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  1. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    I find it depressing when a convoy rolls by and its made up of things like that.
    Just doesn't seem 'Army' enough.
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  2. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    as rare as ugly...
  3. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    You immediately think 'Trippel SG', but there's a fair few details that don't reconcile with that.
    Replicas & Russian copies create a whole new rabbit hole.
  4. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    You brought this on yourself:
    since you have proven to be the supreme Lord Privy Seal of all that rattles and clatters, I have to resort to wheeled vehicles :lol:

    OK, hint:
    in government services 1957
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  5. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    next hint(s)
    a4.jpg a5.jpg
  6. Dave55

    Dave55 Atlanta, USA Patron

    Looks like a DUKW and HMS Rodney had a baby :)
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  7. JDKR

    JDKR Member Patron

    I think there might be some duck-billed platypus DNA in there too.
  8. Chris C

    Chris C Canadian researcher

    Is that a Ford GPA?
  9. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    It's another strange beast from the Ost.
    P2S Amphibian, 1956. maybe the second type.
    Almost no info out there, but looks very Trippel-based. A handful made.

    Is it going to be a Trabant underneath?

    Liking this Eastern direction. Not much on that stuff in the years of this thread.
    Or anywhere, really.
  10. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    And the winner is....the usual suspect :lol:

    It´s in fact a “VEB Horch leichter Schwimmwagen P2S” based on the P2M light truck. The P2M chassis is is a purebred DDR proprietary development, the 2.4L sixpack derived from a pre-war Horch project
    P = Personenwagen (passenger car)
    2 = consecutive (development) number
    S = schwimmfähig (amphibious )
    Only 15 – 17 (depending on source) were built in 1955 due to technical and financial constraints. All vehicles were scrapped after a while. Rumors speak of one surviving specimen, but the first one depicted is a partial replica, rebuilt on a P2M chassis with some existing parts and a lot of skilled craftmanship;

    enjoy: Bestimmungsbuch
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  11. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    Just for the amusement of a certain Gentleman :whistle:
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  12. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Funny. I was looking at Spahpanzer for some reason recently. Maybe after seeing a Wiesel for sale on Milweb. Don't recall.

    Early prototype SP IC,
  13. von Poop

    von Poop Adaministrator Admin

    Ah, wasn't a Wiesel I was looking at (sounded wrong... don't really picture Germany flogging vehicle surplus).
    Was this:
    Hotchkiss SPZ-10

    Annotation 2020-06-21 194839.jpg

    Really unusual to see one for sale. Sent me down a whole rabbit hole of small postwar AFVs.
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  14. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

  15. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

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  16. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

  17. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

  18. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler

    last hint...the final be dissolved soon
    HS 3-160A.jpg
  19. JPP

    JPP Junior Member

    Opel Blitz?
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  20. ltdan

    ltdan Nietenzähler´s of German orgin
    But there also ends any similarity with Opel ;-)

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