Maurice Kenah Exham - unusual attempt at enlistment 1940

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    While looking for something else found this article:

    The Times newspaper of 23rd January 1940.


    At Bow Street Police Court yesterday MAURICE KENAH EXHAM said to be age 71, and described as independent of Latimer Court, Hammersmith was remanded on a charge of wearing military uniform calculated falsely to suggest that he was an Army captain. It was stated that he was questioned in Piccadilly by an Assistant Provost Marshal, who gave him in charge of the police.

    Exham told the magistrate that he claimed the right to wear the uniform by a very ancient privilege, which few people possessed. In the time of Henry II, one of his ancestors, Sir Richard Exham, raised a large force of retainers at his own expense, and accompanied Strongbow to Ireland. Because of his great services to Ireland he was given a grant of land and the right for his descendants in perpetuity to wear uniform and bear arms in case of emergency. On the outbreak of war he applied to enlist and received an intimation that he had been placed on the Officers' Emergency Reserve. On the strength of that he secured a uniform at his own expense. He had no ulterior motive.

    Dectective-sergeant Norman said that Exham in 1907 was vicar of a Dorset parish, but a road accident compelled him to give up church work.

    This is not my area of research, but have posted it for general interest.

    Strongbow seems to be: Richard de Clare 2nd Earl of Pembroke (1130-1176), who took part in the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169.
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