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    Munitions tunnels at Glyn Rhonwy, near Llanberis, in Gwyneddin Wales are planned for repurposing as an environmental research centre.
    Plans for environmental visitor centre unveiled

    Tunnels in Britain have been reused for both legitimate and illegal purposes before ( eg mushroom and cannabis farms) but this seems rather more imaginative.

    There must be scope for more.

    Of course Germany with all its war time tunnel systems will have more opportunities but they do have to first clear out all those trains packed with looted art treasures, gold bullion and forgotten wonder weapons :whistle:
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    Try Catesby Tunnel, Northamptonshire; it has been developed as:
    Link to builders video:

    The developers plan and building goes on till 2021: Catesby Tunnel | Aerodynamic testing facility | TotalSim Ltd
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    We have tunnels carved out of the chalk here in Ramsgate.
    Tunnel Railway - Wikipedia

    The Ramsgate air-raid shelter tunnel network, April 1939
    In the late 1930s, war between Britain and Germany began to seem likely. Ramsgate's location on both the English Channel and North Sea and its proximity to the Thames Estuary, its large port facilities, and its close proximity to RAF Manston made it a likely target for heavy aerial bombing and as a landing site for any German invasion of Britain. With this in mind the town's borough engineer and surveyor, R. D. Brimmell, devised a scheme in 1938 for a network of tunnels beneath the town, to serve as a vast deep-level air-raid shelter for the town's inhabitants.[23]

    A 3 1⁄4-mile (5.2 km) semi-circular network of tunnels was dug beneath northern Ramsgate, connecting to the existing railway tunnel. It was opened by the Duke of Kent on 1 June 1939, three months before the outbreak of war,[23] and visited during the war by Winston Churchill.[24] The network was capable of sheltering 60,000 people, although Ramsgate's civilian population at the time was approximately 33,000.[25]

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    I visited the ramsgate tunnels a few years ago they were very good

    Dover has tunnels as well

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