The Red Arrows

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    Lovely Nick. Thanks.
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    From BBC News

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    The Red Arrows have announced details of their new line-up for the 2013 display season.
    The team will get three new pilots and return to a nine-ship formation after flying with seven for much of 2012.
    This followed the deaths of Flt Lt Jon Egging and Flt Lt Sean Cunningham, who were both killed in separate incidents last year.
    The team's first female pilot, Flt Lt Kirsty Stewart, moved to a ground-based role in March.
    New recruits
    The three new pilots are: Flt Lt Mark Lawson, 34, from Harpenden - Flt Lt Steve Morris, 31 and Flt Lt Oliver Parr, 36, both from Bath.
    The team also has a new manager, Sqn Ldr Ruth Shackleton. Sqn Ldr Jim Turner remains as team leader.
    Pilots and support crew leaving the Red Arrows will return to operational duties with the Royal Air Force.
    [​IMG] The new pilots will begin training as a nine-man team in mid-October
    The new Red Arrows pilots all have a minimum of 1,500 flying hours and have been assessed as being above average ability. They have also completed at least one fast jet frontline tour of duty.
    Training begins at RAF Scampton, in Lincolnshire, as soon as the last display of the current season is completed.
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    I see where the MOD applied recently to the local authority,WLDC, for planning permission to sign write "The Red Arrows" on No 4 Hanger doors.....hangers are listed buildings.

    Tried to locate the the application but could not find it.It looks as if it has been withdrawn...interesting.
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    Just thought I'd add that Steve Morris is one of my ex-student pilots. And a top bloke. Well done mate!

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    hy vanpoop.your post 01-10-2007.great pics,as for those who deside whats they live in the u.k. or is this desided in bruxelles? the red arrows are skilled pilots of the r.a.f.and the organizers should be proud to show them off.if things go on where it is offensive to show off britich skills and achievements,they might english,speaking during the may ofend,who ?come on,time to change the organisers.great post.bernard85 ps.i have looked at all the red arrows postings.i must add great postings by all'bernard85
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    Police have passed a file to the Crown Prosecution Service after a Red Arrows aerial display team pilot died after he was ejected from his cockpit while on the ground.
    Lincolnshire Police confirmed they have handed over the file concerning the death of Flight Lieutenant Sean Cunningham.

    CPS handed file on Red Arrows death - MSN News UK
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    Notice to Airmen:

    BoBMF and Red Arrows Notice of movements -26/05/2013. click 'Sunday 26th'

    27/05/13 (all times are Zulu time -GMT)

    520527N 0000755E (DUXFORD) 1050
    520546N 0000309W (BASSINGBOURN) 1056-1057
    522143N 0002911E (MILDENHALL) 1108-1109
    523340N 0004314E (BODNEY) 1114-1116
    522802N 0005716E (SNETTERTON) 1120-1121
    522306N 0011244E (THORPE ABBOTTS) 1124-1125
    522110N 0013122E (HALESWORTH) 1130-1132
    521326N 0013323E (LEISTON) 1135-1137
    514326N 0000921E (NORTH WEALD) 1157-1158
    515929N 0001640E (DEBDEN) 1206-1208
    520527N 0000755E (DUXFORD) 1220
    OPS CTC 07768115348. 13-05-0520/AS 2.
    LOWER: Surface UPPER: 2,000 Feet AMSL FROM: 27 May 2013 10:50 GMT (11:50 BST) TO: 27 May 2013 12:20 GMT (13:20 BST)

    From another era:
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    Lewis & DC go up with the Red Arrows.

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    Sunday 1 September 2013

    When outdoors on Sunday morning 1 September 2013 I saw the Red Arrows flying over from the N.I. International Airshow at Portrush, presumably heading for displays at Chatsworth and Rhyl later in the day.

    Unfortunately, not having my camera with me at the time I could not get a photograph!
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    Local news tonight now back home Brian
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    good day gage.super arrows:keep them flying.have a great day,regards bernard85 :indexCA7C9VES:
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