Helicopter recovery of downed aircraft in Vietnam

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by David Layne, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. David Layne

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    Mike I do have more stories from my time in Vietnam. Not stories of blood and guts and daring-do but more tales of what bored soldiers get up to. Accounts of black-marketing, drugs and whore houses are running through my mind, tales that I feel need telling but at the moment I am keeping quiet to save embarrassment to those close to me. To quote "A Tale Of Two Cities" "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
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    Well, the Vietnam section of 'postwar' pays off again.
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  3. Gerard

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    Absolutely fascinating photo Essay. Many thanks David and Capnkirk for sharing your experiences. Brilliant!
  4. David Layne

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    Unit patch

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    It was an honor to wear the patch. My dress uniform patch was taken by a very pretty lady I met at the airport as I waited for my flight home.
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    5 Star Thread. So voted. Tnx!!!
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    I am not sure how I beat you either. Maybe because I was more afraid than you were. It was such a shock and surprise to see my name here and that someone remembered me. Hope the "crews" are all doing okay. God Bless us all and a special blessing for those who didn't make it or are no longer with us.
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  8. Owen

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    I'll email Capnkirk to let him know you've been on the forum & read his story.
  9. Owen

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    CapnKirk & MrBarryC are now back in touch with eachother via email.
    Always good to help get Veterans back in touch with eachother.
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  10. I was with Pipe Smoke Dec 68 - Dec 69.... That's me refueling the bird in the picture near the bottom of the second page. Spec Carl (Colgate) Olesen. It's great to see some of these pictures of some old friends.
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  11. Capnkirk

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    Mr. Olesen - aka colgate

    Remember me? Dale Kirk, in Pipesmoke from Jan 68 through Sept 69. Never knew I could find a couple fellow recovery team members. Found Barry Campbell recently and he is doing well. I am living in LaGrange, Kentucky for the last 15 years. Pembroke, Ky.....only a few hours from me. Send me an email request if you want to chat on old times...

    Dale "Capn" Kirk
  12. Bill Q

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    Hello all and especially to those 'Nam vets who were in aviation. I had some home movies shot in Vietnam in September of '71 that i made into a youtube video. I was originally with the 539th at Phu Loi (hootched with John Eckes)
    until the unit was sent back to the states and I was reassigned to the 56th TC at Bearcat. The video contains footage of flying out of Bearcat, into Vung Tau, the FAMF, Hotel 3, and Phu Loi and includes some footage of Pipesmoke Recovery. A little over 14 minutes in length, here's the link if you're interested in watching. https://youtu.be/8PFNs9GFfxk
    All the best! Bill
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  13. David Layne

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    Wow Bill thanks. I recognized most of those place and smirked at the thoughts of Vung Tau! Even saw Pipesmoke!
  14. CL1

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    many thanks Bill for posting

  15. Rav4

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    Great post. What would have done without the helicopters?
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    Kirk This is Alan Mangum I have been looking for you guys for over 40 years , Andrade , Lachinco , Turner , Parker , Ruiz ,Olesen ,Nichols , the picture with the refueling was me , I have that pic in my album ,I came to Pipesmoke in Jan , 69 to July 69 , My email is huey830@hotmail.com 830 was the Heliocopter I was in , we flew together , Bonnie & Clyde we named and Birth Control on the right side , I remember we were not subpost to have the Twin Sixties but we did it anyway , I have a pic in front of Birth control so much to say and ask , please email me , be incridiable to hear from you , I live in East Tennessee , Alan

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  17. Alan Mangum

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  18. David Layne

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    Alan, I don't recognise you, you were there before me but I do recognise the background.
  19. David Layne

    David Layne Well-Known Member

    Alan, are you a Facebook aficionado? If so there is a Phu Loi Veterans Group. Lots of material from 34 Group, 605th, 539th, Pipesmoke, etc. Phu Loi Vietnam Veterans
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