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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by Seymour14, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. Seymour14

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    Hi folks, new to this site, was just wanting to ask if anyone knows of or is an ex WWII Dispatch rider.

    Am doing a family history book, but have a little bit of an enigma photograph, it shows a group of 28 dispatch riders in NZ (place unknown), but the sole number plate I can read is 11 271 (looks to be a gap between numbers and it is probably the little diamond which was in use at that time).

    Just wanted to see if anyone can remember such a photograph before going abroad. One bike is certainly a Harley with twin small headlights, and then a mixed array of British motorcycles, all girder fork and of WWII types.

    Photo on the back reads Halloran photographer if that is any use, bikes are in front of tents and with pine trees in the background.
  2. MikeOB

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    Hi SEYMORE14. I am interested in this subject too. My Uncle road on motorbikes in the North African WW2. I have photos but there is one famous one with them lined up and he is on the front cover of a publication being the first rider in that team. Have you acquired any more information? Regards MikeOB
  3. Seymour14

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    No more at this stage. Grandad was always interested in motorbikes, so I think he just acquired this somehow. Still trying to see if anyone of the Dispatch riders were from Palmerston North or surrounds, this could prove that the photograph came from a family friend. Still looking meanwhile.
  4. Rich Payne

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    Seymour, I missed this thread first time around. There are several of us on here who could help pin down dates and possibilities based on identifying the machines and their equipment. Locations in NZ will be beyond me though...

    Are you able to share a scan of the picture ?
  5. Seymour14

    Seymour14 New Member

    Was using the photo in a family history book, so would be hoping to keep it a little under wraps till then. It is certainly WW2, our family have had upwards of 50 vintage motorcycles, so not too hard to pick from the photograph. Pretty positive it is a photo now that he acquired, as being a member of the Home Guard, Grandad did not serve overseas.
  6. Margret

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    2021 and I’ve just found this post.

    My Dad was a Don R, ie Dispatch Rider in WWII, perhaps riding a Matchless 350, suggests my husband. He died 2009 in Taranaki, New Zealand.
    I have his shoulder patch.
    Later, a photo of him and his Jeep, in Italy. Not talkative about his war, he never saw his War Records of which I have a copy. He said that he had the best set of maps in the Army as a member of the NZASC’s HQ, often having the thrill of delivering urgent messages from HQ regarding troop movements.

    from Margret
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