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  1. ltdan

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    Henschel Hs 3-160A Panzertransporter

    Only one prototype built who entered trials in 1963. Despite satisfying performance the project was rejected because it could only transport APCs
    The vehicle was finally rebuilt to that green abomination where it served for decades until finally scrapped about 2002/2003
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    I like it. :)

    It's for carrying long pipes and girders. I haven't even thought about them in years but they used to be very common here. Mostly Internationals.

    Some had hatches in the roof but most of the time the driver had to climb out the window or wait for the steel to be unloaded.


    With hatches

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    From my unmisspent youth (not from the want of trying) I can remember lorries converted to carry large cargoes of steel rods. They used to trundle along the old Roman road into Trafford Park to deliver to the various manufacturing works there. One day in the late fifties on the section known as Washway Road there was a double shunt which caused about fifty rods to break free and pass through the drivers cab, passing through the driver en route like some industrialised version of the medieval mythical iron maiden. I believe that after this the regulations on the design of such vehicles changed.
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    T34/100 isn't it?
    Unless you're being tricksy... Seems a bit straightforward for you. :unsure:
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    It is...and nothing tricksy
    Just for the fun of it :D
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    That happened locally last year. Witnesses said that a car stopped suddenly in front of a tractor trailer carrying I-beams. It wasn't a limited access road and I think the car and the truck were both trying to get though a yellow traffic light when the car driver changed their mind. Horrible. He didn't hit the car though.
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    на благо мира и международного взаимопонимания! :D
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    same chassis:
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