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    Very nice. Is M. Narayana Raju's rank stated as Recruit Gunner? Can you tell me anymore about the Indian Airborne Division? Did he enlist into the Royal Artillery?
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    Yup, recruit gunner - the stamp is "7 training ba? No3 Madrassi?" it has very limited dates so not sure if he left the Army or got a new book

    The other Gunner was with various RA Anti-Tank units and I think went to Boulogne in 1940 - he went to the Far East and went through a couple of units but without action, then on to 159 Para Field Regiment 159 Parachute Light Regiment RA - The Royal Artillery 1939-45 ( in 44th (Indian) Airborne Div 44th Airborne Division (India) - Wikipedia
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    Thank you.
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    I bought a replica MIL-K army pocket knife. I had a genuine WWII era one when I was in the Cub/Boy Scouts that my dad gave me but it got lost in the following years. Chinese but I'm very happy (and surprised) with the quality and the edge.



    We were allowed to wear pocket knives on our belt when we wore our Cub Scout uniforms to school. Age seven. Different times for sure.

    Already used to avert a mini crisis later in the day. Non twist off Boston Lager with no opener on boat.

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