Sudan Defence Forces

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    Sorry Alan - I have not yet even read the above mentioned book... and not heard / read the names you are looking for.
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    Colonel, Robert Henry Walsh, DSO, OBE, MC. Royal Artillery.

    Born: 7th December 1884
    Commissioned: 21st July 1907
    Served Egyptian Army: 1919-1925
    Final EA rank: Kaimakam
    Active service with EA: Khartoum mutiny 1924
    Other active service: WWI, Western Front, wounded twice, DSO, MC; WWII as Wing Commander RAF.
    Remarks: Seconded to Sudan Political Service 1919-24 as Inspector /District Commissioner Opari and latuka Districts Mongalla Province.
    2nd in command EA Artillery Khartoum 1924. Transferred to Sudan Defence Force 1925-29 with Eastern Arab Corps.

    Hope that helps, Brian.
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    Brian, Thanks for that. I am still curious why he accompanied the Duke and Duchess of York on their game hunting expedition in 1925, supposedly as assistant to the Game warden, Courtney Brocklehurst.
    Would you happen to have a photo of him by any chance?
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    A nice image turned up from the National Archives on Twitter today:

    CO 1069/15 (27): A Sudan Defence Force sentry in Tripoli

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