Barley-sugar twist or twirl.

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  1. Not sure that I have my question in proper place, please move as needed.
    Discussion with a friend and orange juice and barley sugar twist came up.
    Some time after ww2 orange juice for vitamin-C was available for children from the chemist and
    I think father told me barley sugar twist ( a bar of five inch length ? ) also from the chemist.
    He told me why and I have forgotten. Also I've been unable to find an image of barley-sugar
    twist, twirl or bar. Perhaps someone here can help.
    stay safe,
  2. Owen

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  3. Hello Owen, Thank you for the swift reply. I took a look at the link and as the image shows more jar than stick I contacted Stockley's.
    Helen replied, "Thanks for the enquiry but we do not produce a Barley Sugar twist only the standard Barley sugar " so still on the hunt.
    best wishes --... ...--

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