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Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by Dieppe, May 30, 2004.

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    Presumably Mr Slater was in/with the Ambulance Service?

    The central white “A” suggests that and the lettering above is perhaps a team / area identifier.......do you know?
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    Oh well......

    'sticking with an Ambulance theme, here's something that's not seen every day - red lettering. Red was used to mark some very early ranks/positions and for lettering in at least one Region...but it's not common (apart from very senior very early lids before the great change to white with black stripes). Interestingly, the strap shows that this was an LNER (Railway Co.) helmet (or at least the strap was!) so this one might fall into the "Industrial ARP" category...for which it's incorrectly marked too! IMG_6457 2bb.JPG e.JPG
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    We're interested, it's just hard to add anything!
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    Thank you......Home Front Helmets can be a lonely place :)
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    H CD EC - Copy (2).JPG

    There's previously been a discussion, albeit brief, about the "plastic" helmet retailed by Dunn & Co. Here's another non-metal helmet which would've been sold to the public, probably following the Governments close-down of the metal helmet sales market. This is in the style of the "Cromwell" helmet and they're usually found in plain black - this one's been painted and marked "EC". As it's highly unlikely that these are the wearers initials this one was worn by an employee/worker of "EC" or it may even represent the wearers role. There were a number of non-standard MkII shaped helmets worn on the Home Front although most are unmarked, presumably because most workers would've had an "official" metal model as part of the Industrial ARP process.
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    Here's an interesting (to me at least) one....a pretty common-or-garden POLICE helmet from the Special Constabulary....but with the chevrons applied to the upper brim of the helmet. Usually this transfer was applied above the POLICE stencil...but the Police markings aren't as disciplined as one would've perhaps expected albeit that within-force there appears to have been some structure........ but on a National level inconsistency abounds. H CD Police stripes brim - Copy.JPG
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    ...and sometimes they omitted to slot-in the chevrons altogether......although, as we know, that's what the white bands were for....so, why the gap? :)

    h CD Police S    C.JPG
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    Presumably in the case of the former, the rank came later and the space had already been taken by the Special Constab. transfer and with the second, perhaps the hoped-for promotion didn't arrive ?
    Not much detail visible here, I'm afraid but the sign always amuses.

    Hyde Park.jpg

    Any chance of photographs of the manufacturer's markings and chin strap lugs, by the way ?
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    Hi...thank you for your interest......you may well be right with your theories...I guess we'll never know. Sorry but I can't snap them right now...but my records tell me that the chevron'd one has G34 and BMB visible with Mk3 strap retainer lugs whilst the one with the gaps stamps are too weak to make out and has Mk3 lugs too.....'interesting request...what are you looking for?

    It is indeed a nice photo.....but Getty Images aren't cheap (to use....officially/legally that is)....there's sooooooo many stunning pics out there but the costs of using them in say a book are prohibitive...it's a real shame.
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    ‘Nice book...but I THINK it stops short of Home Front / Civil Defence Helmets......but watch this space for a new and exciting book containing over a 1,000 HF lids......
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    Here's one I dug out for somewhere else (sorry....but other forums are available :) )....this is probably one of my favourites...although to most of you it probably looks like a monster. Home Front helmets were re-used / re-painted and there's often "history" under the top coat of paint...it's just a matter of looking. However, with ones like this one doesn't have to look too hard!! This has been a plain black helmet with "FAP" in white (First Aid Party/Post/Point) but then over-painted white and used by a Medical Officer of Health (along with his two distinguishing black stripes over the top). The paint was leaving this helmet so I decided to slap a coat of varnish on it ASAP and later applied a second coat (of Matt this time) in the hope of halting the aging process - this pic is pre-Matt.

    Not all repainting happens AFTER the conflict! :)

    h CD Brit MOH_FAP.jpg
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