Jacobs Dunkirk Challenge 2020

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Drew5233, Aug 5, 2019.

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    Well done Jacob !
    (and, of course,:point: "Andrew, 51" )
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    Congratulations, Jacob and Andrew. A job well done. Just a quick question, did Jacob have to carry you back down Drew?
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    Well done
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    Get that lad a pint... err.. of milk or something.
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  5. Drew5233

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    Thank you. It was an amazing day. Jacob (remember he's only 5) climbed unaided to the top and then back down again, climbing 2,200 feet and covered a total distance of 6 1/2 miles.

    Complete strangers were donating money as we were going up and a small crowd were waiting for him at the top and they all cheered and clapped him as he reached the summit which left me lost for words. To cap the climb off just as we stated the decent a Hawk T2 Trainer from RAF Valley flew over and dipped its wing.

    The BBC have done a short video of the event inc a special message which was a total surprise when we were in the BBC Studios yesterday:
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  7. Drew5233

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    We reached our final target of £6,000 yesterday so thank you to everyone who's donated. I'll still be adding some more cash over the next week hopefully.
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    Those who are lucky enough to have access to the Yorkshire Evening Post will find a full page article, with photographs, of Jacob Newsom and his fund raising achievement. Those who are not lucky enough to live in Yorkshire can still find it online.

    Well done.

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    Oh wow-News to me excuse the pun :lol:
  10. Drew5233

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    ....and also an article with photos - always nice to also meet a Dambuster - in the Daily Express today.
    Well done Jacob.
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  12. Drew5233

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    Got a link or is it in the actual paper?
  13. SDP

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    It's in the actual paper. Page 27.

    Edit: saw it when at my mums yesterday but forgot to take a photo of it to post here! I've asked her to keep the paper in case you don't manage to get a copy.
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    I got a copy, thanks for the heads up.
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    He's only doing another one !

    With this year being the 80th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuations and the campaign that was to become the saviour of the Free World today Jacob is going to walk the escape and evasion route of Pilot Officer Al Deere 80 years to the day he crashed in Belgium and escaped from the East Mole at Dunkirk. A distance of roughly 25km in his flying suit.

    Just in case anyone has got a few quid spare to donate to the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund I've added the link to Jacobs Just Giving Page, thanks ;)

    Read Jacob's story
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  16. Drew5233

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    Rob (Ramacal) kingly gave me a signed picture of Al Deere that we are going to get framed and take with us. BF56D00C-0211-4296-8DC4-1522A0D17712.jpeg
  17. Drew5233

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    Hi All,

    Just by way of an update. Jacob's Dunkirk Challenge is still officially going ahead although we expect it to be delayed until the summer holidays. The decider will be either travel restrictions or our accommodation being cancelled.
    Here’s a couple of special images from a photo shoot at IWM Duxford with the MkI Spitfire that featured in the Dunkirk Movie. 9434FE44-FA58-4849-A46C-761D37F110A3.jpeg 2CAC10E3-0295-4FB6-B894-438012645AB5.jpeg
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  18. Drew5233

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    Sadly we've had to delay until the end of August due to the virus, so Jacob is now doing it 80 years and 3 months to the day.
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  19. Drew5233

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  20. Drew5233

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    Jacob was on the Yorkshire ITV news last month talking about his Dunkirk Challenge
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