Sovjet / Ukrainian soldier Grigori Dotsko

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  1. Hi everyone,

    A few weeks ago I’ve adopted the grave of a Sovjet / Ukrainian soldier called Grigori Dotsko.
    Since you’ve also helped me immensely so far with my research of Royal Engineers Lieutenant Randall, I thought I could ask for help here again for this soldier too :).

    The only thing I know of him so far is:
    He was born in 1909. His residence was Vorosjilovgradskaja (now Loeganskaja). He died on May 8th 1945 in Hamm, Germany.
    Is there any way to find out more about him?

    Thanks in advance for helping out (again)! :)
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    As Loeganskaja was part of Luhansk Oblast in the USSR, I think you can exclude Dotsko was a Soviet / other partisan; rather he was mobilised before the German invasion of the USSR and likely to have been one of millions captured. Given the well-recorded treatment of Soviet POW by the Germans he did well to survive till VE-Day 1945. Were there any Soviet POW camps near Hamm?

    See: Soviet PoWs captured later in the war.

    Alas I fear few records will be available; although others may recommend the Red Cross option.
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