Service Most Silent - remembering those who died in Falmouth 6th March 1941

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by CornwallPhil, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. CornwallPhil

    CornwallPhil Senior Member

    Thanks Rob for posting the photo.
    Is there a backstory or link to the event that would explain how you come to own such an incredible piece of history?
  2. suffolkcookie

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    Here i have attached a newspaper clipping about the o.b.e awarded to my great uncle ivan wharton,i still know nothing more about it!
    I have been able to access some of his paper work interesting to find out as he was a diver he had a webbed toe on his right foot!

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  3. CornwallPhil

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    Thanks for sharing the newspaper clips. Do you know which paper they are from? I assume it was one local to Chatham.
    Interesting about the toe - obviously born for the job.
    Have you been able to get his service record from the MOD?
  4. suffolkcookie

    suffolkcookie Member

    The newspaper clips are from the essex newsman,as ivan came from colchester,and still had family living there.
    I have got some of his service records and he joined ganges in may 1925 aged 15.
    Ivan and his wife violet didnt have any children so what happended to th OBE i dont know!
  5. Chips

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    Here's the CWGC record and Gravestone for Alfred George Marjoram who survived the accident but, sadly, died in Falmouth Naval Hospital of his wounds.

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  6. James Harvey

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    An OBE (Officer of the order of the British empire) seems rather high award to an A.B.
    Possibly an MBE (member Of the order of the British empire) but more likely BEM (medal of the order of the British Empire)

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