Officers Record of Service Book (Army Book 439)

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    Following on from my threads about soldiers service books I thought I'd start one about Officers Record of service books, so here goes - starting with a WW1 book (I'm sure no one will mind) as its my newest and best

    Scan10038.JPG Scan10041.JPG

    Frank Crowther ROBERTS V.C., D.S.O, O.B.E., M.C 1st Worcestershire Regiment - as well as the decorations listed he was Mentioned in despatches 6 times and wounded 3 times

    From Worcestershire Regiment (29th/36th of Foot) (there is a lot more on there to read as well as photos of him and his medal)

    Frank Crowther Roberts was born on the 2nd June 1891 at Highbury, London, the son of the Rev. Frank Roberts, vicar of St. John, Southalll. After education at St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he was commissioned into The Worcestershire Regiment on the 4th March 1911 as a 2nd Lieutenant and in 1912 went with the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment to Egypt.

    On the 3rd September 1914 he was promoted to rank of Lieutenant.

    In 1914, at the outbreak of War, his Battalion was moved to France in November 1914, where, after only three months in action he won the first of his distinctions, the D.S.O., for gallantry when leading a trench raid 1000 yards west of Neuve Chapelle. That gallant little exploit received prompt recognition. Within twenty-four hours Lieut. Roberts was awarded the D.S.O.

    Distinguished Service Order citation reads:

    "On the 3rd January, 1915, Lieutenant Roberts, with twenty-five men of the 1st Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment, attacked and captured by surprise, with complete success, a German sap-head situated about sixty yards in front, of our lines near Neuve Chapelle."
    (London Gazette 18th February 1915)

    After the battle of Neuve Chapelle he was Adjutant of the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment on the 13th March 1915.

    On the 24th October 1916 he was promoted to be Brigade-Major of the 23rd Infantry Brigade (commanded by Colonel Grogan), and in that capacity gained the Military Cross for gallantry in the Battles of Ypres on the 31st July 1917, for daring personal reconnaissances made by him during the day under heavy fire.

    Military Cross citation reads:

    "For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During two days' very hard fighting he showed marked skill and resource under adverse circumstances, and throughout kept a firm grip of the situation. It was largely due to his excellent staff work that the brigade was able to hold its objectives against heavy counter-attacks; and, in addition, the daring personal reconnaissances which he made under heavy fire were of the greatest value to headquarters throughout the whole action." (London Gazette 9th January 1918)

    During the ensuing winter on the 24th October 1917 he was appointed to the temporary command of his old Battalion, The 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and given the rank of Acting Lieut.-Colonel. He was then only twenty-six years of ageā€”the youngest officer ever gazetted to the command of a Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment.

    During March 1918 the 1st Battalion Worcestershire Regiment were moved forward in to the line of the River Somme in order to hold the postion from advancing German forces. It was during this time that Acting Lieut.-Colonel Roberts would win his Victoria Cross for gallantry.

    His citation reads:

    "During continuous operations which covered over twelve days Lt -Col Roberts showed most conspicuous bravery, exceptional military skill in dealing with the many very difficult situations of the retirement, and amazing endurance and energy in encouraging aud inspiring all ranks under his command. On one occasion the enemy attacked a village and had practically cleared it of our troops, when this officer got together an improvised party and led a counter-attack which temporarily drove the enemy out of the village, thus covering- the retirement of troops on their flanks who would otherwise have been cut off. The success of this action was entirely due to his personal valour and skill." (London Gazette 8th May 1918)
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    good day feb 2015,08:54 record of service book (army 439) thank you for posting the record of a truly brave officer.and interesting photo's of service book.regards bernard85.
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    Clarence Hinchliffe Littlewood, 966 Inland Water Transport, Royal Engineers
    Officer's Record of Service Army Book AB439
    This was sent to my husband with his father's service records a few years ago from the MOD, luckily they still had it on file :)

    AB439 and John Gowan 006.JPG
    AB439 and John Gowan 008.JPG AB439 and John Gowan 011.JPG AB439 and John Gowan 012.JPG AB439 and John Gowan 013.JPG
    AB439 and John Gowan 014.JPG AB439 and John Gowan 016.JPG

    Release Certificate
    AB439 and John Gowan 019.JPG

    Supplement to the London Gazette 19th October 1943 p4011:
    "Corps of Royal Engineers-The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts. 27th August 1943"-Clarence Hinchliffe Littlewood (292285)
    army and clarence 007.JPG
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    Good that they showed some common sense and sent it on rather than just send a scan and sticking it back into a file (hopefully they also left a copy in the file)


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    Two great examples there Lesley and Alistair, thanks for posting.
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    Walter George GILLARD who was commissioned in the Indian Army as EC11903, he has served in the RAF then RCOS when he went to the OTS at Mhow from there he went to the Assam Regiment then on to HQ Allied Land Forces SEAC.

    He later served as an officer in the ACF as 395351
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    P/265037 George Douglas Baldwin GAYMER commissioned in the Royal Engineers - he seems to have been in the UK til just after VE Day when he went to N W Europe
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    150358 John Anderson HOUSTON commissioned in the RAMC
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    108248 John Llewelyn DAVIES of the KRRC
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    271166 Geoffrey Rowland Hill of the Royal Engineers
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    64548 Patrick Arthur ADAMS Indian Engineers
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    338443 Alexander Leslie GORDON of the RAPC, he became an MBE in 1975
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    308785 Harry Wilson LEONARD of the RASC, previous service before promotion was as 14305209
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    Henry NICHOLLS of the 7th Royal Fusiliers
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    EC3382 John Cameron MACGREGOR of the Royal Engineers
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    300413 Neil MUNRO had been 14253977 before promotion
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    200223 Wilford Hugh Middleton MORRIS Commissioned in the Cheshire Regiment then to the Royal Artillery
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    EC730 Cyril Lindsay REED Commissioned in the Indian Army - he had served in the RAF in WW1
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    Frank Robert SAWARD Royal Engineers
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    Roger Lander NINNES of the RFA
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