Essex Scottish War Diary

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    mvdv84, I have started a conversation with your wants.
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    Am looking for a copy of the war diaries for October 1944 for 1st Battalion Essex Scottish and 1st Battalion Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada as part of Operation Vitality 1 in the Scheldt battles. In particular, I'm looking for anything about the crossing of the Beveland Canal and the fighting in and around Wemeldinge. Trying to find details too of the German units in Welmedinge. A friend tells me that her grandparents lived in the town and sheltered a young German soldier who had deserted his battalion. He had been stationed in the village and had used to come and warn the family when allied air raids were about to come so they could take cover. He stayed in the chicken shed until the town was liberated by the Canadians and handed himself over. He was then transported to the UK and returned to Germany after the war. Any thoughts on how I can unearth any info on the period would be gratefully received. Thank you
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    I would send a PM to dryan67. He is the resident expert when it comes to Canadian war diaries.
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    I already took care of him. Thanks for the recommendation.
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