Help tracing descendants of 149 Sqdn Wellington T2897 crew

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    I have a contact, I believe, for a descendant of Margaret Wilkinson... her son who lives in Dunblane. Is anyone able to contact him directly? I have the phone number. Would someone prepared to phone him please PM me for the details. I will show the connection via family history records.
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    I have made contact with a relative of the Holland family. She knows nothing about her husband's family...but I've left it with her for now. It's a lot to take in out of the blue. Contacted her via PM on Facebook.
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    Now we know Ernest was with his mother at 116 Heath Road, Birmingham due to his service number being visible alongside his mothers entry on the 1939 I.D. Register, this is what I think Ellen Holland/Hunts family tree information might look like.

    Marriages for Ernest's maternal aunts Kate & Ada Hunt Nellie.JPG might be worth looking into.

    No tree hints on Ancestry so far, but record hints include possibly the death of Ernest's grandmother Clara J. Hunt 1923 in Warwickshire and his uncle Arthur Hunt in 1959.
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    Oh! Crumbs... I've got a different family! Nellie's parents I took to be William Harvey Hunt and Ellen seems I need to go back to the drawing board.
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    I could be wrong about Ellen/Nellie's parentage as well Gill. I cannot find a Clara married to a William Hunt via GRO.

    TD found around 15 possibilities for Ellen for the 1901 Census, but we reduced it to 2 possibilities using Ellen's year of birth 1885 given on her marriage entry to Ernest in 1910. But we know from the '39 register she was actually born 24 April 1886. Can't find her birth on GRO either.
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    1911 England Census
    Name: Ernest Holland
    Age in 1911: 28
    Estimated birth year: abt 1883
    Relation to Head: Head
    Gender: Male
    Birth Place: Leicester, England
    Civil Parish: Birmingham
    Search Photos: Search for 'Birmingham' in the UK City, Town and Village Photos collection
    County/Island: Warwickshire
    Country: England
    Street address: 217 Lodge Rd Winson Green Birmingham
    Marital Status: Married
    Occupation: Plasterer
    Registration district: Birmingham
    Registration District Number: 384
    Sub-registration district: All Saints
    ED, institution, or vessel: 2
    Piece: 18034
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Ernest Holland 28
    Nelly Holland 25

    Reading the details it shows that they have only been married for 1 year - so married 1910 that would fit

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    Do not think this is our Ernest as there is a GRO birth for Ernest Alfred Holyland Q2 1883, Leicester and also Thomas Holyland Q4 1858. The family also appear in 1901 an I believe are the ones in 1891. Thomas Holiland married Rachael Hunt Q3 1877.
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    Thanks for checking out that line of enquiry Tony.

    Just to recap all we know for definite is that Ernest's father, Ernest Holland died 23 May 1934 in Cannock from his probate record which revealed his residence to be 116 Heath Road, Birmingham.

    His mother Ellen/Nellie was at the 116 Heath Road address on the 1939 ID register with Ernest John and her DOB was April 1886.

    We believe the parents married in 1910 and just might be buried at Birmingham's Quinton Cemetery together.

    Without the original 1910 marriage certificate to reveal maiden names of both mothers it's just speculation. I guess the death cert from Ernest's father's death would be needed to cross reference the marriage cert from 1910.

    We suspect Ernest was born Jan 1919 and hopefully we can double check that if Find My Past open up Ernest's personal details from the 1939 ID register if they accept proof of his death from the CWGC details.

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    I've put all the details on a Birmingham genealogy site to ask if any of their members could check the GROs in Birmingham for Ernest's birth Jan 19 and to look at the Ellen Holland death entry May 67 to see if that's his mother. Also to see if any of them could check the grave yard for a family headstone if we find plot number.
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    Marriage cert for Ellen & Ernest 25/12/1910 ordered. 4 working days for delivery. Hopefully arrive Monday's post.
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    Thanks to Tony contacting Findmypast, he discovered Ernest's date of birth from the 1939 ID Reg is 26th Dec 1918.

    The genealogy page have also come back. Ernest's mother was still living at 116 Heath address in 1945 with Dora M. Parker and in 1950 with Frances Tansley. I'm assuming this might be electoral roll info, need to confirm that with them.

    There is a Frances Tansley buried April 1989 in Quinton Cemetery, but can't see any deaths registered in Birmingham for that name on GRO site.

    Don't know if there's any family connection with Dora or Frances. They could even be lodgers for all I know.

    There was a Dora Mabel Parker registered in Birmingham June 1973, dob 13 Dec 1920. There's a Dora Hunt on the 1939 Reg in Birmingham, but birth year is blank. Just thinking aloud. Nothing concrete here (yet).
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    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Frances Tansley
    Death Age: 74
    Birth Date: 7 Oct 1914
    Registration Date: Apr 1989
    Registration district: Birmingham
    Inferred County: West Midlands
    Volume: 32
    Page: 1250

    Ireland, Civil Registration Births Index, 1864-1958
    Name: Frances Tansley
    Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1914
    Registration district: Tralee
    Birth Country: Ireland
    Volume: 5
    Page: 465
    FHL Film Number: 101075

    Family Tree says:
    Frances Tansley
    BIRTH 7 OCT 1914 • Tawlaght, Kerry, Ireland
    DEATH APR 1989 • Birmingham, West Midlands, England

    Doesn't seem to any direct connection

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    Yes it is Electoral Roll, both there in 1955. Can't find either later on.
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  16. Hi there, I am new to this site and found it by accident. My boyfriend is the Great Great Nephew (we think - give or take a great) of Walter Hugh Wilkinson 149 Squadron who was the Sergeant Air Gunner on T2897. He has just found the article previously mentioned in this thread. We will be contacting the gentleman looking for relatives, but I noticed that some people mentioned finding information on the family tree and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share any information with us. Many thanks in advance.
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    Hi scousesquirrel

    It might be better to confirm that by other means, creating a family tree etc before going further?? - just a suggestion. We cannot be certain that the details we have found pertain to the same person you mention. I would assume as a family member your boyfriend would have some access to family details??

    Obtaining his service records would be a very good first move on the families part - Request records of deceased service personnel - GOV.UK

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    Hi Scousesquirrel, if you happen to be corresponding with Andre in France can you let him know we are still trying to trace Ernest Holland's relatives please.

    Tricky Dicky's is the best advice to follow. Establish the family connection first. Ancestry and findmypast are the tools we usually use to find the details or the free sites GRO or
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  19. Hi everyone, thanks to Tricky Dicky for the advice. Amber Dog we will be contacting Andre.

    I have started trying to find out what I can. When I said I thought they were related, my boyfriend hadn't had chance to speak to his mum. He has since done that and she is related to Walter Hugh Wilkinson - now just to find out how. Her maiden name was Wilkinson. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to know very much about her family.

    I am beginning the journey to find out more information about their family tree. Thanks again for the advice - any future advice or information would be welcome. Have a great evening.
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    Try joining and starting a family tree - going backwards from today with what you know and are 100% certain about - errors in family trees happen often due to hearsay.

    If you want some help just ask - the fun part if finding out for yourself.

    Just out of interest what was her forename and date of birth??


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