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  1. Perhaps this is true, but if I had a member of my family buried since 1945 in another nation and I knew that someone is watching over him, I'll be much more than happy, I'll be grateful..Margaret was only 28 when she left this world forever, What's the problem if someone goes on her grave to say a prayer?Theres' nothing different that I should do..I'm non a fool, I'm working in the hospital for persons suffering for cancer,II'm a doctor, I have 2 children, I'm a normal people, But I'll meet Margaret's eyes, with or without her aunt's will. Mery Chistmas to you all.:poppy:
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    Hi Silvia,
    As we discussed elsewhere this may be true for a lot of people but not everyone reacts in the same manner to contact 'out of the blue from strangers', no matter how kind & altruistic their motivations are.

    I still believe that Kevin's criticism of the family member who probably has a photo, without knowing any of their circumstances, is not going to help change their mind. And that's all I have to say.
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    Date of birth matches - well spotted amberdog

    1939 England and Wales Register
    Name: margaret H Fielden
    Gender: Female
    Marital Status: Single
    Birth Date: 3 Jun 1917
    Residence Year: 1939
    Address: St nicholas St Martine Hospital Pyrford
    Residence Place: Woking, Surrey, England
    Occupation: Hospital nurse
    Schedule Number: 4
    Sub Schedule Number: 15
    OVSPI: Officer
    Enumeration District: DMXQ
    Registration district: 32/4

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  5. Hi everybody ! I never forgot you 'cause you have been so special and precious during my searching for Margaret's informations.
    Unfortunately, even if I actually thank you for the details you found about her life, I want to tell you that I've already discovered almost everithing about her short, unfortunate life.
    What I wasn't able to do was to receive one photo of poor Peggy, I really wanted to imagine her face all the time I go praying on her grave...
    Her family I contacted, in particular her aunt, treated me so bad and refused to send me at least one of Margaret's photos that she still possess. I suffer very much for that hardness.
    On april 25th, a great day for Italy, Margaret's grave was full of beautiful flowers and I like to imagine her smiling at me.
    Thank you all, I love you.
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    Hi Sylvia, glad you saw the latest little bit of information.

    I found this article quite interesting about physiotherapists during WW2. Margaret isn't mentioned, but worth a read all the same.
    Life during Wartime

    I'm wondering if Margaret would have a military service record? I noted from the above article the physiotherapists couldn't serve abroad until they were 25 years old.

    Glad to hear you are still looking after Margaret's grave.
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  7. Of course I still go on praying on her grave..
    Her death Yesterday is our freedom now and tomorrow
    .Is it anything greater? I don't think so, but someone should remember this to her insensitive family....
    I embrace you and thank you once again.
    Silvia :hug:
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    I am just wondering if there might be a school photo. It might be worth looking at schools in Godalming and seeing if there's an old pupils' association - if so it might even be on Facebook. She might have been in the hockey team or something like that.

    Also, I wouldn't write off all her relatives even if the Fieldens aren't co-operating. What about her mother's family? Has anyone tried tracing them? My mother's family (on her father's side) have photos of every child born into it from 1880s onwards. And then there are friends and neighbours. Someone out there, other than her relatives, knows something about her. I think a letter to the local paper might be worth a try,

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    There is a Fielden family tree on Ancestry. I also couldn't find her on the nursing registers on Ancestry, but she has three entries in this record set:- UK, Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers, 1895 -1980.
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    UK, Physiotherapy and Masseuse Registers, 1895 -1980
    Name: Margaret Helen Fielden
    Registration Date: 12 Jan 1939
    Description: Medical Gymnastics

    Name: Margaret Helen Fielden
    Registration Date: 18 Aug 1939
    Description: Light and Electro-Therapy

    Name: Margaret Helen Fielden
    Registration Date: 18 Aug 1939
    Description: Medical Electricity

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    Another page here on the St Nicholas Home with source suggestions at bottom mostly to do with the children.

    St Nicholas' Home for Crippled Children, Pyrford, near Woking, Surrey

    On the the Surrey History Centre site under "Archives Index" I stuck "Bristow" in the search function and it pulled up a few records on the homes/hospital.

    For example:

    "8003/11/ - Rowley Bristow Hospital (formerly St Nicholas' and St Martin's Home), Pyrford: photographs of staff and brochures, early 20th cent-2003"

    Whether she is there and identified is another question?

    Regards ..
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  13. Hi, I think you're right, I could make my research tracing someone of her mother's family...Her mother was very very appreciated as violinist, I even found a beautiful picure of her in some archivies..Also the idea of asking for some info to some schools in Godalming is an idea..I thank you all, I love you.
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    Silvia , I'm just bumping this thread in case you wander back.
    Please check your email for an email from me . ;)
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  15. Cari amici di WWWW2talk e soprattutto Owen, per favore aiutami a trovare Mr ChristopherFielden che ha contattato Owen per trovarmi. Finalmente, Christoper ha scritto di essere Margaret nipote e ha detto che sarebbe felice di mandarmi foto di Miss Margaret !!!! ho risposto alla sua mail, ma lui non mi ha mai risposto.Per favore, vorresti che tutti i miei amici trovino questa persona? Ho aspettato questo momento per 3 anni ... Owen, per favore dammi la mano, Christipher รจ scomparso !! Grazie a tutti
    . Ti amo i miei amici.
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