Ill-treatment of POWs on march from Lamsdorf, Stalag 344, formerly Stalag VIII B

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    Hi DBF,

    Big thanks for taking the time and much effort to collate & post the reports.

    My grandfather - RSM Sidney Sherriff - was I/C the camp -- although his name is not mentioned here. I saw some family letters a few years ago exchanging info between himself & the war Crimes people. Sadly, I have nothing to add to your information - apart from the fact that he definitely had a major input into the inquiries.

    Thanks, Andy.
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    Hello Andy
    Welcome and thanks for posting info about your grandfather.

    There are other files i believe which would have dealt with particular cases of war crimes, with individually named victims, so maybe the correspondence you saw are in one of those.

    The ones posted here do give a general background to the awful events and mention the murder of one particular man. I think they can only scratch the surface of the conditions endured.

    Please share more about your grandfather with the forum if you are able.


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