Photo of Miss Margaret Helen Fielden

Discussion in 'The Women of WW2' started by silvia alineri, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Mr Eric Winkler answered me. at last!!I'm waiting for some photos of Miss Margaret!
    I could never succeed in this great issue without your help!!!!
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  2. dbf

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    That's great news.
  3. Owen

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    Good news.
    I love it when I read things like this on the forum.
  4. CL1

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    excellent news well done
  5. amberdog45

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    Exciting news Silvia. You can add photos here up to 2 megabytes in size.
  6. KevinBattle

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    What great news and on the Eve of Remembrance....
    I'm so happy for you, and to know how much you have forged a bond with that unseen lady.

    Just goes to show there is so much good out there, but one bad thing seems to overshadow 100 good ones....

    Thank you for being so caring, Silvia.
  7. Without the great helping hand of all of you, dear friends,this could not be possibile.
    Love makes all the world go round..
    The moment I'll get the photo I'll send it to everybody!!:cheers:
    Love and a great kiss
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  8. amberdog45

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    Silvia, I had a reply yesterday from the head librarian at the Royal College of Music, but unfortunately there were no photographs in Margarets father's box of archives held there. Just professional material. With luck you may have heard from Eric by now anyway?
  9. Dear amberdog45, I was so happy when Mr Winkler sent me a image of Margaret's mother, the violinist Edith Stapley.Then, he told me that soon he should send me some photos of Peggy when she was a baby and a young woman, but suddenly her wife ( Rowena, Margaret's niece) told me to stop immediately my enquire.
    I can't understand why.
    I'm so sad, I didnt want to hurt anyone...What do you think about it? Mr Winkler was so kind with me, but her wife got angry for something..
    Mr Winkler told me that no one had never told him before about Margaret' story and the place of her grave and I think that Roweena indeed had decided that way...After so many months, I've nothing in my hands...:surr:
  10. dbf

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    That's unfortunate.

    Perhaps this is simply a case of her relative wanting privacy. Some people just don't take kindly to their family's information being shared in any way. Or, given the frequent warnings about bogus internet activity, they can be mistrustful of the motivations of any stranger who gets in contact.

    Be assured though Silvia that you do Margaret Fielden a great service still by attending her grave. Maybe in time her family will come to realise this also.
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  11. amberdog45

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    Wow, I don't know what's going on there Silvia. Perhaps they have been upset by the past, maybe a family secret.

    People react in different ways. I have had problems with my own family when it comes to my own family tree research. My own mother called me a liar when I discovered my father had an older sister. Dad's sister was only one years old when she died. She also died the year before my father was born and I have my doubts whether he even knew that sister existed at all. My Gran maybe found it too painful to talk about. Or Dad never told my Mum about little Catherine because there had been so many years gone by since she died, he didn't feel the need to discuss his little sister with my Mum. My Dad's sister had died 40 years before my parents married. My mother wouldn't believe me even though I had the birth and death certificate proving it.

    We have a phrase over here, "there's nought (nothing) as queer as folk". You would think they would be grateful that you take the time to visit Margaret and honour her memory. We know you mean well and we appreciate what you do by visiting her grave. Just you keep on honouring Margaret in your own way, please don't stop. Will have to look at some other way of getting that photograph for you. Perhaps there is a class photograph when Margaret qualified as a physiotherapist or a school photograph somewhere. Will have to think some more about it. We will not give up.
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  12. amberdog45

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  13. KevinBattle

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    There's no accounting for the way people react to news of something way back in the past.
    I've no idea how a request for a photograph could be misunderstood in any way, when you explained for how many years you've cared for and prayed over her grave.
    Give Mr Winkler some time to rationalise this with his wife, your story and devotion deserve better and perhaps in time, things may be resolved. Given Mr Winklers profile, I'd be surprised if he couldn't find some way to resolve this to your satisfaction.

    If she would read through this thread she may be more reasonable. You're not asking for money, family jewels or threatening to expose a hideous secret.

    If it helps, I think we'd all forego seeing her photo on here, if it ensures YOU get it. I don't need/want to see it, I'm simply happy for it to be private between you and the Winklers.
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  14. I love you everybody, I don't know anyone of you, but I feel you like my greatest friends in this momenty.
    What it is sure is that I'll keep taking care of Margaret, with or without a image of her, because prayers come from the heart and the heart doesn't care about face.
    By the way, I don't give up.
    it's a promise to you all.
  15. You're right, a face is not so important to remember a great sacrifice.
    And Margaret will always get my memory.
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  16. CL1

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    Well done Silvia your Remembrance is greatly appreciated by us all

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  17. :smug:I would like to thank everybody helping me in the search of Margaret's photos, without your affection I neer should go on with my enquires.I'm so sa, I never found even one photo of Pegy, But be sure that in these days I think she is more beautiful tha she had to be under the silence White snow.
    I'm trying to find someting talking to the history centre od Surrey, they are very kind...I send everybody of you my best wishes, have yourself a Merry Christmas and let's say a little prayer for "our angels"..Dear Margaret, we are sisters in the heart..:rolleyes:
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  18. KevinBattle

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    Seasons Greeting to you and yours Silvia.
    I'm just saddened that even the season of goodwill can't thaw Mrs Winkler's heart - or at least tell you that they DON'T have a photo - some families don't cherish memories as others do.....
  19. dbf

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    Kevin, I don't see how supposition like that helps, particularly if the family is monitoring this thread. Who's to say that they aren't dealing with a family tragedy in their own way. Just because someone wants matters to remain private doesn't mean that they are cold-hearted.

    Merry Christmas to you Silvia.

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