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    Mea culpa..........I'm sure you're right

    Now tell me whose tank that was :)


    See that Owen has already identified it so I've gone back and edited "Monty's tank" out of my original posting.
    Write out "Must remember to check my facts" 500 times :)
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    Ah, tanks, you've seen one, you've seen them all :D
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    There is the T-34 in Bermondsey
    I quite like this shot below, not sure why, must have a subliminal message in it (image nicked from someone's avatar)
    Also there's a tank just south of Ancaster but never remembered it in time to get a good look.

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    Used to shoot past this on the way to Metheringham in Lincolnshire, something to do with Ancaster Paintball.'modern' to me? :confused:

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    I know it's not a tank but worth adding to the thread anyway.
    Universal Carrier in Thunder Bay Canada
    Hillcrest Park

    The Park also features a Universal Carrier, the workhorse of the Lake Superior Regiment (Motor) during World War II.

  8. Paul Reed

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    Had forgotten this thread. A couple from Holland last week.

    Sherman at Woensdrecht.

  9. Paul Reed

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    Sherman Flail minus the Flail at Westcapelle.

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    I keep meaning to visit the WW1 mk.IV parked in the street at Ashford, Kent, but haven't done. I believe it's been used as an electricity substation in it's time...

    Panorama here:
    BBC - Kent - In Pictures - A tank in Ashford

    As a young boy I can remember travelling by train to Windermere station and walking with my parents down to Bowness.

    On the left hand side of the road, when walking down the hill, there was a small area set aside with seats and an old WW1 Tank on a concrete plinth.

    It was still there until the early 1960's I think and then it disappeared.

    I have no idea where it is located now.

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    Here's a good URL for surviving WWII tanks of all types all over the world

    Surviving Panzers
  12. Owen

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    Just seen this on Facebook.
    A South Alberta Regiment Sherman at Eeklo Belgium
    South Alberta Regiment Monument | Facebook
    Mark Zuehlke's Canadian Battle Series's Photos - South Alberta Regiment Monument

    edit, also photos here
    Sherman tank Balgerhoeke -

    Balgerhoeke was liberated on September 15, 1944 by the Canadian South Alberta Regiment. In honour of the liberation of Balgehoeke, this Sherman tank was placed at the bridge. Near the tank is a list with the names of the members of the regiment who were killed during the liberation of Balgerhoeke. They were buried at the Canadian War Cemetery in Adegem, not far from Balgerhoeke.

  13. Owen

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    There's a Churchill AVRE inland from SWORD beach I took this photo in October 2005.
    Trying to find it on Google Street view but have forgotten where it is.
    EDIT: Just west of Lion sur Mur on the D514
    edited again: went back in Oct 2010 but kids didnt want to pose this time.

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  14. Owen

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  15. Paul Reed

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    Here's a good URL for surviving WWII tanks of all types all over the world

    Surviving Panzers

    Thanks for that Dave - and welcome to the forum.
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    Was in a garden centre yesterday & saw a book of old Wiltshire photos.
    In one from WW2 was a Great War tank being chopped up in Trowbridge.
    It looked like one that was on display in the town.
    I didn't buy the book so does anyone know about the tank in question?

    Aha saw said book in Tescos , here's the pic.
    From a book by Wiltshire Times.

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    This is quite near where we live and we walk the dogs around it a few time a year. There is a walk with arrows and information on camp life and you can see the road and walkway network and the building foundations. The also have a nissan hut restored and a there is a caravan site next door.




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