POW and Escapee Lt The Earl Of Cardigan RASC

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    Lt Chandos Sydney Cedric Brudenell-Bruce The Earl Of Cardigan RASC was at Dunkirk and served in 6th MAC RASC along with my Father In Law 2nd Lt Edward Lynch, they were both in charge of Ambulance Convoys ferrying wounded from 10 CCS Crombeke to Dunkirk, Edward Lynch came back to England on a Hospital Ship on 26 May 1940, However the Earl of Cardigan was captured at 10 CCS Crombeke by a German Armoured Car Crew on 29 May 1940..

    The Germans kept him and other members of 6th Mac captured with him in the region of France and Belgium, probably to help with wounded, however on 20 June 1940 the Germans decided to send him to Germany in a Lorry with other prisoners from Lille with just one driver and one armed guard. The Earl decided to escape he managed to jump off the back of the lorry and hide in under growth for 6 hours until it was dark. He managed to find a cafe and got help from a Belgian resistance man. He then spent 25 days travelling by foot to unoccupied France near Chalon sur Saone and got a train to Lyons where he managed to get money from the American Consul and headed to Marseille by train. He was asked for his ticket by train inspectors, but passed himself off as an American and got away with it. He went to the American Consul in Marseilles and stayed in a Hotel with their help whereas other escaped prisoners were held in a fort.

    He bought himself a bicycle in Marseilles and cycled to Spain. 2 months after his escape he was arrested and taken to a gaol in Figueres in Spain, where he was contacted by the British Consul. He had food but was badly treated by the Spanish. A Major Hubbard from the British Embassy Madrid, managed to get the Earl and 30 other rank prisoners by train to Madrid. He then went by train to San Roque and then went by car to Gibraltar and was repatriated to England by 27 October 1940
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    With no prior knowledge, I bought a copy of his story of his escape, I Walked Alone, at a library book sale. A good read!

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