, my boss told me today that he was a young 19 year old navy diver on that day, doing standby duty at the airshow, and part of the team that recovered the body of Alan Ness from the lake. He described it as a profound and rapidly growing up experience for him.

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  9. Gage

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  11. Roxy

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    They are both going to the Southport Airshow this year. Sadly, this year, I am not!


  12. Owen

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    23/08/2014 - Dunsfold Wings and Wheels

    mmmm might be able to go there.
  13. Harry Ree

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    According to the Aeroplane August issue,the Canadian Lancaster Mark X RM 213 tour of the UK has been extended by 3 weeks beyond the original return date.The new return date is now Spetember 23.

    While at Kirmington (Humberside Airport),flights will be staged on August 18,19,20,26 and 27 of 40 minutes duration.In addition,FM213 will be available for air to air photographic sorties. Go to for further information.

    I am assuming that the flights referenced are available to the public.....PS advertised as "Fly with a Lancaster"
  14. nicks

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  15. Roxy

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    It has just made landfall of the mainland UK.

    It looks to heading for Inverness.

  16. Harry Ree

    Harry Ree Very Senior Member

    At the moment,VERA looks to be overflying Durham going south of course.It would not surprise me if there is not an impromptu flypass over the former RAF Middle St George,now Teeside Airport,one of the bases used by No 6 Group BC (RCAF)

    After losing one day due to engine problems, time is being made up to the original ETA of Friday at Coningsby...due in by 1430 or thereabouts according to BBC Look North...estimated that 100 BC veterans are on hand to meet them.
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  19. SDP

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    Landed at Coningsby
  20. temptage

    temptage I thought it would only take a few weeks......

    The original plan today was for Thumper AND the Red Arrows to meet up with Vera north of Lincolnshire and to do a flypast over Lincoln Cathedral, but due to the sh*tty weather it had to be cancelled, and it flew directly to Coningsby.

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