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    Hundreds of examples.

    When asked about the 98 to 100% positivity rates on the report, a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Health said the reason was due to some “smaller, private labs” not reporting negative test results to the state.

    High coronavirus positive case rate reveals flaws in Florida Department of Health report

    Why no-one can ever recover from COVID-19 in England – a statistical anomaly - CEBM

    The CV19 thread
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    That was no error. Dead people can't vote and Shelby County is Democrat. They needed her ballot in November. :rolleyes:

    Vote early and vote often. Don't use passing away as an excuse.
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    An absolutely top headline from the Daily Mail online today...Are they blaming the Germans for all this ? Watch out for that Nazi Luftwaffe, can give you a nazi cough !

    "Why we’re losing the covid battle for Britain: An expert's view on the ineptitude, confusion and complacency surrounding testing - and how it’s like we’re taking on the Nazi Luftwaffe without radar"
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    The Nazi Luftwaffe - does this imply there was also an alternative Luftwaffe? - A Nice Luftwaffe that say flew around dropping little packets of stollen on parachutes? :rolleyes:
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    Screenshot 2020-09-11 232236.jpg
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    Hummm - I think you fail to recognise that irony does not mean ferrous
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    "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."
    Orwell, Animal Farm, 1945

    no idea why this comes to mind.....:rolleyes:
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    Four legs good, two legs better
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    ....and other multi-participant sports are available. Typical Daily Mirror - nothing like a bit of 'class envy' to get the proles chattering. Now....must look up my copy of Animal Farm and 1984 to see what comes next.....
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    Especially with a heavily doctored photo (either doctored or there is some grouse shoot with absolute disregard for all the safety regulations).

    Not like the Edwardian period. Edward VII held a grouse shoot and there was a scandal as it was found that two of the Kaiser's aide de camps weren't using shot guns but Mauser Rifles. The papers thought this unsporting (unfair to the grouse), to Edward's credit he was more annoyed about the danger to the beaters.
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    Sept 14

    785 Tour de France riders and support personnel tested for covid.
    0 positive.
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    That shooting shot's one of the outrage press's current favourite photographic techniques, and instantly familiar to anyone that's ever used a telephoto lens over long distance with high depth of field.

    The full list of exemptions for the RULE OF SIX (what a stupid name... Sounds like a Dennis Wheatley novel) :
    Let's not dwell on it being inconsistent authoritarian nonsense. No, let's pick out shooting from that very broad organised sports definition because some Muppet on Twatter thought of it, & turn it into a national 'story'.
    Lets talk about this like children, because it's the easiest way to keep the outrage rolling.

    Might have to thread ban myself.
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    Coronapocalypse in Holland
    " ... the virus is not done with us"

    Weekly update (week 8 - 15 Sept):
    Alas, the number of people with established COVID-19 is rising fast. Last week 8.265 new individuals were reported who tested positive for COVID-19, which is 2.838 more than a week before. The downward trend, which we very much hoped for after two weeks of stabilization, is an illusion. A disturbing fact is that the R-factor has risen to 1,38 (was 1,17). In the past week 92 patients have been hospitalized for COVID-19 (more than twice the amount of last week, which stood at 42); 14 people died of COVID.

    Meanwhile it is also clear that the disease for young people is by no means the innocent flu that activists like to make of it: the Dutch Facebook group "Corona patients with long-term complaints" counts more than 14 thousand members now. These are often younger ex-patients, who, even after mild Covid complaints, still suffer with debilitating and chronic complaints such as extreme fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, chest pain, memory loss and loss of concentration ability. In Holland and Belgium several of people contracted Covid a second time, some of them died. So far for immunity then.

    Numbers now are:
    week 1 - 7 July: 19 new deaths, total now 6.132; number of confirmed cases 50.705
    week 8 - 14 July: 8 deaths, total now 6.140; number of confirmed cases 51.239
    week 14 - 21 July: 7 deaths, total now 6.147; number of confirmed cases 52.226
    week 21 - 28 July: 9 deaths, total bow 6.156; number of confirmed cases 53.555
    week 28 July - 4 Aug: 6 deaths, total now 6.162; number of confirmed cases 56.143
    week 5 - 11 Aug: 9 deaths, total now 6.171; number of confirmed cases 60.179
    week 11 - 18 Aug: 16 deaths, total now 6.187; number of confirmed cases 64.192
    week 18 - 25 Aug: 32 deaths, total now 6.219; number of confirmed cases 67.780.
    week 26 Aug - 1 Sept: 24 deaths, total now 6.234; number of conformed cases 71.359.
    week 2 - 8 Sept: 17 deaths, total now 6.251; number of confirmed cases 76.786.
    week 8 - 15 Sept: 14 deaths, total now 6.265; number of confirmed cases 85.051.

    For comparison the (official) mortality rate caused by Covid per million of inhabitants:
    (based on the deaths registered by the John Hopkins University)

    (11,4 mln) with 9.927 deaths, it is 870,79
    Spain (46,7 mln), with 29.848 deaths, is 639,14
    UK (66,5 mln) this number, with 41.726 deaths, is 627,46
    USA (327,2 mln) with 194.547 deaths, it is 594,58
    Italy (60,4 mln) with 35.624 deaths, the number is 589,80
    Sweden (10,2 mln) with 5.851 deaths is 573,63
    France (67,0 mln) with 30.958 deaths, is 462,06
    Holland (17,2 mln) with 6.265 deaths, it now is 364,24
    Canada (37,1 mln) with 9.229 deaths is 248,76
    Germany (82,9 mln) with 9.367 deaths is 112,99

    Population numbers (courtesy SteveDee) Coronavirus deaths per million by country 2020 | Statista. Some countries - like Belgium - include suspected Covid deaths that were not tested. The official corona mortality of various countries is therefore less comparable.

    Belgium still is the relatively hardest hit country in Europe and maybe world-wide (a sky-high death rate of 870+ per million inhabitants) - but Belgium has been very strict with itself. It counts not only deaths after a positive test, but also of those who showed symptoms that indicate the virus. Spain and the UK make a good second and third.
    The rates in Sweden, the only country in Europe that gambled for group immunity and decided not to lock down, are now almost up to the Italian rates.
    The deaths in the USA are fast on the rise (approx. 1.000 a day). The US death rate last week has overtaken Italy.
    Germany, where the virus spread at the same time as in Holland, is doing extremely well. The country has a more disciplined population and does a lot of testing, contact tracing and isolating.
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    Let's get back to lawnmowing. Looks like I will have to put the sprinkler back to going in the yard since it is bone dry. I cut the yard this past weekend and it looked like I was dressed in full khaki when I was done. We were brushed with a hurricane about a week ago to the west and got maybe 3/4 of an inch of rain. This latest storm has veered more to the east and dang if we haven't seen a drop yet. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing good about a hurricane. But we sure could use some rain, but they can keep the wind. I lose power too frequently as it is with all the trees in my area.


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