RAF losses May 1940. An update.

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    The following thread was started some time ago by our Paul Reed, but its post #16 that I have an interest in. A list of RAF losses during May 1940. If no one has any objection I would like to add a little more info to each loss (if I have said info and the time) I'll not delve too deeply, just use the details I have at hand. Ground crew losses might prove a bit difficult to log as they sadly are not documented with the same detail as aircrew.



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  2. Peter Clare

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    BASS, FREDERICK JOHN 580902 Sergeant (Obs.) 01/05/1940
    BUTTERY, HAROLD 650521 Aircraftman 1st Class 01/05/1940
    GRAY, KENNETH NEIL 40342 Flying Officer (Pilot) 01/05/1940 DFC
    HART, ALFRED WILLIAM HENRY 632176 Aircraftman 1st Class (W. Op.) 01/05/1940
    HOPPER, JOHN HAMILTON 518878 Sergeant (Pilot) 01/05/1940

    102 Squadron
    Whitley V N1500 DY-
    Op. Ferry

    Crashed 1059 hrs while staging between Kinloss and Driffield. The aircraft came down on the northern slopes of Hill of Foundland 6 miles SE of Huntley Aderdeenshire, Scotland.

    BCL. Chorley
  3. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    BELL, KENNETH 565626 Sergeant 01/05/1940
    HAYTER, ALFRED HENRY 41289 Pilot Officer 01/05/1940
    KELLY, GEORGE 522560 Sergeant 01/05/1940
    WELSH, GEORGE 617385 Leading Aircraftman 01/05/1940

    269 Squadron
    Hudson I N7278
    Op. Bombing Sola

    Took off tasked with a bombing attack on Sola Aerodrome. Shot down about 10 miles west of the coast of Norway at 0823 hrs by Ltn G. Schirmbock of 4./JG77.

    CC Losses. McNeill
  4. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    BOWEN, JAMES THOMAS 515101 Sergeant 01/05/1940
    BRADFORD, RIDLEY LEWKENOR 33019 Squadron Leader 01/05/1940
    BURNETT, ERIC WILLIAM 613517 Leading Aircraftman 01/05/1940
    KNOWLES, BASIL ELLES SHARP 580790 Sergeant 01/05/1940
    MORRISON, JAMES DOUGLAS 41096 Pilot Officer 01/05/1940
    TYLER, PHILIP ANDREW 541348 Leading Aircraftman 01/05/1940

    37 Squadron
    Wellington IA P9213 LF-
    Op. Stavanger

    Took off 1735 hrs Feltwell. Last seen in combat with enemy fighters off the Noregian coast.

    BCL. Chorley
  5. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    BRENT, JOHN WILLIAM LEWIS GOLDIE 355953 Flight Sergeant (Pilot) 01/05/1940
    CUNNINGHAM, PETER CHRIS 580784 Sergeant (Obs.) 01/05/1940
    LILLEY, DONALD 631565 Aircraftman 1st Class (W. Op./Air Gnr.) 01/05/1940
    MULLER, HERBERT GAGE 39558 Flying Officer (Pilot) 01/05/1940
    O'SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JOHN 621221 Aircraftman 1st Class (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 01/05/1940
    POOLE, GERARD ARTHUR HUGH 76015 Pilot Officer (Air Gnr.) 01/05/1940

    99 Squadron
    Wellington IC P9276 LN-
    Op. Stavanger

    Took off 1800 hrs Newmarket. Believed to have been lost over the Wash.

    BCL Chorley
  6. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    CLARKE, EDWARD JOSEPH TAYLOR 39375 Flying Officer (Pilot) 01/05/1940
    MARSHMAN, JOHN 77039 Pilot Officer (Air Gnr.) 01/05/1940

    115 Squadron
    Wellington IC R3154 KO-Q
    Op. Stavanger

    Took off 0315 hrs Marham. Crashed in poor visibility between Hutton-le-Hole and Lastingham, 7 miles NW of Pickering, Yorkshire.

    BCL Chorley
  7. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    DITMAS, PATRICK HAROLD DEVEREUX 550777 Corporal 01/05/1940
    HEAYES, CECIL ROBERT 562741 Flight Sergeant 01/05/1940
    PEEL, HARVEY ALDERSON 527531 Sergeant 01/05/1940
    ROBERTSON, DAVID 633753 Aircraftman 1st Class 01/05/1940
    TOMLINSON, LEONARD FRANK 580338 Sergeant 01/05/1940

    58 Squadron
    Whitley V N1465 GE-
    Op. Stavanger

    Took off 2045 hrs Linton-on-Ouse. Last heard on w/t at 2355 hrs.

    BCL Chorley
  8. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    FRIEND, JACK ERNEST ANTHONY 40818 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 01/05/1940
    FROST, CHARLES 580650 Sergeant (Obs.) 01/05/1940
    GLOVER, CHARLES WILLIAM 39659 Flying Officer (Pilot) 01/05/1940
    GREENALL, JOHN BELL 547006 Aircraftman 1st Class (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 01/05/1940

    61 Squadron
    Hampden I L4119 QR-
    Op. Aalborg

    Took off Hemswell. Crashed 0440 hrs after more than 9 hours in the air, at Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire, 6 miles SW of Grantham, Lincolnshire.

    BCL Chorley
  9. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    GILMER, JOHN MARTIN 41690 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 02/05/1940

    51 Squadron
    Whitley IV K9039 MH-
    Op. Oslo/Fornebu

    Took off 1900 hrs Dishforth. Crashed on a coll 1,350 ft above sea level between Burn fell and Dunsop Fell, 3 miles WNW of Slaidburn on the west Yorkshire moores some 16 miles west of Skipton.

    P/O Gilmer died from his injuries on 2 May 1940 while being treated at the Queen Victoria Hospital, Morecambe, Lancashire.

    BCL Chorley
  10. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    BUTTERWORTH, JOHN LESLIE GILBERT 40798 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 03/05/1940
    PEARCE, MAURICE GEORGE ARTHUR 565936 Sergeant (Obs.) 03/05/1940
    WOOD, ROBERT ARTHUR 624992 Aircraftman 2nd Class 03/05/194

    53 Squadron
    Blenheim IV L9329
    Op. Recce Ruhr

    Shot down near Hornisgrinde.

    The Bristol Blenheim Warner


  11. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    CARTER, REGINALD JOHN 78271 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 03/05/1940
    LAMBERT, WILLIAM KIRBY 358419 Aircraftman 1st Class (W.Op./Air Gnr.) 03/05/1940
    LONGLEY, JOHN MILLER 581463 Sergeant 03/05/1940
    WADMAN, CHRISTOPHER ARTHUR 630909 Aircraftman 2nd Class (Air Gnr.) 03/05/1940

    No.2 School of Army Co-operation
    Blenheim IV

    Engine cut just after take-off from Andover, aircraft stalled and spun into the ground.

    The Bristol Blenheim Warner
  12. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    TOWNEND, ERNEST 535545 Leading Aircraftman (Air Gnr.) 03/05/1940

    206 Squadron
    Hudson I N7319 VX-C
    Op. Reconnaissance

    Took off 0345 hrs Bircham Newton. Damaged by Me109s of II(J)TrGr 186 off the Elbe Estuary. The hydraulics were damaged by the machine-gun fire and the aircraft was belly-landed at 0800 hrs on the return.

    CC Losses McNeill
  13. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    ARSCOTT, GORDON OWEN 41145 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 04/05/1940
    BARFORD, GEORGE HARRISON 560547 Sergeant (Obs.) 04/05/1940
    FROOM, PETER WILLIAM 619761 Aircraftman 2nd Class (W. Op/Air Gnr.) 04/05/1940

    59 Squadron
    Blenheim IV L4857

    Crashed attempting night overshoot at Poix and destroyed by fire.

    The Brisol Blenheim Warner
  14. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    HEPBURN, ANGUS 620438 Aircraftman 1st Class (Air Gnr.) 04/05/1940

    51 Squadron
    Whitley V N1406
    Op. Oslo/Fornebu

    Took off 1835 hrs Dishforth. Abandoned 0500 hrs while lost and in cloud. The Whitley crashed at Easingwold on the A19 midway between York and Sowerby, Yorkshire.

    BCL Chorley
  15. Peter Clare

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    BACKSHALL, ERIC OWEN 751665 Leading Aircraftman (W.Op.) 06/05/1940
    BECK, OSWELL 524300 Sergeant (Pilot) 06/05/1940
    FOSTER, JAMES 552135 Aircraftman 1st Class (W. Op.) 06/05/1940
    RAMSAY, KENNETH ALLAN 40430 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 06/05/1940

    14 OTU
    Hampden I P1274
    Op. Training

    Took off Cottesmore for night flying practice. Overshot the runway following a heavy landing and trying to go round again crashed 0050 hrs some 2 miles NNE of the airfield

    BCL Chorley
  16. Peter Clare

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    GIDDINGS, NORMAN FREDERICK FIDDLER 564658 Sergeant (Pilot) 06/05/1940
    GODDARD, CYRIL JAMES 551885 Leading Aircraftman (W. Op. [Air]) 06/05/1940

    88 Squadron
    Battle I RH-
    Op. Training

    Crashed near le Grand-Luce (Sarthe) 23 km SE of Le Mans, France.

    BCL Chorley
  17. Peter Clare

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    BERRYMAN, JOHN THEODORE 33506 Pilot Officer (Pilot) 07/05/1940
    22 Squadron
    Beaufort I L4466 OA-U
    Op. Training

    Took off 1500 hrs North Coates. During the approach P/O. Berryman decided to make another circuit and started to make a turn without retracting the flaps. The aircraft stalled and crashed onto the beach at 1530 hrs, just off the aerodrome.

    CC Losses McNeill
  18. Peter Clare

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    DELAHUNTY, MYLES JOSEPH 636904 Aircraftman 2nd Class 07/05/1940
    LUSK, DAVID JAMES THEODORE 70413 Flying Officer (Nav.) 07/05/1940
    MILLS, SIDNEY WILLIAM 623774 Aircraftman 1st Class 07/05/1940
    WOOLLATT, STUART PERCIVAL 39451 Flying Officer 07/05/1940

    22 Squadron
    Beaufort I L4472 OA-G
    Op. Shipping Strike

    Took off 1452 hrs North Coates. Formated with other squadron aircraft to bomb an enemy cruiser of the Nuremberg class which had been reported between Norderney/Juist. Claimed to have been shot down by Uffz Kaiser of II(J)/TrGR186 into the North Sea off Norderney but may have been shot down by flak north of the Dutch Frisians.

    CC Losses McNeill
  19. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    ALLISON, VICTOR 519436 Sergeant (Pilot) 08/05/1940
    NEIRYNCK, VICTOR CHARLES EDWARD 645692 Leading Aircraftman (W. Op./Air Gnr.) 08/05/1940
    SCHMID, ERIC OLIVER FERDINAND 746761 Sergeant (Nav./Obs.) 08/05/1940

    235 squadron
    Blenheim IV-F P4844

    Crashed at Bircham Newton when lost height in turn during night circuit and dived into the ground.

    The Bristol Blenheim Warner
  20. Peter Clare

    Peter Clare Very Senior Member

    FALCONER, DOUGLAS GORDON BONNAR 523067 Sergeant (Obs.) 09/05/1940

    53 Squadron

    Blenheim IV R3634

    Took off from Metz, Found fog around Poix on return at 0245 hrs. Sgt Falconer killed baling out. Aircraft crash-landed near Rossiers, no further injuries.

    The Bristol Blenheim Warner

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