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  1. i bought this prisoner of war made plaque and having done some research i have found some information of the serviceman on the back of the plaque, he was flying over France when he mistakenly got shot down by an american fighter pilot, he was captured by the Germans and taken to Stalag Luft 3, having done my first lot of research it said he got captured 21/12/1943 and died 29/12/1943 but i have come across a book called the long road trials and tribulations that says he was evacuated to Stalag Luft 3A, at first i thought maybe his fellow prison mates may have made it for him as i thought he died 8 days after capture but now im wondering if he made it as the book states he was evacuated 1945

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  3. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Looks like he survived the war
  4. That’s what I’m wondering, I know his mate Henry Wagner survived the war, the one mentioned in the book
  5. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    He did survive
    Check CWGC
  6. Do you have a link please, I’m on CWGC website typing in his name and I can’t seem to find him
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    That's because he didn't die in the war.
  8. Ah ok I see if he did die in war he would have been on there
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    Some entries from The London Gazette

    Confirmation and promotion.
    Pit. Offs. (prob.) confmd. in appts. and to be Fig. Offs. (war subs.):
    A.A. GRIFFITHS (156932). 24th Feb. 1944.
    Page 1054 | Supplement 36405, 29 February 1944 | Lo...

    Air Ministry, 14thDecember. 1948.
    Extension of Service.
    The period of Active List service of the under-mentioned is extended to eight years with effect from the dates stated;—
    Flight Lieutenants:—
    A. A. GRIFFITHS (156932). 14th Apr. 1948.
    Page 6473 | Supplement 38477, 10 December 1948 | Lo...
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  10. Ah yeah what does this mean, he was still in service during them dates
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    Yes, he was promoted in 1944 during his time as a pow, and served as a Flight Lieut in the post war regular RAF from at least 14th April 1948. I don't know how to interpret these entries very well so can't say if this was a transfer from the RAF Volunteer Reserve he had continued in after his war service, or if he was demobbed after WW2 and rejoined as a regular in 1948.

    This is another link
    Page 2751 | Supplement 38279, 30 April 1948 | Londo...

    There should at least one other entry in the London Gazette index for when he left the RAF, but its often difficult to tease these out.

  12. Ah I see thank you for the information, I’ll have a read of the newspaper, should be able to view the whole paper online

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