Unknown Candian soldier in Kathleen Shackleton Portrait

Discussion in 'Canada' started by brithm, May 7, 2016.

  1. brithm

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    Drawn in 1944 by Kathleen Shackleton (Sister of Ernest Shackleton) a Canadian soldier whilst in Canada during the war.

    Would anyone know who this man is.

    Many thanks


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  2. Cee

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    I couldn't find anything on that particular sketch. Kathleen Shackleton was involved in a number of major commissions during her life but I have yet to run across one that involved the Canadian Armed Forces. Otherwise it was interesting to learn of all of her various projects. She was quite an adventurous woman.

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  3. BrianM59

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    She did work on a commission in 1940: Arctic Pilot. Life and work on North Canadian air routes. The experiences of W. E. Gilbert as told to Kathleen Shackleton. Illustrated with photographs and portrait drawings
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  4. Owen

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    Anyone ID the cap badge?
    I can't.
  5. Cee

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    It's somewhat like a Royal Canadian Artillery cap badge in overall shape, though the cannon poking out behind the wheel is not evident.

    WW2 Royal Canadian Artillery.JPG

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  6. canuck

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    It is an indistinct image. The cap badge for the 17th Duke of York's Royal Canadian Hussars is also a possibility. Shackleton lived in Montreal during her time in Canada so the 17th, raised in Montreal, aligns with her time here.

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  7. 17thDYRCH

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    I ran through all the cap badges. It sure resembles that of the 17thDYRCH but could it be from the Algonquin Regiment...crown at the top.
  8. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    The Algonquins have the moose on their badge.

    Do you have the list of officers and/or photos for the 17thDYRCH?


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  9. Owen

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    The beret is black so that denotes an armoured unit .
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  10. canuck

    canuck Closed Account

    The Recce units share the black beret.

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  11. Owen

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    Yup cos recce units were part of RAC in British Army & same back then in Canadian one.
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  12. Shazarch

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    I was delighted to come across this thread as I am researching Kathleen Shackleton's life and career. Sadly I don't know who the subject of this portrait is but I am eagerly watching to find out more about it. As well as the large commissions she worked on Kathleen also drew frequent portraits for individual private clients and I suspect this was one. If I come across anything that might help, I'll certainly let you know.
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  13. 17thDYRCH

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    Missed your query from last October. No one list available.

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