Officers Record of Service Book (Army Book 439)

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    William ECKERSLEY of 1/5th Warwicks then Transport Officer of 143 Brigade, he was wounded around 18/8/17 and MiD 7/11/17
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    Herbert Wilson Winchester - a pre War Territorial with 4th Royal Scots, they became (I think) the 1/4th Battalion in 52nd Division, when they went to Gallipoli he didn't sail with them as he was getting his Officer Training, once complete he joined the Battalion there but came home sick - he later returned and saw action in Palestine, being wounded 19/4/17 at the Second Battle of Gaza - he won the MC (citation below) in Palestine I think this was at the Battle of Jaffa in December 1917

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    Harold Albert William Backhoff 75888 of the Royal Artillery, in 1938 he was with 72nd Searchlight Regiment RA - I'm unsure of his WW2 service.

    In WW1 Backhoff was with 12th KRRC (The Rangers) he went to France in 1914, in 1915 he was one of the few survivors of the Battalion after they were committed to the counter attack at Frezenberg - when the roll was called afterwards it numbered 53 men with no officers - in 1916 he was awarded the MM and Commissioned - in 1917 he was sent to the States to help training the American 29th Division as Scout and Sniping officer. I believe his father was German

    See also Lt-Col Harold Albert William Backhoff 75888 RA | WW2Talk
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    James Ronald JONES who enlisted in the RAC as 7945721 then in 1943 got a Commission in the Indian Army with the IAOC in 1945 he transferred to the RAOC as 355394, on 2/11/45 he was killed in a fire in an ammunition depot at Panagarh - he was posthumously awarded a Kings Commendation for Bravery I'm assuming this may be linked to his death
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    IMG_20220401_0002 - Copy.jpg William Denis STEVENS of 24th Hazara Mountain Battery RGA - he served in East Africa in 1917 - the book notes he was wounded 16/11/17, the Battery War Diary below has it on the 17th when he led his section to a flank but was shelled and wounded - this was at Makonde Plateau in Tanzania.

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    IMG_20220926_0006.jpg IMG_20220926_0010.jpg

    Richard Harold Huntley SCOTT who was commissioned in the 14th Punjab Regiment - his brother was also an officer in the British Indian Army and I believed captured in Syria, released and commanded a Battalion of the Rajputana Rifles at Cassino
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    James Gilman who went to France in February 1915 as a Sergeant with 6th Motor Ambulance Convoy - he was Commissioned soon after and in May 1915 was wounded

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