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    Acting Lieutenant William Waite was a member of DAAG[PS] Echelon.. any idea what this is? I am also trying to piece together his service in the Second World War as it is severely lacking. Below is his service record.
    Digital Item Page Gallery
    He served with valour at Peronne on September 1st, 1918 whilst commanding 'D' Company, 53rd Battalion. I wrote up a blog on him, shown below.
    W. Waite, MC and Bar
    I would love to figure out his service in the Second World War,
    Cheers for anything!
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    This is the best site I've seen for military abbreviations in WW2, even if it does not allow cut & paste: Second World War Abbreviations and Acronyms - Researching WW2

    DAAG there is: Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General

    Alas PS is not listed; so, could it be Private Secretary, Permanent Staff and Personnel Services? I'd opt for the later.
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    Hello Lads,
    8th Garrison Battalion is blank for his period of service there [Dec-Jan 1941-42]
    I did think Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General but I heavily doubt it.
    Permanent staff is a good possibility.
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    David is right.

    I would day that DAAG(PS)EC translates as “Deputy Assistant Adjutant General (Personal Services) Eastern Command”. This is the organization from whom the report of promotion to Acting Lieutenant in January 1942 was received, not the unit that Lt Waite served with. He was still with 8 Garrison Battalion when it was disbanded in October 1942, see the Return of Officers for that month where he is listed as a Platoon Commander.

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