NIJMEGEN BRIDGEHEAD: II.SS Pz Corps' counterattack in October 1944

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    GJW - on basis of the material you sent me per PM, I've added his name to the casualty list in my post. He was a RAMC soldier attached to the 7th Green Howards. Killed on October 1st, 1944, he undoubtedly was involved in the battalion's action near the Heuvel Farm.

    See: NIJMEGEN BRIDGEHEAD: II.SS Pz Corps' counterattack in October 1944
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    My apologies for hijacking this thread but I have found it very useful/interesting. My grandfather was Lt RDF Cameron who was 6HLI and was wounded on 9 October 1944 in 'NW Europe'. This always confused me as I understood that the 52 Lowland Division were not committed to battle until the middle of October. As a result of this thread I now know that 6HLI was attached to 50th Division at the beginning of October, which explains the date. I have a copy of the casualty list for officers from the first week or two of October (see attached), but unfortunately I don't currently have any other information about his time in the Netherlands (apart from some vague memories of him telling me the story of his evacuation back to the UK). He died in the early 1980s and I am in the process of applying for his army records, but it's a bit tricky at the moment and am unable to get a copy of the 6HLI war diary for October 44 as the PRO at Kew is currently closed.

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    I would just like to say a big thank you to Pieter (stolpi) for kindly sending me a copy of the War Diary for 6 HLI for October. It not only mentions my grandfather being wounded and admitted to 157 Field Ambulance, as a bonus it also mentions the birth of my mother back in Scotland in November 1944.

    As an aside I have seen on this thread (and others) mention that 52 (Lowland) Division landed at Ostend and travelled up through Belgium into the Netherlands. Whilst that is true for most of the Division, 6HLI along with the Reconnaissance Regiment and 79 Field regiment RA travelled from Tilbury docks in London to the Mulberry at Arromanches at the beginning of September, before making their way (slowly) up to the front line north of Nijmegen.

    Also there are a couple of references in this thread to 'The Regimental History - 6th Bn Highland Light Infantry', does anyone know where I can get a copy of this document?

    Finally I have included a photograph of my grandfather, with my mother, taken a few months after he returned home from Europe.

    img030.jpg .
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